Learn to speak kid English

It’s Time to Get Up
A: Good morning, Tom. It’s time to get up.
B: Is it 7:00 already? I’m still sleepy.
A: That’s okay, dear. Are you hungry?
B: Yes, mom. I am so hungry. Can I have pancakes?
A: Of course, you can. I’ll get them ready.
B: Thanks, mom. I’m on my way!
A: It’s a beautiful morning, son.
B: Yes, it’s a sunny day.

When Are We Going to Play?
A: Teacher, I have a question to ask.
B: What is your question?
A: Are we going to play this morning?
B: Yes, we are, but not right now.
A: When are we going to play?
B: As soon as we finish our lesson.
A: Can’t we go a little early today?
B: Maybe, if we finish our lesson early.

Let’s Play a Game
A: Come on, Lisa. Let’s play a game.
B: Okay, Joey. What shall we play?
A: How about kickball. It’s fun.
B: Okay, but I don’t know how.
A: It’s easy, Jenny. You just kick the ball.
B: I know that, but where do we kick it?
A: Just anywhere. It’s a lot of fun.
B: Hey, this is fun. Thanks, Joey.

Raising Your Hand in Class
A: Teacher, I have a question.
B: Please raise your hand, Karen.
A: Raise my hand?
B: Yes. Raise your hand first.
A: Okay, teacher. My hand is up.
B: Yes, Karen. What is your question?
A: What time is class over?
B: It is over at 2:00 o’clock.

Going to the Bathroom
A: Teacher! May I go to the bathroom?
B: Class is over in 5 minutes, Donna.
A: Can I go then?
B: Yes, you can, Donna.
A: I don’t know if I can hold it.
B: If you can’t, then go, dear.
A: I think I can go in a few minutes.
B: Thank you, Donna.

Finger Painting in Class
A: Hi, Linda. What are you doing?
B: I am fingerpainting, Laura.
A: That looks like fun. Can I try?
B: Sure, you can. Sit down here.
A: What do I do?
B: First, you have to get a piece of paper.
A: Okay. I got it.
B: Use my colors to draw. It’s fun.

Playing with a Friend
A: Hey, Mark. What are you doing?
B: I am going to use the slide, Sarah.
A: Can I come with you?
B: Sure, you can. It’s fun.
A: Okay. Where do I go?
B: Follow me up the ladder, Sarah.
A: This is fun.
B: Now slide down. It’s fast and fun.

Riding the Merry-Go-Round
A: Hey, Lisa. Let’s go ride the merry-go-round.
B: What is that?
A: It’s a game we can play. Follow me.
B: Okay, Carol. Let’s go.
A: Here you get on. I’ll push.
B: Wow! This goes fast. Jump on!
A: Okay. Here I go!
B: Yay! This is fun!

What’s for Lunch?
A: What do you have for lunch, David?
B: I have a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
A: That sounds good. I have tuna.
B: Tuna is good too, Daniel.
A: I like jelly. Do you want to trade?
B: Sure. I like tuna.
A: This trade is good for both of us.
B: Yes, it is. Thanks, Daniel.

Using the Library
A: Today we are going to the library.
B: What is library, Ms. Thomas?
A: It is a place to study, Betty.
B: What do they have there?
A: Books, computers, classes, and more.
B: That sounds like fun.
A: It is, Betty. And you can learn there.
B: I can’t wait to go. Let’s go!

The First Day of School
A: This is your first day of school, Helen.
B: I know, mom. I am so happy.
A: That makes me happy, too.
B: I get to meet new friends.
A: Yes, you do. And your new teachers.
B: Oh, yes. I forgot. I can’t wait.
A: Okay, dear. Let’s get in the car.
B: Okay, mommy. Let’s go.

Meeting New Friends at School
A: Hi. My name is Mary.
B: Hello, Mary. I’m Michelle.
A: It’s nice to meet you, Michelle.
B: Thank you. What do you want to do?
A: I have to go to class now.
B: Yeah. Me too. We’ll meet later?
A: Yes. We can meet after school.
B: Okay. I’ll see you then.

No School Today
A: Mommy. I don’t feel good.
B: What’s wrong, Joseph?
A: My stomach hurts.
B: Oh no. Let me get some medicine.
A: Okay, mommy.
B: Here, Joseph. Drink this.
A: Thank you, mom.
B: I’ll call the school. Try to rest, dear.

My Favorite Color
A: Hi Maria. Want to color with me?
B: Sure, Sandra. I love to color.
A: This is blue. It’s my favorite color.
B: I like blue, too.
A: What’s your favorite color?
B: I don’t know, maybe pink.
A: Here, try this pink. It’s pretty.
B: Yes, it is. It’s perfect!

My Baby Brother
A: Good morning, Jennifer.
B: Hi Michelle. How are you?
A: I’m happy. How about you?
B: Me, too. Who is that?
A: That’s my baby brother Paul.
B: He’s cute. How old is he.
A: He is only three years old.
B: I wish I had a baby brother.

Taking the Bus to School
A: Wake up, Jeff. It’s time for school.
B: Aw… mom. I’m still sleepy.
A: I’m sorry, dear, but you’ll miss your bus.
B: Okay, mom. I’m up.
A: Good job. Come and eat your cereal.
B: Okay, mom.
A: Here comes the school bus.
B: I’m ready, mom. See you later.

The Playground
A: Let’s go to the playground, Kimberly.
B: Okay, Lisa. Let’s go.
A: Look at all the rides.
B: I want to go on the swing.
A: We can go on the slide after that.
B: And the merry-go-round, too!
A: Yes. I love the merry-go-round.
B: That’s perfect! Let’s play.

Driving to School
A: Good morning, Jennifer.
B: Hi, Nancy. You are here early.
A: My mom drove me to school today.
B: You don’t take the school bus?
A: Not always.
B: I take the bus every day.
A: I used to. Now my mom drives me.
B: I like taking the bus.

Field Trip Day
A: Today we go on our field trip class.
B: Where are we going, Mr. Edwards?
A: We are going to a museum, George.
B: That sounds like fun.
A: It is, George. Is everyone ready?
B: We are ready, teacher.
A: There’s the bus. Let’s get on.
B: We like going on field trips.

Feeling Sick at School
A: Ms. Thomas. I’m not feeling well.
B: What is it, Elizabeth?
A: My head hurts.
B: You may have a headache.
A: Yes, I think I do.
B: Let’s go see the school nurse.
A: Okay, Ms. Thomas.
B: I’ll be back in class. Try to be quiet.

Going to the Park
A: Are we going to the park today, mom?
B: Of course we will, David.
A: When can we go?
B: After our chores are done.
A: Okay. What should I do?
B: First, finish your homework.
A: I am already finished, mom.
B: Clean your room, and we can go.

Doing My Homework
A: Hello Mary. How was school today?
B: It was great, mom. Thanks.
A: Do you have any homework?
B: Yes. I do, in math and English.
A: Have something to eat first.
B: Okay, mom.
A: You can do homework after dinner.
B: Sounds good, mom. Thank you.

It’s a Hot Day
A: Wow! It sure is hot today.
B: Yes, it is. It’s probably 90 degrees.
A: Did you want to go somewhere?
B: Sure! How about a movie?
A: A movie would be great, Lisa.
B: Yes. It will be cool there.
A: Going to a movie is a great idea.
B: Anything to cool us down, Alice.

At the Ballpark
A: Is this your first baseball game, Anthony?
B: Yes, it is. Donna. How about you?
A: No. I have come to a lot of games.
B: You are so lucky.
A: My big brother is working at the stadium.
B: He is working there?
A: Yes, and he got me into a lot of games.
B: Wow. That must be nice.

Picking a Movie
A: Let’s go to see a movie, Anthony.
B: That sounds great, Lisa.
A: What do you want to see?
B: Let’s see something funny.
A: Do you know of a good one?
B: Yes, but let’s pick one we both like.
A: All right. We can look online.
B: That’s a great idea, Lisa.

At the Movie House
A: I love going to the movies.
B: Me too, Helen.
A: We have to pay first, Daniel.
B: I know. There’s the line to pay.
A: Hurry, before the line gets too long.
B: I am hurrying!
A: Do you want to get some popcorn?
B: Sure. What’s a movie without popcorn?

Time for Dinner
A: Maria! It’s time for dinner.
B: Okay, mommy. I’m on my way.
A: Sit on that chair, dear.
B: This one?
A: Yes, Maria. The big chair.
B: I never sat here before.
A: I made chicken tonight.
B: Yum! I love your chicken, mom.

Let’s Go for a Ride
A: Hi Betty. Want to go for a ride?
B: Where to, Sarah?
A: Nowhere special. Just a ride.
B: That sounds like fun.
A: Yes. It is.
B: Do you have enough gas?
A: Yes, I do.
B: Here is some money for gas anyway.

Too Excited to sleep
A: I am so excited about tomorrow, mommy.
B: I know, dear, but it is bedtime.
A: Okay. I hope I can sleep.
B: Just close your eyes, and sleep will come.
A: Can I get on the big rides tomorrow?
B: I think so, if you are tall enough.
A: I’m sure I am.
B: Then you can get on them tomorrow.

At the County Fair
A: This place is so cool.
B: It is, Linda. I love it here.
A: What do you want to do?
B: How about a roller coaster?
A: Aren’t those scary.
B: A little bit, but they are safe.
A: Okay. How about that one?
B: Yes. That one is fun!

Putting on Your Seatbelts
A: Okay Laura. Let’s go.
B: Just a second, mom.
A: Don’t forget to put on your seatbelts.
B: Do I have to?
A: Yes. You have to.
B: But we are only going to the store.
A: It’s the law, Laura.
B: And to be safe, too. Right, mom?

Pay Attention While Walking
A: Look at that guy, Donald.
B: What guy, Dorothy?
A: The one with his head down.
B: He is looking at his cell phone.
A: I know, but he didn’t see that car.
B: What car?
A: A car almost hit him.
B: Wow. We should always pay attention.

Playing Hide and Seek
A: Hey Joseph. Want to play?
B: Sure, Steven. What do you want to play?
A: How about Hide and Seek?
B: How do you play that?
A: I’ll close my eyes and count to 10.
B: What do I do?
A: You hide. Then I’ll go look for you.
B: That sounds like fun.

Taking Out the Trash
A: Robert! Can you come here?
B: Okay, mom. I’m on my way.
A: Would you take the trash out, dear?
B: The can is empty, mom.
A: No. Not this one. The outside can.
B: The big can?
A: Yes. Put it in the street. It’s Tuesday.
B: That’s right. Pick-up is tomorrow.

Taking Swimming Lessons
A: Good morning, Michael.
B: Good morning, mom.
A: Today is your first swimming lesson.
B: I know. I’m a little scared.
A: Don’t be, dear. You will like it.
B: I hope so.
A: The teacher is very good.
B: Okay, mom. I’ll give it my best.

On a Boat Ride
A: This is my first boat ride, Patricia.
B: It’s mine too, Sandra.
A: Is it safe?
B: I think so. Daddy goes all the time.
A: He told me we can row the boat.
B: Row the boat?
A: Yes. Take this oar and row.
B: Wow. This is fun. We are moving.

My First Flight
A: Today we are flying, Richard.
B: Are you sure it’s safe, dad?
A: Of course, son. I fly all the time.
B: Can’t we drive to grandma’s house?
A: Yes, we can, but it takes longer.
B: Okay, dad. We’ll fly.
A: You are going to love it, son.
B: I hope so.

On an Airplane
A: We are taking off, Margaret.
B: Wow. We are going super fast!
A: It’s just on the takeoff. You’ll see.
B: Wow! It’s beautiful up here.
A: Yes, it’s awesome.
B: I think I like this, Daniel.
A: I like the takeoff and the landings.
B: I can’t wait to land.

Helping my Dad
A: Can you give me a hand, Nancy?
B: Sure, dad. What can I do?
A: I need to change a tire.
B: Okay. I’d love to help.
A: Hand me that tool, dear.
B: Here it is, dad.
A: You are a good helper.
B: Thanks, dad.

Seeing the Dentist
A: I am taking you to the dentist today.
B: Oh, no. Do I have to go, mom?
A: Don’t worry, Joey.
B: Going to the dentist hurts, mom.
A: This is just a checkup.
B: What is a checkup?
A: It’s to see if your teeth are okay.
B: That’s not so bad.

Christmas Morning
A: Good morning Jason. Time to get up.
B: Good morning, mom. Is it Christmas?
A: Yes, dear. It’s Christmas morning.
B: Yay! Can I open my presents?
A: Of course, you can.
B: I can’t wait to see what I got.
A: Go ahead. This box is from your sister.
B: I hope it’s a racecar!

Decorating the Christmas Tree
A: Can you help me, Barbara?
B: Sure, dad. With what?
A: It’s time to decorate our Christmas tree.
B: That sounds like fun!
A: Here is the tinsel, and the lights.
B: Can I string the lights, dad?
A: Sure, Barbara. Go all the way around.
B: I like decorating the tree.

I’m Getting a baby Sister
A: Gee, dad. Is my mom okay?
B: Of course she is, Sharon.
A: But we are at the hospital.
B: It’s because she is having a baby tonight.
A: Tonight? Are you sure?
B: Yes, Sharon. You are getting a baby sister.
A: A baby sister? Wow! I can’t wait.
B: Your mom will be fine. Don’t worry.

Taking a Test at School
A: Are you nervous, Patricia?
B: Nervous about what, Kimberly?
A: About today’s math test.
B: No. I’m not nervous.
A: Why not?
B: I like doing math.
A: I don’t. It’s hard for me.
B: Meet me after school. I can help you.

Calling Roll in the Morning
A: What’s the teacher doing, Richard?
B: She is calling the roll, Jennifer.
A: What does it mean?
B: It is to check who is in class today.
A: What should I do?
B: When she calls your name, say “here.”
A: What is that for?
B: So that she knows you are here today.

Recess Time at School
A: What’s that bell for?
B: It means it’s recess time, Charles.
A: What’s that?
B: It’s a break from class.
A: A break? For what, Kevin?
B: So we can play outside.
A: Really? Wow! Let’s go.
B: Yes. It’s fun. We get one break per hour.

Feeding My Dog
A: Jason. It’s time to feed the dog.
B: Already, mom? Okay.
A: We have to feed him twice a day.
B: What should I give him?
A: One can and one scoop of dry food.
B: Is that all?
A: Yes. That’s plenty.
B: He really likes it, mom.

Going to the Animal Shelter
A: Today we go to the dog pound.
B: What’s that dad?
A: It is where we can pick a dog.
B: Really. We’re getting a dog?
A: I thought you wanted one Richard.
B: I do dad!
A: Okay. Let’s get ready.
B: I’m going to name him Max!

Can I have a Kitty?
A: Mommy. Can I have a cat?
B: A cat? Why do you want one, Margaret?
A: My friend Betty has one.
B: She has a cat?
A: Yes, and her cat is so cute.
B: You have to take care of it.
A: I know, mom. I’ll feed it every day.
B: Okay, Margaret. You’ll have a cat.

Playing with my Brother
A: Hey, James. You want to play?
B: Not right now, Elizabeth.
A: Come on. It’ll be fun.
B: What do you want to play?
A: How about playing tag?
B: That’s boring. Let’s play hide-and-seek.
A: Okay. Who goes first?
B: I’ll hide first.

Let’s Read It Together
A: Hi Lisa. How are you?
B: I’m fine. What are you doing?
A: I’m reading a book.
B: Really? All of it?
A: No. Just this part.
B: Who’s that?
A: It’s Mary. She has a dog.
B: Let’s read it together.

The Alphabet Song
A: Do you know the Alphabet song?
B: The alphabet song?
A: Yes. It’s a song about the alphabet.
B: How does it go, Michelle?
A: It’s easy, Sharon.
B: Can you teach me?
A: Yes. It’s really pretty.
B: I want to sing the alphabet song.

Baking a Cake
A: Jennifer, can you come here, please?
B: Okay, mommy.
A: I’m baking a chocolate cake.
B: A chocolate cake? Yay!
A: Can you get the eggs, please.
B: Sure, mommy.
A: We’ll mix it in this bowl.
B: I want to help.

Mom’s Chocolate Cake
A: My mom is baking a cake.
B: I love to eat cake.
A: It’s chocolate.
B: Yummy. Is it ready yet?
A: Almost. I get to put on the frosting.
B: Lucky you. Can I help?
A: Sure you can.
B: I love the frosting.

Going Fishing
A: Are we going fishing, dad?
B: Yes, Christopher. Today is the day.
A: Where are we going?
B: To the lake, son.
A: What do I bring?
B: Just get your pole. I got the rest.
A: I’m so happy.
B: Me too, son.

Catching a Fish
A: This is fun, dad.
B: Yes, it is. Let’s fish.
A: What should I do?
B: Hold your pole over the water.
A: Like this?
B: Yes. Look! You caught a fish.
A: Oh, daddy! What do I do?
B: Hold on, son. I’ll get a net.

Sleeping in a Tent
A: We’re sleeping here tonight, Jason.
B: In the tent?
A: Yes. It will be fun.
B: I’ve never slept in a tent before.
A: That’s why I brought sleeping bags.
B: Sleeping bags? What’s that?
A: Just slide into it, son.
B: Hey! I like this. It’s warm.

Climbing a Tree
A: Hey Linda. Want to play?
B: Okay, Joseph. What do you want to play?
A: Let’s climb this tree.
B: No. That’s dangerous.
A: No, it’s not.
B: Yes, it is. We can fall.
A: Just watch, okay. It’s easy.
B: That looks like fun.

Picking Fruit from a Tree
A: Maria, dear. Can you come here?
B: What is it, mommy?
A: I want you to pick some lemons.
B: From the backyard tree?
A: Yes, dear. I’m making lemonade.
B: Yummy. I can reach four, I think.
A: That should be enough, dear.
B: Okay, mommy.

Playing in the Pool
A: Let’s play in the pool, Helen.
B: Okay, Linda.
A: It’s fun.
B: It’s so hot today.
A: Not in the pool.
B: I know. I like it here.
A: We can do this every day.
B: Sure, we can, Linda.

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