English level

English Level 1 — Simple present tense, 50-word interesting essays written for English beginners

  1. Morning
    He wakes up. He sees the sun rise. He brushes his teeth. His teeth are white. He puts on his clothes. His shirt is blue. His shoes are yellow. His pants are brown. He goes downstairs. He gets a bowl. He pours milk and cereal. He eats. He gets the newspaper. He reads.
  2. First Day of School
    He goes to class. There is an empty seat in front. He sits in the seat. He looks around. There are different people. He says “hi” to the girl next to him. She smiles. The teacher comes in. She closes the door. Everyone is silent. The first day of school begins.
  3. Water on the Floor
    She is thirsty. She gets a glass of water. She begins to walk. She drops the glass. There is water on the floor. The puddle is big. She gets a mop. She wipes the water off. The floor is clean. She gets another glass of water. She drinks it. She is happy.
  4. Babysitting
    Casey wants a new car. She needs money. She decides to babysit. She takes care of the child. She feeds him lunch. She reads him a story. The story is funny. The child laughs. Casey likes him. The child’s mom comes home. The child kisses Casey. Casey leaves. She will babysit him again.
  5. A Doctor
    Sam is a doctor. He takes care of people. He smiles at them. He gives them medicine. He gives stickers to the younger patients. The younger patients like him. They see him when they are sick. He makes them feel better. This makes him happy. He loves his job. He goes home proud.
  6. Twins
    Jill and Jodi are twins. They look the same. But they act differently. Jill likes sports. She is good at basketball and golf. She is also loud. She talks all day. Jodi likes reading. She can read 300 pages a day. She is also quiet. She does not like to talk. Jill and Jodi still love each other.
  7. Reading
    The book is in the library. Jodi goes to the library. She wants to borrow it. She uses her card to check it out. She takes the book back home. She sits on the couch. She reads the first page. It is good. She reads twenty more pages. It is not that good anymore. Jodi returns the book.
  8. Ruined by the Rain
    Brenda wants to have a picnic. She gets a basket. She puts sandwiches in the basket. The sandwiches are healthy. They are also tasty. She drives to the park. She lays out a blanket. She hears a sound. It is raining. She folds the blanket back. She puts the food in the basket.
  9. Banana Nut Muffin
    Mary goes to the store. The store is very big. The store sells bakery goods. Mary sees a carrot cake. She does not like carrots. She sees a banana nut muffin. It looks good. It costs two dollars. She buys it. She takes the wrapper off. She takes a big bite. It is crunchy on the outside. It is soft on the inside.
  10. The Park
    Linda loves the park. There is so much to do. First, she looks at the sky. One cloud looks like a dog. Another cloud looks like a sheep. Later, she feeds the ducks. They are hungry. Linda throws bread crumbs. The ducks enjoy the food. Finally, Linda watches the sun go down. It is beautiful.
  11. A New Vision
    Sandra cannot see. A bird looks like a pillow. A pillow looks like a marshmallow. A marshmallow looks like a tree. A tree looks like a bee. Sandra goes to a doctor. The doctor gives her glasses. She puts them on. She can see the doctor. His eyes are blue. Everything is clear.
  12. Fruit Shop
    Carol walks to the store. The store sells fruits. The fruits are colorful. Strawberries and apples are red. Tangerines and pumpkins are orange. Lemons are yellow. Limes are green. Blueberries are blue. Grapes and plums are purple. Carol’s favorite color is purple. She buys a plum. She leaves the store. She bites the plum. It is tasty.
  13. Special Cereal
    He wakes up early. He is tired. He needs breakfast. Breakfast will give him energy. He goes to the kitchen. He pours milk into the bowl. He sees the wheat cereal box. Wheat cereal is healthy. He opens the box. There is a toy inside. It is a small car.
  14. A New Shirt
    She goes to the mall. There are many stores at the mall. She sees a clothing store. She goes inside. There are many different shirts. Some shirts have flowers. Other shirts have stripes. She gets a flowered shirt. It is pink and white. She tries it on. She looks in the mirror. The shirt looks great.
  15. Picking a Color for the House
    His house is white. White is too boring. He goes to the paint store. He looks at the different colors. He sees the red bucket. Red is too daring. He sees the blue bucket. Blue is too sad. He sees the yellow bucket. Yellow is too bright. He sees the green bucket. Green is perfect.
  16. The Beach is Fun
    The beach is fun! Some people swim in the water. They see who is the fastest. The winner gets a surfboard. Some people lie down on the sand. They want to relax. The kids make sandcastles. They try to make the castles big and tall. Later, the water washes the sandcastles away. The kids make new ones.
  17. A Beautiful Garden
    The garden is beautiful. The garden is big. There are many flowers. There are pink flowers. There are purple flowers. There are small flowers. There are big flowers. The gardener plants more flowers. There is also a fountain. Kids sit next to it. Kids throw coins into it. Their parents smile.
  18. She Shoots, She Scores
    She plays basketball. The game is intense (existing or occurring in a high or extreme degree). She stares at her teammate. Her teammate passes the ball to her. She runs to her team’s side of the court. She dunks the ball in the basket. Her team is happy. They hug her. They shout her name. The people in the bleachers (a typically roofless section of inexpensive and unreserved seats in tiers, especially at an open-air athletic stadium) shout, “Hooray!”
  19. Celebrating the Win
    Her basketball team won a big game. They want to celebrate. They have to buy some things. They split the work. Patricia goes to the bakery shop. She orders a cake shaped like a basketball. Linda gets the decorations. She buys bottles of bubbles and water balloons. All the team members meet at Mary’s house. They celebrate.
  20. The Race
    She stands at the starting line. She wishes her competitors good luck. They are racing to see who is the fastest. She is nervous. Her hands are already sweating. The whistle goes off. She starts to run. She starts slowly for a few minutes. Later, she speeds up. Her competitors are slow. They are tired. She reaches the finish line. She wins.
  21. Substitute Teacher
    Ms. Smith is a great teacher. She makes math look easy. She also teaches her students how to be great people. Ms. Smith feels sick one day. Another teacher substitutes. Mr. Johnson teaches the class instead. Mr. Johnson is a bad teacher. He makes math confusing. He also yells at the students a lot. The students want Ms. Smith back.
  22. Sticker Collection
    He likes to collect stickers. He likes the way they feel and look. He has over 500. He has animal stickers. They are shiny and big. He has fruit-shaped stickers. They smell good. He even has stickers of bugs! They almost look real. He shows his sticker collection to everyone.
  23. Getting Ready for the Road Trip
    Her family is going to another state. It is far away. It will take them 48 hours to get there. They have to prepare. Her mom brings a map so that she knows where to go. Her dad buys sandwiches and bottles of water. She brings a camera. Now, they can remember this moment forever.
  24. Calling Her Brother
    Karen lives in California. Her brother lives in Ohio. They miss each other. They only see each other once a year. Karen calls him every day. She talks about their parents. She also tells him about her day at school. He tells her about his day at college. They never want to say goodbye to each other.
  25. Biking with Grandma
    Lisa and her grandma go to the beach. They ride their bikes. Grandma still rides like a young girl. She is very fast. Lisa is slow, but she is willing to practice. The two ride their bikes for four hours. They decide to relax. Lisa gives her grandma a hug.
  26. The Newspaper is Interesting
    He hears a sound from outside. He looks out his window. The newspaper has arrived! He loves the newspaper. It’s just so interesting. He reads the cover story. It is about a homeless man who won the lottery. Then, he looks at the cartoons. They are so funny. He loves the newspaper.
  27. The New Neighbors
    The Johnsons realize that they have new neighbors. They visit the Taylors and say hello. The Taylors invite them in. They make spaghetti for the Johnsons to eat. The adults talk about the neighborhood. They also talk about what their jobs are. The kids all play in the Taylors’ backyard. They get along well. The Taylors feel at home.
  28. A Scary Movie
    She goes to the movie theater. The movie starts to play. A monster appears on the screen. She screams. She is scared. She continues to watch. The screen is completely black. She reaches for some popcorn. The monster screams, “Boo!” She jumps and drops all her popcorn.
  29. Stage Fright
    It is time for the show. He plays a doctor in the play. He is nervous. He goes on the stage. He looks at his audience. There are so many people. They are all staring at him. He is about to speak. He forgets his lines. He goes back.
  30. Lost and Found
    Steven walks around his town. He trips over something. He looks down. It is a wallet. There are $500 cash, credit cards, and a driver’s license in the wallet. Steven needs to return this to the owner. He takes the wallet to his town’s lost and found center. Now, the owner can find it.
  31. Asking for a Favor
    I drive my car. It suddenly stops. I go outside to see what is wrong. It’s a flat tire! I need to call a tow truck service, but I do not have my phone with me. I see another car coming. I ask the driver if I could borrow his phone. He says, “Of course.” What a nice person.
  32. What Do They Do on a Friday Night?
    David, Jennifer, and Susan try to find something to do. David wants to eat at a restaurant. Jennifer and Susan already ate. Jennifer wants to sing at a karaoke. David and Susan have sore throats. Susan wants to play tennis. David and Jennifer are lazy. What do they do now?
  33. Food Samples
    She goes to the market. She wants to buy blueberry muffins. She is not sure if it tastes good. She finds an employee, and asks for a sample. The employee cuts a small piece, and gives it to her. She tries it. It is good. She buys the pack of muffins.
  34. The Dog Howls
    She jumps into her bed. She is ready to sleep. She hears a noise. She looks out her window. She sees a dog howling. She goes outside. The dog is sad. His owner does not feed him. She gets the dog some food. She plays catch with him. His tail wags.
  35. Things to do as a Secretary
    Edward is a secretary in a doctor’s office. He does a lot of things. He greets patients. He asks for their information. He records their height and weight. He tells them how long they have to wait. He answers phone calls. He always knows what to say. Edward also keeps the files organized.
  36. Things to do as a Maid
    She is a maid for a rich family. She does a lot of things. She does the laundry. She washes the windows. She cooks meals. She cleans the tables. She wipes the floors. She does not like cleaning. However, she likes taking care of the children. She reads to them. She picks them up from school.
  37. The Police
    He walks into his house. The door is already open. The windows are broken. Clothes are all over the place. The furniture is turned upside down. He sees a person in a mask. He is being robbed! He makes sure the robber does not see him. He calls the police. The police arrive quickly. They arrest the bad guy.
  38. The Hair Stylist
    The hair stylist loves his job. He provides many services. He cuts people’s hair shorter. It’s very easy for him to do. He charges only $5. He straightens hair. This is hard for him to do. He charges $100. He dyes customers’ hair. He lets customers pick any color. He charges $50. People think his prices are fair.
  39. Losing Her Cell Phone
    She reaches into her pocket. Her cell phone is gone. She looks under her bed. All she sees are some coins. She looks under her couch. All she sees are some pencils. She has an idea. She calls her cell phone number with another phone. She hears a ring. It is coming from the kitchen. She sees her phone above the microwave.
  40. Squirrels at the Park
    She goes to the park. She sees a lot of squirrels. They are small. They are brown. They have furry tails. They run really fast. They have big eyes. They are cute. She goes up to a squirrel. She feeds a nut to the squirrel. The squirrel takes it, and runs away.
  41. Awake at Night
    She cannot sleep. She tries exercising. She runs three miles around her house. She does 100 jumping jacks. She dances. She goes back to bed. She tries to sleep. She still cannot sleep. She asks her older sister what to do. Her older sister sings her a lullaby. She falls asleep.
  42. Gifts for Students
    It is Christmas time. Ms. Miller goes to a store. She shops for gifts for her students. She buys 20 stockings. She buys candy canes. She buys school supplies. She buys gingerbread cookies. She puts the items in the stockings. She goes to the cashier. The cashier tells Ms. Miller what a nice teacher she is.
  43. Job Interview
    He has a job interview soon. He wants to be the manager. He needs to prepare. He goes to the barber. He gets a haircut. He goes to the mall. He buys a suit. He goes home. He prints out his resume. He goes to the company. He takes a deep breath. He is ready.
  44. More Money
    She gets an allowance from her parents. They give her $10 a week. She wants more. She asks her parents nicely. They say no. She tries to change their minds. She washes their cars. She makes them dinner. She compliments them. Her parents decide to give her a raise. She will get $15 a week.
  45. The Lunch Lady and the Bully
    The big bully enters the cafeteria. He goes to the front of the line. The students do not say anything. They are smaller than him. They are scared. The lunch lady sees the bully being mean. She tells him to get out. The students cheer for the lunch lady.
  46. Grand Opening
    He opens his new bakery shop. The shop sells cake, bread, and muffins. He puts a large sign outside. It says: “50% off everything.” He hopes to get a lot of customers. Many people start coming in. He greets the customers. They buy his bakery goods. He thanks them for coming.
  47. Crumb on the Floor
    She eats a Granola Bar. She drops a crumb in the kitchen. She does not realize it. She goes to watch a movie. She comes back to the kitchen. She sees many ants. The ants are all near the crumb. She gets a broom. She sweeps the ants and the crumb away.
  48. Fireworks
    People go to the park to see the fireworks. They lay out their blankets. They sit on them and watch. The fireworks are amazing. Some are big and loud. Others are small and quiet. The fireworks appear in different colors. Some are red. Some are green. Some are gold.
  49. A Book Lover
    She goes to the library. She looks at the mystery section. She takes two books from the shelf. She goes to the romance section. She does not take any books from that shelf. The romance books seem boring. She takes some cooking magazines. She goes to the checkout desk.
  50. Dressed for the Rain
    It is raining. She wears a yellow raincoat. Her body is warm. She wears a knitted hat. Her head is warm. She wears a gray scarf. Her neck is warm. She wears rain boots. Her feet are warm. She wears mittens. Her hands are warm. She gets an umbrella. She goes outside.
  51. Milk Gone Bad
    She pours the cereal into a bowl. She needs milk. She goes to the refrigerator. She gets the milk. She pours the milk into the bowl. She tastes it. Yuck! It tastes bad. She checks the milk carton. The expiration date was last week. She throws it away. No one should drink it.
  52. Clothes on Sale
    Ms. White goes to a clothing store. The dresses are on sale. She buys a dress for her daughter. It is blue with yellow flowers. Ms. White takes the dress home. Her daughter tries it on. It doesn’t fit. It is too tight. Ms. White goes back to the store. She wants her money back. The cashier says, “Sorry, all sales are final.”
  53. The Lifeguard
    Ruth is a lifeguard. She wears a bright, red shirt. She has a whistle. She sits on a tall chair. She looks at the swimmers at the beach. She makes sure everything is okay. She looks out for danger. When people are drowning, she saves them. People like her. She makes them feel safe. Ruth loves her job.
  54. Bad Partners
    Mr. Green wants his students to work together on a project. Anthony, Brian, and Carol are all in one group. Anthony is lazy. He does not do anything. Brian and Carol have to do all the work. They cannot finish. Mr. Green is upset. Brian and Carol tell Mr. Green that Anthony didn’t do anything. Mr. Green gives them one more day to finish.
  55. Knitting is Fun
    She knits a lot of things. She knits scarves. She knits hats. She knits sweaters. She knits mittens. She wears what she makes. She wears them for winter. She stays warm. She gives the stuff she knits to her friends, too. Her friends love them. She also sells what she knits. Her customers buy them.
  56. She Loves Her Phone
    She looks at her phone. It is three inches long and two inches wide. She loves her phone. She uses it all the time. She brings it everywhere. She talks to her friends on it. She plays games on it. She plans her schedule on it. She checks her email on it.
  57. Winter Break
    Winter break starts soon. Joseph is so excited. He can’t stop smiling. He can’t wait. He taps his foot. He plays with his pencils. He looks at the clock. He thinks of the snow. He is ready to make snowballs. He is ready to go skiing.
  58. Making a Smoothie
    She is thirsty. She wants a smoothie. She gets a blender. She puts strawberries inside. Next, she pours milk inside. Finally, she adds some sugar. She presses the button. The blender mixes the ingredients. She pours the liquid into a glass. She drinks some. It tastes delicious. She drinks all of it. She cleans the blender.
  59. Practice Makes Perfect
    Everyone knows that practice makes perfect. Michelle practices swimming once every two weeks. She is not that good. She gets third place. Sarah practices once a week. She is better than Michelle. She gets second place. Sharon practices every day. She is very good. She gets first place.
  60. A Stuffed Bear
    He looks at his stuffed bear. It is six inches tall. It is light brown. It has blue eyes. It is wearing a striped scarf. It is soft. He brings it everywhere. He brings it to school. He brings it to soccer practice. He brings it to restaurants. He even brings it to weddings.
  61. Lockers Are Awesome
    High school students get lockers. Lockers are awesome. You can put books in it. You can put food in it. You can put a first aid kit in it. Thanks to lockers, you don’t have to carry so much stuff. You can even decorate your locker. You can stick posters in it.
  62. A Bad Skunk Smell
    There are a lot of skunks in the park. The skunks spray their odor. The park smells very bad now. The family goes to the park for a picnic. They have lots of food. They smell something funny. They see the skunks. They do not want to eat anymore. They go home.
  63. Bumping Into an Old Friend
    Kimberly walks outside. She likes looking at her neighborhood. She also likes the fresh air. She bumps into someone. She looks at him. It is an old friend! He smiles. He says he likes the fresh air, too. They hug. They talk about their memories. They laugh.
  64. Happy People, Sad People
    Mary does well on her test. She smiles. Patricia wins the drawing contest. She smiles. David watches a great movie. He smiles. Mary, Patricia, and David are happy. Linda breaks her leg. She goes to the hospital. Barbara gets last place in the race. Jeff does bad on his test. Linda, Barbara, and Jeff are sad.
  65. T.V. and Turtles
    She turns on the T.V. Her favorite T.V. show is on. It is thirty minutes long. It is about the slowest animals on Earth. She has a slow animal herself. It is a turtle! The turtle is quiet and cute. It is green. She watches T.V. with her turtle.
  66. She’s Good at a Lot of Things
    She is very talented. She is good at taking tests. She is good at dancing. She is good at singing. She is good at teaching. She is good at fishing. She is good at playing the cello. She is good at making scarves. She is good at running. She is good at cooking.
  67. A Motorcycle on the Road
    He hears a loud noise. He looks out the window. He sees a motorcycle. It is on the road. It is black and silver. It has two wheels. There is a man on the motorcycle. He wears a helmet. He wears sunglasses. He wears a leather jacket. He is riding the motorcycle.
  68. The Medal
    It is time for the awards ceremony. She gets the first place medal. It is circular. It is gold. It has a picture of a ballet dancer. She deserves the medal. The audience cheers. Her parents scream her name. Her brother throws a rose at her. She bows.
  69. Dental Care
    He eats a lot of candy. He needs to clean his teeth now. He does not want cavities. He goes to the bathroom. He flosses between his teeth. He grabs his toothbrush. He brushes his teeth up and down. He rinses his mouth. His teeth look white. Finally, he uses mouthwash.
  70. A Ketchup Lover
    She loves ketchup. She puts ketchup on fried chicken. She puts ketchup on french fries. She puts ketchup on eggs. She puts ketchup on hamburgers. She puts ketchup on hot dogs. She puts ketchup on fried shrimp. She puts ketchup on sandwiches. She even puts ketchup on candy. Sometimes, she drinks ketchup.
  71. Peanut Butter Sandwich
    She wants to make a peanut butter sandwich. It is easy to make. She goes to the market. She buys what she needs. She goes back home. She goes to the kitchen. She takes out a knife, and puts it in the peanut butter jar. She spreads the peanut butter on two slices of bread. She puts the slices together, and takes a bite.
  72. What Is in a Magazine?
    Magazines are fun to read! There is usually someone famous on the cover. Sometimes it is an actress. Sometimes it is a politician. Sometimes it is a chef. You can flip through the pages of a magazine. There are interesting stories. The stories are usually about important events. Some are sad. Some are happy.
  73. Clouds in the Sky
    It is daytime. The sky is bright blue. The sun is shining. There are many clouds in the sky. She looks at them. The clouds have different shapes. One of them looks like a heart. Another looks like a bird. She continues to look at the clouds.
  74. Leaves Falling
    Summer ends. Autumn begins. Autumn is perfect. It is not too hot like summer. It is not too cold like winter. She wakes up. She looks out her window. The leaves are falling. Some leaves are orange. Some leaves are brown. She sees her dad raking the leaves. She goes outside. She helps her dad.
  75. Eating at a Restaurant
    The young girl is hungry. Her parents do not feel like cooking. They go to a restaurant nearby. A waitress takes them to an empty table. The family sits down. The waitress gives them menus. The family looks at them. They order spaghetti and lobster. They wait for their foods.
  76. Working at the Grocery Store
    He works at the grocery store. He is the manager. He has a different uniform from his coworkers. His is red. His coworkers’ uniforms are blue. He makes sure everyone is doing their job. He tells them how to do better. He goes around the store. He asks customers if they’re okay.
  77. A Fancy Outfit
    She is going to a party. She has to dress nicely. She puts on a pearl necklace. She puts red lipstick on her lips. She wears a long, white dress. She puts on sparkly shoes. She puts diamond earrings on her ears. She puts a ruby ring on her finger. She is ready to leave the house.
  78. Fighting the Cold Weather
    It is snowing. She is cold. She puts on a jacket. She puts a scarf around her neck. She puts mittens on her hands. She sits close to the fireplace. Her dad taps her on the shoulder. She turns around. He gives her a cup of hot chocolate. She is excited.
  79. A Lizard from the Backyard
    He goes to his backyard. He sees something. It is small and slimy. It is a lizard! He puts it on his hand. He brings it inside his house. He shows it to his parents. He tells them he wants to keep it. They say no. They say lizards need to be outside. He goes to his backyard. He lets the lizard go.
  80. The Apple Tree
    He likes apples. His neighbor has an apple tree. He walks to his neighbor’s house. He knocks on the door. Ms. Parker opens it. She says hello. He asks her if he could get some apples. She lets him. He picks the best apples. He tastes one. It is sweet.
  81. A View from the 100th Floor
    He lives in a tall building. He lives on the 100th floor. He wakes up. He looks out the window. He sees the sun rise. He sees other buildings. He sees the mountains. He looks down. The people look so small. The stores look small, too. What an interesting view.
  82. Pie-Eating Contest
    She goes to the carnival. She enters the pie-eating contest. She sits down on a chair. There are many pies in front of her. She cannot use her hands. She begins to eat. She eats the apple pie first. It takes her five minutes to finish it. She eats ten more pies.
  83. A Lot of Jackets
    He has two jackets with zippers. One of them is light blue. The other one is brown. He has two jackets without zippers. One of them has his name on it. The other one has his high school’s name on it. He has two long jackets. One of them has buttons. The other one does not. He likes all his jackets.
  84. Many Shoes
    She has two pairs of high heels. One of them has laces. The other one has a zipper. She has two pairs of running shoes. One of them is shiny. The other one is bright. She has two pairs of ballet flats. One of them is pink. The other one is brown. She wears her shoes to parties.
  85. Free Throws
    He plays basketball. He wants to play for the Los Angeles Lakers. He goes to the basketball court every day. He practices his free throws. He stands before the free throw line. He throws the basketball in the net. He misses. He tries again. It goes in the net this time. He practices for two more hours.
  86. Passing the Ball
    Basketball is about teamwork. Teammates must be able to pass the ball. Robert is far from the hoop. He passes the ball to Edward. Edward catches it. He is far from the hoop too. He passes the ball to Mark. Mark catches it. Mark is close to the hoop. He throws the ball in. It goes in the net!
  87. Tennis for Two
    Laura and Donald play tennis together. They go to the tennis court. Laura wants to practice her serves. She stands behind the line. She throws the ball up. She hits it with the racket. It goes over the net. Donald sees the ball. He hits it with the racket. It goes to Laura’s side. The ball keeps going back and forth.
  88. A Waitress at Duty
    She is a waitress. She works at a restaurant. A customer walks in. She walks him to a table. She gives him a menu. She puts a plate, fork, and spoon in front of him. He orders fried chicken. She smiles. She is very quick. She gives him his meal. He finishes eating. He gives her a big tip.
  89. Clowns are Cool
    Clowns are cool. They look funny. They wear face paint. They wear big shoes. They wear colorful wigs. They do funny things. They juggle balls. They make balloon animals. They do magic tricks. They tell jokes. Clowns work at many places. Sometimes, they perform at parties. Sometimes, they perform at circuses. They make people laugh everywhere.
  90. A Boat Ride
    She wants to get across the lake. She sees a boat. There is a sailor in it. The sailor stops the boat. She gives him some money. He rows the boat. She sits in the boat. It is brown. It is made of wood. The boat reaches the other side. She thanks the sailor. She gets out.
  91. Reading Questions
    She starts reading a book. It is hard to understand. The words are very advanced. She does not know what they mean. She gets a dictionary. She wants to know what “facile” means. She finds the word. It means “too simple.” She looks up other difficult words. She rereads the book. She understands it better.
  92. Over the Bush
    Robert plays catch with William. Robert throws the ball to William. The ball is too high for him to catch. The ball goes over the bush. It is in the neighbor’s yard now. The boys knock on the neighbor’s door. Mr. Carter opens the door. They ask if they can get their ball back. He is mad. They say sorry. He says it is okay this time.
  93. Scared of the Dark
    He finishes watching a scary movie. His parents tell him to go to sleep. He goes into his bed. He turns off the lights. He cannot fall asleep. He keeps thinking about the movie. He is scared of the dark. What if a ghost attacks him? He goes to his parents’ room. He sleeps there.
  94. Snow globe
    Betty opens up her present. It is a snow globe. She shakes it. Glitter (a sparkling reflected light or luster) falls down. She looks inside the globe. It is Santa Claus! He has a white beard and a big belly. He has a bag of presents. He only gives gifts to good kids. Betty is a good kid. She hopes Santa Claus visits her.
  95. Traffic Lights
    She gets into her car. She puts on her seatbelt. She starts to drive. She drives at a good speed. It is not safe to drive too fast. It is also not safe to drive too slow. The traffic light is yellow. She slows down. The traffic light turns red. She stops completely. She waits. It turns greens. She drives.
  96. The Beach is Fun
    You can do a lot of things at the beach. You can lie down on a towel. Remember to put sunblock on. You don’t want your skin to burn. You can make sandcastles. Show your creativity! You can surf in the water. Watch out for the big waves! Finally, you can watch the sunset.
  97. Wait for the Pie to Cool
    The oven makes a sound. The apple pie must be ready. She puts on an oven mitt. She takes out the pie. She puts it on the table. It smells so good. It looks so good. It is too hot. She must let it cool. She goes up to her room to wait.
  98. A Haircut
    She has very long hair. It reaches her waist. She goes to the hair salon. She waits. She reads a magazine. The barber calls her name. She sits down. She says she wants her hair to be short. The barber cuts twelve inches off. The barber asks if she likes her haircut. She looks in the mirror. She likes it.
  99. Going to a Concert
    Margaret is at a concert. There are so many people. It is completely dark. Her favorite band is on stage. The guitarist starts strumming. Colorful lights start to appear on stage. The lead singer sings Margaret’s favorite song. She cheers for the band. She puts her hands up in the air.
  100. Different T.V. Shows
    She turns on the T.V. The news is playing. She thinks the news is boring. She goes to the next channel. A cooking show is playing. The chef is making a cake. She does not like cake. She goes to the next channel. A cartoon show is playing. It is about an elephant and a mouse. It looks funny. She puts the remote control down. She watches.
  101. Saving Money
    She wants to buy a new laptop. It costs $1,000. She only has $500. She saves up to buy the laptop. She does not eat at restaurants. She does not buy any more clothes. She only buys things on sale. She gets many jobs. She babysits. She works at the bank. She keeps saving money.
  102. Vending Machine
    He is hungry. All of the restaurants nearby are closed. He finds a vending machine. There are many snacks inside. There are drinks, too. He puts one dollar in. He wants a bag of chips. He pushes the button for the chips. He puts his hand in the machine. He gets his chips.
  103. Buying an Apple
    She is hungry. She wants an apple. She walks outside. She goes to her car. She drives to the market. She sees a lot of apples. The green apples look sour. The red apples look sweet. She takes a red apple. She goes to the cashier. She gives him money. She eats the apple.
  104. Thanksgiving
    It is November 23rd. Parents are buying turkey. The kids are waiting to eat. The parents bring home the turkey. The doorbell rings. The mother opens the door. Her friend comes in. Everyone sits at the table. They begin to eat.

English Level 2 — 100-word interesting essays written for English beginners

  1. Meeting the Guys
    Jason made a new friend. His name is Daniel. Daniel only has one arm. He lost it in a car accident as a child. Jason really enjoyed Daniel’s company. He invited Daniel out with some other friends. Jason was sure the other guys would like Daniel, too. “Meet us at the restaurant,” said Jason.
    Daniel walked into the restaurant. All the other guys stared at him. Daniel got very nervous. “I hope they don’t make fun of my arm,” he thought. He really wanted to become friends with Jason’s buddies. “Wow,” said one of the guys. “That’s a really nice shirt!” Daniel was relieved. He was invited along every week after that.
  2. Grandma’s Sweaters
    Steven loved almost everything about his grandma. There was only one thing he hated. She always knitted sweaters for him. Steven understood that she did it to be nice. However, all the sweaters were very ugly. Steven visited her once a week. She had a new sweater for him each time.
    Steven lived in a small apartment. There was no room for him to keep all the sweaters. He had to give all of them away. “Grandma will never find out,” he thought. One day, Steven’s grandma visited him by surprise. She asked to see his sweaters. “Someone stole all of them!” he said. “They were too nice.” She made him ten more by the next month.
  3. Big Hair
    Dorothy had very curly hair. She hated it. “It’s too big,” she always complained. Dorothy wanted to be an actress. All the actresses she knew had straight hair. It always looked perfect and smooth. Every morning, Dorothy was up at 5:00 a.m. She spent two hours straightening her hair.
    One morning, Dorothy had a big acting audition. She was running very late. There was no time to straighten her hair. “I’m never going to get the job with this hair,” she thought. She was wrong. As soon as the director saw Dorothy, she was hired. “Your hair stands out so much,” he said. “You must love it!” “Of course I do!” replied Dorothy.
  4. The Ugly Sister
    Lisa grew up in a huge family. She had six older sisters. All of them were very beautiful. This made Lisa feel very bad. She knew she looked nothing like them. Lisa had even heard people say she was the ugly sister.
    As teens the girls spent every weekend out on dates. Lisa always stayed home alone. Her sisters spent their days combing their hair and putting on makeup. Lisa spent her days reading and studying. Her sisters laughed at her a lot.
    As adults, all her sisters got married young. They all had handsome husbands with no brains or jobs. Lisa went to college. She became a rich scientist and traveled the world. She was the one laughing now.
  5. I Know How to Snowboard
    Kevin asked Michelle on a date. He wanted to go snowboarding. “I love snowboarding!” said Michelle. This was a lie. She had never been snowboarding. She wanted to impress Kevin. “That’s great!” said Kevin. “Then we can go to the advanced slope.”
    Michelle was terrified. The top of the advanced slope was extremely high. It was too late to say the truth. “This can’t be that hard,” she thought. “I just have to keep my balance.” Michelle flew off the hill. She stayed standing for less than two second. She looked like a giant snowball by the time she reached the bottom of the slope. Kevin felt bad for her. He hugged her tight to get her warm. Her plan worked out after all.
  6. Road Trip
    John and his friends were going on a road trip. They were driving from Los Angeles to Washington. John had everything planned out. He had prepared CDs with their favorite songs. They would sing along to them the whole way. He even packed his trunk full of their favorite snacks.
    John picked up his friends early in the morning. He showed them a map. It was full of dots. “These are all the stops we should make,” he said. John wanted to see the Golden Gate Bridge, the Grand Canyon, Old Faithful, and many other monuments. “What song should we hear first?” asked John. All his friends were already asleep. They stayed this way the whole trip.
  7. A Trip to Six Flags
    George’s best friend was visiting him. Joseph lived in Arizona. George moved to Los Angeles two years ago. He hadn’t seen Joseph since then. George wanted his friend to have fun. He wanted to convince him to move to Los Angeles with him. George had a great idea. He would take his friend to Six Flags. They didn’t have big roller coasters in Arizona.
    George and Joseph got on a ride called Tatsu. It was huge and had more than five loops. Joseph screamed more than any other persons. “Isn’t this great?” asked George. “If you move here, we’ll be coming here all the time!” Joseph never returned to Los Angeles again.
  8. Protesting Sea World
    Sea World is one of the most famous parks in the world. Thousands of people visit each year. Most of them go to see the dolphins and whales perform tricks. This is something they could never see in the wild.
    Sea World has been under a lot of pressure lately. Thousands of people have been protesting the parks. These people say that dolphins and whales should not be forced to live in such small spaces. They should also never be forced to perform pointless tricks. Most people are starting to agree with this. Sea World will hopefully start listening to the protestors soon.
  9. Drive-In Theatre
    Helen had nothing to do one Saturday night. “Let’s go to a Drive-In theatre,” said Donna. Helen had no idea what that was. Donna told her she would love it. Helen agreed to go.
    Drive-In theatres play movies outdoors. People park their cars in front of a giant screen. They each get a pair of speakers. Everyone watches the movie from their cars. Helen had seen many of them in old movies. “This is where people used to go on dates,” she said. She had no idea they still existed. The girls watched a horror movie. It was scarier than watching it in a room with a bunch of people. “They should bring these back,” said Donna.
  10. All You Can Eat
    Robert’s family got together every Sunday. They always had lunch together. Each week, they went to the same restaurant. It was an “All-You-Can-Eat Buffet”. Robert’s family loved eating. This was the perfect restaurant for them.
    Robert’s mom always ate the most. She would serve herself at least four plates for one meal. His dad was a picky eater. The buffet gave him plenty of options. Aunt Nancy loved the buffet the most. She always brought a bag with her. She would make sure no one was looking at her. Then, she would drop food into the bag. Her bag was three times bigger than before by the time she left.
  11. The Pet Chicken
    Andrew Williams got a new pet. It was a baby chick. His parents brought it home one day. At first, Andrew did not like the chick. He wanted a different pet. “All of my friends have dogs or cats,” he complained. The chick followed Andrew everywhere. She was very cute. After two months, Andrew grew very close to her. He named her Rex.
    Andrew got home from school one day. He started looking for Rex. He couldn’t find her anywhere. “Rex ran away from home,” said Andrew’s mom. Andrew was confused. Then, he looked at the oven. His mom was cooking a chicken for dinner. Andrew cried.
  12. The Last Cigarette
    Mr. White had a bad habit. He was a chain smoker. Mr. White knew his addiction was unhealthy. He couldn’t even take walks anymore. He spent all day coughing. Mr. White spent one year trying to quit smoking. He would always buy a pack and promise himself it would be his last cigarette.
    Mr. White went to his doctor for a check-up. His doctor asked him to take an x-ray. They found a tumor on his left lung. He had cancer from all the smoking. Mr. White went home scared. He threw out his cigarettes, but he kept one. This would finally be his last cigarette.
  13. We’ve Been Robbed
    Mr. and Mrs. Smith had a fun night out. They had been dancing all night. They did not get home until 3 a.m. They found their front window broken. They ran inside. Everything was thrown on the floor. Their televisions were missing. Their laptops were gone. Even their fancy plates were taken.
    Mrs. Smith started crying. “We’ve been robbed!” she screamed. The police was called in. “It will probably be impossible to find the burglars,” they said.
    Mr. Smith started cleaning the mess. He saw something lying by the window sill (the horizontal piece or member beneath a window, door, or other opening). It was a wallet. The burglar had dropped it while jumping through the window.
  14. Back to School
    Mr. Gonzales was a janitor. He was unhappy with his career. He was a smart man. He knew he could do more with his life. Mr. Gonzales wanted to go back to college. He had always dreamed of becoming a teacher. If he finished college, this could come true.
    Mr. Gonzales was forty years old. His children told him he was too old to go back to college. “You will look like a grandpa,” they joked. “That’s not true!” said Mr. Gonzales. “I will be the wisest student there!”
    Mr. Gonzales graduated from college four years later. His children were very proud of him.
  15. Cat Lovers
    Jenny White loved her cats. She owned six of them. Jenny spent all her days with the cats. Her friends worried about her. “You should go out more,” they said. “I can’t stand leaving my cats alone,” replied Jenny.
    One day, Jenny met a man at work. He was funny and handsome. Jenny started going out with him a lot. She thought he was perfect. Jenny invited him to her house. She was very excited. “He’s going to love my cats!” she thought.
    The man walked into her house. He started sneezing. He couldn’t breathe. He was allergic to cats. “I hate cats!” he screamed.
  16. Taking the Bus
    Ms. Jackson’s car broke down. She took it to the car shop. It had to stay there for one week. Ms. Jackson needed a car. She had to get to work somehow.
    “You can take the bus,” said her friend. Ms. Jackson had never taken the bus. She was scared of it. She thought she would get lost. “I’ve even heard of people getting robbed on buses,” she said. “You’ll be fine,” said her friend.
    Ms. Jackson got on the bus. It was not very scary. She was actually very relaxed. She ended up falling asleep. She missed her stop and was late to work.
  17. The Cold
    Daniel caught a cold. He had fever and chills. His nose was running all day. He couldn’t even stop sneezing. Daniel visited the doctor. He was told to rest and relax. “Stay in bed for three days,” said the doctor.
    Daniel did not listen. His friends wanted to go swimming. “Come with us!” they told him. “You’ll be fine.” Daniel and his friends stayed in the pool until late at night.
    The next morning, Daniel felt terrible. His voice was completely gone. He was shaking all morning. He stayed this way for five days. He called his doctor for help. “You didn’t listen to me, did you?” his doctor asked.
  18. New Shoes
    Mary Green wanted a new pair of shoes. She wanted some blue heels. They cost $150. Mary asked her dad for money. “Are you crazy?” said Mr. Green. “You don’t even wear heels!”
    Mary couldn’t stop thinking about the heels. She kept bothering Mr. Green about them. Mr. Green felt bad. He wished he could afford the shoes. It would make Mary happy.
    Mr. Green saved money for Mary’s birthday. He gave her the shoes. Mary wore them all night. They left her giant blisters. Mary hated them. She never wanted to wear them again. Mary told Mr. Green that she lost them.
  19. Losing Weight
    Michael Phillips is overweight. He wants to lose a lot of weight because he is not happy with how he looks. He is also very unhealthy. His last doctor’s appointment was scary. He was told he was at risk of heart disease.
    Mr. Phillips knows that his diet needs to improve. He eats a lot of burgers and chips. He hardly picks up any fruits or vegetables. “Eating healthy is so boring,” complains Mr. Phillips.
    The doctor gave him more advice. “You need to try exercising more,” Mr. Phillips was told. He hardly ever even walks. He bought a treadmill. Mr. Phillips was very determined to succeed.
  20. Learning to Ride
    It was a big day for Ms. Wilson. She had just gotten her paycheck. She was on her way to buy her first bicycle. Ms. Wilson grew up in a poor family. They could never afford to buy her a bicycle.
    Ms. Wilson was now 30 years old. She had a good job and two children of her own. She wanted to teach them how to ride a bike. But first, she had to learn herself. She chose a big blue bike from the bicycle store. Now, it was time to practice.
    Her first day on the bike was terrible. “This is so much harder than it looks!” she yelled. After many, many falls, Ms. Wilson got it down. She felt very proud. “I can’t wait to teach my kids now,” she said.
  21. The New Waiter
    Mark Smith needed to get a job. There was one problem. Mark was a bit lazy. He wanted to do something easy. “I know!” he said. “I can be a waiter!” “I don’t think that’s the best job for you,” said his mom.
    “Why not?” Mark replied. He thought the job looked very simple. “All I have to do is clean tables,” said Mark. “Plus, I would get big tips!”
    Mark got hired as a waiter in a small cafe. He soon realized his mom was right. Everyone who ate left a big mess on the table. Mark hated cleaning up. He was very slow at it, too. He kept dropping plates on the floor. To top it off, he wasn’t very nice to customers. They left him small tips. Mark was fired after three days.
  22. Pottery is For Girls
    Sharon Carter wanted to take a pottery class. She didn’t want to go alone. She invited her husband to go with her. “I don’t want to do that!” said Mr. Carter. “Pottery is for girls!”
    This made Sharon very angry. She could not believe he said that. “That’s a sexist thing to say!” yelled Sharon. She argued with him for hours. Mr. Carter was tired of fighting. He agreed to go just to shut Sharon up.
    Their first class went very well. Mr. Carter was really good at making pots. The instructors loved him. “You are very talented!” they all said. Mr. Carter went to pottery class every week after that. He loved it!
  23. The Sad Hike
    Deborah and Paul Evans loved nature. They especially liked hiking. They hiked the mountain almost every evening. They always took their dog Buddy. Buddy loved his owners. Hiking was one of his favorite things, too.
    One day, the news reported a cougar sighting. “We advise hikers to beware the mountains tonight,” said the reporter. Deborah and Paul thought about staying home that evening. “I’m sure we’ll be safe,” said Paul. “Cougars usually hide from humans.
    Deborah, Paul, and Buddy made it to the top of the mountain. Suddenly, they heard a roar. The cougar jumped out. It leaped at Deborah’s face. Buddy jumped to save her. He scared the cougar away. Mr. and Mrs. Evan bought him a thousand treats and toys the next day.
  24. Missing Pets
    Kenneth Baker woke up early Sunday morning. A terrible thing had happened. His cat was missing. “He must have run away again,” thought Kenneth. He went around asking neighbors for information. “That’s odd,” said his neighbor Sandra. “My Chihuahua went missing last night, too!”
    Kenneth kept walking around the neighborhood. He hoped to find his cat roaming the streets. Instead, Kenneth found something else. There were signs everywhere. They all said, “Missing cat” or “Missing Dog”.
    “I don’t think all these animals are running away,” though Kenneth. Then, Kenneth saw something that broke his heart. There was a trail of blood on the floor. It led to the mountain side. A coyote must be taking all the small pets in the night.
  25. Short Shorts
    Lisa Adams was going out with friends. She was about to walk out of the house. Her mom stopped her. “What are you wearing?” shouted Mrs. Adams.
    “They’re just shorts!” replied Lisa. Mrs. Adams thought they looked more like underwear. “You’re not going out wearing those!” she said. Lisa said that wasn’t fair. After half an hour of arguing, Mrs. Adams let Lisa leave.
    The next day, Mrs. Adams and Lisa went out to lunch. Mrs. Adams wore a tank top and very short shorts. “What are you wearing?” shouted Lisa. She was embarrassed to walk around with her mom showing her butt. “They’re just shorts!” replied Mrs. Adams.
  26. A New Tattoo
    Kevin Turner wanted to get a tattoo. He couldn’t wait to get his first one. Tattoos are expensive. Kevin couldn’t afford to go to a professional. “Don’t worry,” said his friend. “I know a guy who will do it for free”. Kevin wasn’t sure that was safe. He agreed to it anyways.
    Kevin asked the tattooist to draw a rose on his arm. The tattoo hurt a lot. Kevin couldn’t take the pain. He shut his eyes tightly. He did not open them until the tattoo was finished. “What is that?” yelled Kevin. “It’s a rose!” said the tattooist. It looked more like a rock to Kevin. He never got a free tattoo again.
  27. The Unlucky Millionaire
    Helen Young was an unlucky woman. So many bad things happened to her. She was always getting into accidents. None of them were her fault.
    One year ago, there was a small earthquake. It caused a telephone pole to crack. The pole landed on top of Helen’s car. Another time, there was a small storm. Helen loves the rain. She walked outside to enjoy it. She was struck by lightning within one minute.
    Everyone laughed at Helen’s bad luck. One day, that all changed. Helen tripped on the sidewalk. She found a lottery ticket laying on the ground. It had the winning numbers. Helen was now an unlucky millionaire.
  28. Time Capsule
    George Hernandez had two best friends. They had been friends since elementary school. Now, they were all grown up. George was moving away to a university. Steven was starting a family in another city. Charles got a job in another state. They had to say goodbye.
    George didn’t want them to ever forget each other. “Let’s make a time capsule,” he said. They all went home. They looked for things that held memories of their being together. They found old toys, pictures, and CDs. They put them in a box. Then they buried the box in a park. The boys promised to get together in ten years. They would dig up the box and feel like children again.
  29. The Baby Blanket
    Betty Scott got big news. Her only son was going to have a baby. “I’m finally going to be a grandma!” she thought. Betty was very excited. She couldn’t wait for the baby to arrive.
    “I need to get the baby something special,” Betty said. She decided to make a blanket. She would knit it herself. Betty was an elderly woman. Her hands weren’t as strong as they used to be. They shook a lot and hurt often. Knitting was much harder than she remembered it. Still, Betty kept working on the blanket. “Anything for the baby,” she thought.
    Betty struggled with the blanket for many months. She finished it right before the baby was born. It was the best present the baby ever got.
  30. Speeding Ticket
    Brian Nelson was late for work. He had been stuck in traffic for half an hour. The cars were finally starting to move. Brian had to make it to work in ten minutes. If he was late, he would be in big trouble with his boss.
    “There’s no way I’ll make it in time,” said Brian. Suddenly, a car raced past him. Three second later, another car raced past him. They were going around 80 miles per hour. Brian knew that speeding was the only way he would make it to work on time. He looked around him. There were no cops in sight. He decided to push his speed up to 70. Two seconds later, he heard sirens behind him.
  31. Little Sisters
    Linda has a younger sister. Her name is Ruth. Linda is usually annoyed by Ruth. She tries to get away from her. Ruth follows her like a lost puppy. Linda is used to that by now.

Ruth always looks up to Linda. She tries to do everything that Linda does. One day, Linda was getting ready to go out with friends. Linda didn’t notice that Ruth was watching her when she was putting on her makeup.
When Linda got home, Ruth was waiting for her in her room. Her face was covered with permanent markers. “What did you do?” shouted Linda. “I painted my face like you,” answered Ruth.

  1. Protective Dad
    Elizabeth Williams was a beautiful girl. She grew up with her dad. Her dad was overprotective. He knew a lot of guys were interested in Elizabeth. Mr. Williams did his best to scare them all away.
    Boys would try to get Elizabeth’s attention. Some would throw rocks at her window. They thought Mr. Williams wouldn’t catch them. Mr. William bought two guard dogs. He trained them to attack boys who tried this.
    Some boys would try to walk Elizabeth home. Mr. Williams made sure this didn’t happen. He parked right in front of her school every day. He brought his two dogs with him each time. Elizabeth was single for a very long time.
  2. Airplanes Are Safer Than Cars
    Donald Campbell needed to go to New York. He lived in Los Angeles. Driving there would take three days. His only other option was to take an airplane. That would take around six hours.
    Donald was afraid of airplanes. He had never been on one. “That’s a dumb fear,” said his friend. “Cars are more dangerous than airplanes.” Donald was sure this was a lie. He didn’t trust something so big in the air.
    Donald ignored his friend. He was going to drive for three days. Halfway through the trip, Donald got very sleepy. He was on a highway. He crashed into a giant trailer.
  3. Surprise in the Ocean
    Kimberly and Jason were surfing. They did this every weekend. They were far into the ocean. Suddenly, something touched Jason’s foot. Jason froze.
    “Is something wrong?” asked Kimberly. “Don’t move,” Jason replied. “I think there’s a shark under us.” Kimberly panicked. She put goggles on. Then, she looked under the water.
    When she came back up, she had a big smile on her face. She was laughing very loud. “This isn’t funny!” said Jason. Suddenly, a baby seal jumped onto Jason’s surf board. Jason screamed and jumped into the water. He hid there for almost a minute. “That’s the shark!” said Kimberly. Jason was very embarrassed.
  4. The Big Fight
    Mr. and Mrs. King had a teenage daughter named Michelle. They were always arguing with her. Michelle was a good daughter. However, her parents were very strict.
    One evening, Michelle wanted to go out. Her parents weren’t letting her go. “Your room isn’t clean enough!” shouted Mrs. King. Michelle decided to sneak out. Her parents did not know where she was going.
    The next morning, Mrs. King went to Michelle’s room. She wanted to apologize for being so hard on her. Michelle was nowhere to be found. Since they did not get to ask where she was going, they did not know where to look. They never saw Michelle again.
  5. Fishy Lake
    The Wright family loves fishing. They head to a nearby lake every weekend. They used to catch a lot of fish. Now, they are lucky to end up with two fish altogether. There are other differences at the lake. The water used to be crystal blue. Recently, it started looking a lot greener. It even smells a bit nasty. Mr. Wright is getting worried about it.
    There is a factory about a mile away from the lake. Mrs. Wright suspects they are responsible for the changes. “They’re probably dumping their waste in the water,” she says. “That’s probably killing all the fish.” They probably won’t eat the fish they catch there anymore.
  6. Women Can’t Fix Cars
    Sarah’s car wasn’t turning on. She checked the engine. She saw the problem. One of her pipes was loose. She would have to buy a new piece to fix it. Sarah headed to her local auto shop.
    After she bought the pipe, an employee offered to help her put it in the car. “No thanks,” said Sarah. “I can do it myself.” The man laughed when she said this. “What’s so funny?” asked Sarah. “Girls don’t know how to fix cars,” said the man.
    Sarah was furious. She almost smacked him with the pipe. Instead, she talked to his manager. Then, on her way out the door, she knocked a shelf over. “I hope men know how to clean,’” she said.
  7. A Sport for Short People
    David was a short man. He had always been the smallest boy in class. As an adult he barely even passed five feet. His height made David’s self-esteem very low. He wanted to change that.
    David had always liked sports. Sadly, short people have a hard time fitting in on most sport teams. “Have you thought about becoming a horse jockey?” asked a friend. David decided to give it a try.
    The next day, David visited the local race track. David didn’t even get a chance to introduce himself. Three people came up to ask if he was interested in joining their racing team. His height was finally a huge advantage. David fit right in.
  8. Ghosts Are Not Real
    Thomas looked like a tough guy. “Nothing can scare me,” he always said. “Not even a ghost?” asked his friend. “Of course not,” said Thomas. “Ghosts aren’t even real.”
    The next day, Thomas and his friends were bored. They went to go explore the neighborhood. They ran into an old abandoned house. They dared Thomas to go inside. He had to stay there for five minutes.
    Thomas was very brave at first. He couldn’t see anything in the dark. Suddenly he started hearing things. It sounded like a woman screaming. Thomas ran out of the house crying.
  9. Las Vegas
    Michael lived in Minnesota. He was visiting the West Coast. His friends were going to show him around. “I just want to see Las Vegas!” said Michael. “Are you sure?” asked his friends. Michael insisted. He had always wanted to go to Las Vegas. Michael had seen a lot of movies about Vegas. Everything looked very bright and fancy. He couldn’t wait to see it.
    When they arrived, Michael was confused. The streets all looked dirty and old. In the movies, everyone looked happy. In reality, half of the people were drunk. The other half was angry from losing money in casinos. “This isn’t what I pictured,” said Michael.
  10. The Car Accident
    Nancy was 16 years old. She wanted to learn how to drive. Her parents were too busy to teach her. Nancy asked her older sister to help her. She didn’t have any time either. Nancy was frustrated.
    “I’m sure driving isn’t even that hard,” thought Nancy. One night, she waited for everyone to go to bed. She sneaked down stairs. She grabbed the car keys and went outside. She was going to teach herself to drive.
    Nancy turned the engine on. She backed the car up slowly. Then, she pressed the gas pedal. She had no idea the car was that fast. Nancy hit a small bump and pressed the brake. When she looked back, she saw a dark shadow. She had run over her dog.
  11. Get a Job
    Jeff was a forty-year-old man. He had no job. He never even went to school. Jeff had lived with his parents his whole life. They were starting to worry about him. All Jeff did every day was play video games. “You need to do something with your life,” said his parents. Jeff ignored them. He was happy with his life.
    Jeff’s parents came up with a plan. They started asking him for rent money. “How am I supposed to pay that?” asked Jeff. “With a job!” replied his mom. When Jeff didn’t give them rent, they took all his video games and sold them. Jeff was furious. He went out to look for a job. He needed to buy the video games back.
  12. Always Carry a Spare
    Christopher bought a new car. He was going to travel the country with it. His friends helped him prepare for the trip. “You should carry a spare tire,” said Brian. Christopher didn’t see a point to that. “New cars don’t need spare tires,” he said.
    One week later, Christopher went on his trip. He couldn’t wait to explore the country. Suddenly, he heard a loud pop. His car started making a strange noise. Christopher pulled over to the side of the highway. He walked around his car. A back wheel had popped. He had barely driven for one hour. Christopher had to call Brian for help. Brian laughed at him for hours.
  13. Black Friday
    Thanksgiving is one of the biggest holidays in the U.S. It is followed by another major U.S. holiday. This day is known as Black Friday. On this day, stores hold big sales. Then, Americans across the country go crazy.
    A lot of people get violent on Black Friday. One year, Carol went shopping on the day. She wanted to buy a new coat. “I hope the mall isn’t too crowded,” she said. She couldn’t believe her eyes. Every store was flooded with people.
    Carol spotted a nice blue coat in one store. It was on sale for twenty dollars. Carol was about to try it on. Suddenly a lady jumped at her and took the coat away. “I’m going home,” said Carol.
  14. The Pink House
    Barbara invited her friends over to her house. She was excited to show them her new house. “What do you guys think?” she asked them. Her friends didn’t know what to say. They looked around and tried to think of something nice to say.
    “It’s interesting,” said Betty. Barbara had a strange taste. Everything in her house was pink. This included the curtains, the sofas, and even the carpet. “What does your husband think about it?” asked Betty. “He loves it!” said Barbara. Betty and the other women didn’t believe her. “I swear he does,” said Barbara. “He picked the color himself!”
  15. The Retired Actor
    Mr. Moore was retired. He used to be an actor. He was very loved and famous. Everywhere he went, women would stop him. They used to want to hug him and take pictures. He was a very handsome man. It was rare to ever see him by himself.
    Now, Mr. Moore was almost always alone. Many years had passed since his acting days. He had aged a lot. Sometimes, he walked around Hollywood boulevard. He hoped someone would recognize him. No one ever did. He was no longer handsome. His good looks were now covered with wrinkles. He wished he could be young again.
  16. Don’t Be a Bully
    Richard had always been very tall. He was the biggest boy in elementary school. He used this to be a bully. He always pushed the small kids around. He did this all through high school. Many kids hated Richard. He made many people cry.
    As an adult, Richard was not very successful. He always thought he would be a basketball player. However, he hurt his knee and could not play anymore. Now, Richard needed a job.
    Richard applied to many places. He knew all the bosses of the companies. They were the men Richard used to bully as children. Richard had a very hard time finding a job.
  17. Anniversary Surprise
    It was Mr. and Mrs. Martin’s one year anniversary. Mr. Martin wanted to surprise his wife. He decided to cook a nice meal for her. He would make her favorite dish.
    After hours of cooking, Mr. Martin was finished. He set the table before she got home. He wanted to make the evening perfect. He lit a lot of candles around the house and turned off the lights.
    Soon, the doorbell rang. Mr. Martin ran to the door. On his way there, he tripped over a candle. The flame landed on a curtain. The fire grew quickly. Soon it spread to the carpet. Mr. Martin ran out of the house. Mrs. Martin was definitely surprised.
  18. Being Rich
    Patricia went to a private university. She couldn’t afford it herself. She was lucky to receive a scholarship to pay for her. Many other people at the school were very rich. This made Patricia uncomfortable sometimes.
    All her classmates dressed in expensive clothing. Patricia could barely even pay for her books. The last thing she was going to spend money on was clothing. Her classmates all drove fancy sports cars. Patricia took the bus to school. She was embarrassed for not having money.
    “Don’t worry,” said her mom. Soon you’re going to graduate. You will get a great job with your degree. One day, you will be as rich as them. Maybe you will be even richer.
  19. In Love With His Best Friend
    James and Susan grew up together. They had always been best friends. Now, they were going to turn thirty. So much had changed. Susan was about to get married.
    James had introduced Susan to her fiancée. He knew they would get along great. It made James very happy to see Susan happy, too. However, James felt very strange. Susan’s wedding was near. Suddenly, James started feeling very jealous. “What have I done?” he thought.
    After twenty years of friendship, James realized something. He was in love with Susan. It was too late to do anything about it now.
  20. Independent Mom
    Margaret was very close to her mom. They had always been best friends. Margaret was now 25 years old. It was time for her mom to let her go out on her own. “You have to be more independent,” said her mom. Margaret didn’t want to.
    “I don’t want to leave you all alone,” said Margaret. She was scared that her mom would be too lonely. She was usually a very shy woman. She was allergic to fur, so she couldn’t even have a pet.
    “Don’t worry about me,” said her mom. “Once you move out, my new boyfriend can move in with me.”
  21. Security Guard
    Joseph had a new job. He was a security guard for his favorite band. He thought it would be the best job ever. He would get to listen to the band play every night. He would even get paid for it!
    Joseph quit the job after the first night. He was walking the band into their tour bus. Suddenly a mob of crazy girls started chasing them. He thought he could handle the girls. He was very wrong. They were much stronger than they looked. Joseph ended up with a black eye and a scratched up face. “This pain isn’t worth the money,” said Joseph.
  22. Try-Outs
    Paul hated sports. He was very bad at them, too. Yet, suddenly, he started practicing for football and basketball try-outs. “Why are you doing this?” asked Robert. “I need to be more active,” replied Paul.
    Robert didn’t believe Paul. Still, he wanted to support his friend. Robert went with Paul to the try-outs. That was when Robert figured out why Paul suddenly cared about sports. Paul kept looking over to the cheerleaders. His crush, Susan, had just joined the squad.
    Paul was the worst player at try-outs. He got tackled very hard in football. Then, he got hit in the head by the basketball. He had no chance of making the team.
  23. I Can Be a Dog Walker
    Donna got an idea. “I can be a dog walker!” she said. One of her friends was a dog walker. She heard that dog walkers can make a lot of money just for hanging out with puppies.
    “You can’t do that,” said her boyfriend. “Why not?” asked Donna. “You hate dogs!” he answered. This was true. Donna denied it. She really wanted an easy way to make money.
    On her first day of dog walking, she had five customers. Donna had no idea dogs were so strong. They dragged her down the street running. Donna lost hold of their leashes. She lost the dogs, and all her customers in one day.
  24. Valet Parking
    John was new to Los Angeles. He had never lived in a city before. He used to live on a farm. He had loved the city so far.

One evening, John agreed to meet his friends in downtown L.A. He was late to their dinner. He couldn’t find parking anywhere. A stranger walked up to his window. “I can park your car for you,” he said. John thought this man was valet.
John thanked the man and gave him his keys. After dinner, John couldn’t find the valet booth. “We don’t have valet,” said a waiter. John’s car had been stolen. Even though he like the city, he did not like the people.

  1. Looking For a Roommate
    Ronald was moving to college. He needed a place to stay. Every apartment around the school was very expensive. “I’m going to be a homeless college student,” he joked.
    Ronald thought of a solution. He posted an advertisement online. He wrote, “Looking for roommate around college campus. Must be neat and sane” Within one day, he had twenty replies. Ronald didn’t really want to share an apartment with a stranger. However, this was the only way he could afford anything. “I just hope he’s not dirty or crazy,” he thought. After interviewing everyone, he picked a guy he really liked. They ended up being friends their whole life.
  2. Littering
    Laura cared a lot about the environment. She worried about the future of the planet. She made sure to recycle everything she could. She even rode her bike everywhere she went. Laura wanted to do whatever she could to prevent pollution or global warming.
    One day, Laura was riding her bike home. A truck in front of her threw a bag of trash out their window. This made Laura furious. She picked up the bag and followed the truck. When it finally parked she threw the bag into the window.
    The driver of the truck turned out to be a cop. He charged her on two counts. One was for assault on an officer. The other was for littering.
  3. Too Much Make Up
    Karen hated wearing makeup. She felt fake and weird when she wore any. All her friends laughed at her. “Don’t be a little boy,” they would say. “You’re going to look ugly without it.” Karen believed them.
    Apart from not liking how it felt, Karen hated the price. Makeup is very expensive. She did not want to waste money on it. But every girl she knew wore it. “I guess I have to buy it,” Karen thought.
    One day, Karen met a boy she really liked. He thought Karen was very nice and funny. Still, he didn’t want to ask her out. “Why not?” asked his friends. “She wears too much makeup,” he replied.
  4. New Parents
    Mr. and Mrs. Green were new parents. Their baby was born two months before. For two months, they hadn’t gotten any sleep. The baby took up every minute of their days. They needed a break from parenting. “We’re going to go crazy,” said Mr. Green.
    Mr. Green’s mom told them to go on vacation. She would take care of their baby while they were gone. “That sounds like a great plan!” said Mrs. Green. The couple packed up their bags and were on their way quickly.
    The new parents thought they would love their first time away from the baby. They were very wrong. All they could do was worry about whether he was okay. They drove back home after one day.
  5. First Trip to Disneyland
    Steven had just moved to California. He had so many things to see and do. He wanted to go camping by the beach. He wanted to visit Hollywood. But above everything, he wanted to go to Disneyland.
    Steven drove to Anaheim the first chance he got. He had been dreaming of seeing Disneyland since he was five years old. He was now twenty-five. As soon as Steven walked into the park, he turned into a five-year-old again. He was so full of excitement that he cried. Steven went back to Disneyland at least once every month. He loved his new home.
  6. The Cool Grandpa
    Mr. Robinson was a cool grandpa. All the neighborhood kids loved him. He always had funny jokes to tell. He taught them how to play fun games. He even gave them ice cream every Sunday! The kids never wanted to leave his side.
    One Sunday morning, the kids were waiting for him to open his door. He never showed up. Mr. Robinson had passed away. Every house was filled with crying kids that night.
    The kids would meet at his grave every Sunday afternoon. This went on for many years. They would sit around and tell old jokes. They always brought ice cream.
  7. The Useless and Lazy Man
    Mitchell buys a cup of coffee at his local café every morning. He always sees the same homeless man sitting outside. This man waits for people to come out. He asks everyone for change. Although the homeless man is very friendly, Mitchell does not like him. “He is useless and lazy,” Mitchell always said.
    One morning, Mitchell was running late to work. He stormed out of the café doors. Then, he ran across the street to his car. Since he was in a hurry, he did not check for traffic. Suddenly all he saw was a big white truck about to run him over. Luckily, the homeless man pushed Mitchell out of the way just in time to save his life. Mitchell gave him five dollars every morning after that.
  8. The Stalker
    Samantha Williams was a young and pretty woman. Men were always asking her out on dates. Samantha did not want a boyfriend. She nicely said no to every man that asked her out. This broke many men’s hearts. However, most of the men would just move on.
    One day, a man asked Samantha out for a cup of coffee. When she declined, the man was very angry. He began following her everywhere she went. Every time Samantha looked around, he was hiding nearby. Samantha was terrified. She was being stalked. Samantha called the police to ask for help. “Don’t worry,” they told her. “You’re probably just imagining everything.” Two days later, Samantha went missing.
  9. Let’s Go Skydiving
    Harris had just turned 75 years old. He was feeling so ancient. He wanted his youth back. He used to be strong and handsome. Now he was wrinkly and flabby (hanging loosely or limply, as flesh or muscles; flaccid). He used to love adventure. He even wrestled an alligator once. Now, he was too lazy to even go for walks. “Time passed by too fast!” he kept thinking. I need to be more daring (bold or courageous; fearless or intrepid; adventurous).
    Harris knew what to do. “I’m going to go skydiving!” he said. He picked up his grandson. “We’re going on an adventure!” he told him. By the time they got to the airport, Harris was asleep. “Forget it,” said Harris. “It’s nap time.”
  10. The American Dream
    Wilson hated his job. His boss was a mean man. He didn’t even get paid well. Wilson wanted to just give up and quit. However, he had to take care of his two kids. “I want to give them a better life,” he always said. Finally, Wilson decided to start changing their lives. He enrolled into college. He took classes every night.
    He quit his awful job. He eventually became a doctor. He started getting paid a lot. He was able to buy a nice house for his family. It even had a white picket (a post, stake, pale, or peg that is used in a fence or barrier, to fasten down a tent, etc.) fence. The American dream was finally his.
  11. Passion for Pizza
    Clark had a lot of passions. He liked science. He was a great swimmer. He was even great at singing. However, his biggest passion was pizza. He loved pizza.
    Clark graduated from college with a degree in chemistry. His parents were so excited for his future. “You’re going to make a great doctor!” they always said. Clark did not want to be a doctor. All he wanted was to open up his own pizza place. “That’s ridiculous,” said his mother. “Think about how much money you could make as a doctor!” Clark did not care about money. All he wanted was to spend every day making, smelling, and eating pizzas.
  12. Time for a Promotion
    Elizabeth Parker wanted a promotion. She had been working in her company for three years. “It’s about time I get a raise,” she thought. “I sure deserve it”. She did deserve it. She was the hardest worker in the company. Her manager was now looking for a new assistant manager. Elizabeth was sure she would be picked.
    A month before this, a new man had been hired. He was very handsome, but also very lazy. Elizabeth’s manager was clearly attracted to him. She was so attracted to him that she gave him the promotion. Elizabeth was shocked. She quit that day.
  13. Knitting in the Summer
    Mrs. Adams took a knitting class. She did not expect it to be very fun, but she ended up loving it. She began knitting all day and night. First, she practiced making blankets. Then, she learned to knit hats and mittens. She even tried making socks and pants.
    Within one month, she had given all her grandchildren dozens of knitted pieces. She expected the kid to wear them at all times. It was the middle of summer. The children wanted to be in tank tops and shorts. Not scarves and sweaters. They told their grandmother to stop.
  14. Boys Can Dance Too
    Joey Campbell was 14 years old. He had three sisters and no brothers. His father loved playing sports with him. Joey did not mind this. However, all Joey was truly interested in doing was dancing. All his sisters were allowed to take ballet classes. Joey wanted to sign up, too. His father laughed at him. He thought he was joking. “You know you belong in the football team,” said his father. This made Joey angry. It was not fair that he was not allowed to dance if he wanted to. His sisters agreed. They secretly taught Joey all the moves. On the day of their ballet recital (a musical entertainment given usually by a single performer or by a performer and one or more accompanists), Joey danced with them. His father was very proud.
  15. The Noisy Neighbors
    Jack Miller was angry at his neighbors. “They are so inconsiderate!” he said. These neighbors were very loud. They owned three dogs, two birds, and one goat. None of these animals ever shut up. Even more, they loved playing music all day. Jack would not mind this. However, his neighbors played it loud enough for the whole block to hear. “It wouldn’t be so bad, if their music wasn’t terrible,” said Jack.
    Luckily, these neighbors soon moved out. Jack couldn’t be happier. He would finally enjoy peace and quiet. Unfortunately, the new neighbors arrived with a baby. This baby cried just as loud as all the other things put together.
  16. Turning 21 Years Old
    It was Anderson’s birthday. He was turning 21 years old. His friends planned a party for him. Anderson could now legally drink alcohol, but his friends wanted him to get very drunk. As soon as Anderson arrived, they gave him his first shot of Tequila. He did not like the taste of it. His friends still convinced him to take another shot of it. He kept trying new drinks the whole night. “All of these taste disgusting!” said Anderson. The rest of the night kept getting blurrier.
    When Anderson woke up the next morning he felt terrible. His head was throbbing (to beat with increased force or rapidity, as the heart under the influence of emotion or excitement; palpitate). His stomach was turning. “I’ll never drink again!” he yelled.
  17. Missing Dog
    Phillip’s dog had died. He had owned the dog for four years. He loved him so much. Phillip was devastated. Phillip’s six year old daughter loved the dog even more. “Oh no,” said Phillip. “This is going to break her heart!” He did not want to tell his daughter such sad news.
    Phillip decided to lie. He told his daughter that their dog ran away. The girl cried for hours. Phillip took her to the dog pound to check if they had their dog. Their dog was obviously not there. However, there were a lot of other cute puppies. Phillip and his daughter took a new pet home.
  18. The Runaway Groom
    It was Scott’s wedding day. He was very nervous. “I don’t think I’m ready for this!” he thought. His forehead and palms were sweaty. His heart was racing. He was having a panic attack. Scott saw the front door of the church was open. Nobody was looking at him. He decided to run away.
    As he stepped out of the church, he thought he was free. When he looked back, he noticed someone running after him. It was his bride’s father. The old man was very fast. “Come back here,” the father yelled. “I already paid for everything!”
  19. No Tony Hawk
    Nelson got a new skateboard. He had only practiced for two days. All his friends already knew how to do tricks. Nelson was very impatient. He wanted to do tricks like everyone else. Nelson decided to try to jump down a set of stairs.
    “Don’t do it!” said his best friend. “It can’t be that hard,” Nelson insisted. “Tony Hawk makes it look easy. One minute later, Nelson was flying three feet above the ground. He felt like he was flying in slow motion. Suddenly, he slammed into the concrete. Everything went black.
    Nelson woke up in the hospital. He had two broken arms. Even worse, his two front teeth were now missing.
  20. Shark Attack
    Martin is a long distance ocean swimmer. He practices every morning in Hermosa Beach. One morning he ran into a great white shark. He only saw it for one second. Then it quickly bit his ribs. Martin was carried to shore by his friends. He lost a lot of blood. Luckily, Martin somehow survived. None of his organs were taken.
    As soon as he healed, Martin went back to swimming in the ocean. He was not scared of sharks. “Getting attacked by shark is rare,” says Martin. “The ocean is their home. People are just guest. Plus, I probably just scared this shark.”
  21. Bad Hair Day
    Angie Walker was going on a date. Her make-up was done. Her outfit was perfect. There was still one big problem. Her hair looked terrible.
    She had already spent one hour brushing it. It still wasn’t looking any better. Angie’s date was picking her up in half an hour. “I don’t know what to do!” she screamed to her mother. “Try curling it,” suggested her mother. Angie turned on the straightener and wrapped her hair around it. Suddenly, she smelled something nasty. Her hair was burning! As she pulled the straightener away, a big chunk of hair fell off. “This is a sign,” cried Angie. “I’m cancelling my date!”
  22. A New Girlfriend
    John Thompson finally got a girlfriend. She was very pretty. John wanted to do everything he could to keep her. On Monday, his girlfriend wanted to go jogging at 6 a.m. John wanted to sleep longer. He went with her anyway. On Tuesday, his girlfriend wanted to go shopping. John hated shopping. However, John still went with his girlfriends. On Wednesday, John’s girlfriend wanted to have a picnic. The park gave John allergies. He still went, just to keep her happy.
    By Thursday, John was very tired. He got a call from his girlfriend. John decided not to answer. “I think I like my couch more than my girlfriend,” he said.
  23. The Reunion
    Chris Miller hated his college life. He was very fat. All his classmates made fun of him. It was hard for him to lose weight. People wouldn’t stop laughing at him. After he graduated, he finally had time to go to the gym. He worked out every day. Eventually, Chris was hired to be a swimsuit model. He was very successful.
    Fifteen years later, his college reunion arrived. No one was able to recognize him at first. He looked very fit and handsome. He couldn’t recognize anyone else either. They had all gotten fat and ugly.
  24. No More Pets
    Jackie Davis had never owned a pet. She had always wanted one. She decided to go to the pet store. She bought a fish. “This should be pretty easy to take care of,” she thought. The fish died after one week. “The water must have been dirty!” Jackie said. She had only fed the fish once.
    Jackie went back to the pet store. She decided she was ready for something bigger. She bought a bird. The bird died after two weeks. “He was probably sick!” said Jackie. She ignored the empty food plate.
    Jackie visited the pet store one more time. She bought a dog. Within one week, the dog ran away. He was very hungry. He had run after a taco truck.
  25. A White Dress
    Jenny Carter wanted a new white dress. She saw the dress in a store window four months ago. The dress was very expensive. Jenny had been saving her money to buy it. She finally had enough money to afford it. Jenny cashed her check at the bank. Then she ran to the department store. She tried the dress on. It fit perfectly.
    Jenny paid for the dress. She decided to wear it out of the store. She stood at the sidewalk with a big smile on her face. A car quickly sped by. It ran over a big puddle. All the dirty water splashed onto Jenny’s dress. The dress was now dirty. A woman from the store popped her head out. “We don’t make refunds,” she told Jenny loudly.
  26. Free the Animals
    Henry Lopez took his son Mario to the zoo. Mario loved animals. Henry thought the zoo would make his son happy. Instead, Mario was very angry. “What’s wrong?” asked Henry.
    “All the animals look so sad,” said Mario. “They want to be free, not stuck in cages.” Henry was surprised. He looked at the tiger in the cage. Mario was right. Henry had never noticed how sad all the animals looked. By the time Henry looked down at his son, Mario was gone.
    Suddenly, Henry heard a lot of people yelling. Mario then came running proudly. “Don’t worry, Dad!” he said. “I opened the sad lion’s door.”
  27. Big Dreams
    Daniel White dreamed of being a painter. There was one small problem. He had never actually tried painting before. Still, he loved the idea of it. He was sure that he could be great at it. Daniel decided to take his first painting class. Painting turned out to be harder than he thought. All of Daniel’s painting looked terrible.
    For a whole year Daniel practiced his painting skills. There was no large improvement. Daniel decided that it was time to give up his dream. “I’ll just try something else,” Daniel said to himself. “I’ve always thought I would make a great rock climber!”
  28. Peer Pressure
    Kelly Moore and her friends went to the beach. Kelly did not know how to swim. All her friends were having fun in the water.
    “Come in!” they kept shouting. “Stop being a chicken!” she heard them say. Kelly hated being teased. She finally decided to jump into the water. Right after she went in, a big wave struck them. Kelly panicked. She couldn’t fight the strong water. When she finally surfaced, she couldn’t see any of her friends. The wave had pulled her away.
    Luckily, a surfer spotted her. He took her back to shore. The only bright side to her day was that the surfer had a great body.
  29. Hidden Talent
    Annie Hall is 5’1″. She weighs a little less than 110 pounds. Although she is twenty, she looks more like a twelve-year-old. Annie has an unexpected talent. She is a national champion at hot dog eating competitions. These competitions take place in carnivals around the United States. Annie is one of the few women who compete. She is also one of the smallest.
    Even though she is tiny, she beats most of the big, fat men. She can eat about 37 hot dogs in 12 minutes. “The men underestimate me,” says Annie. “I love surprising everyone each time.”
  30. The Beard
    Jason Parker was looking for a job. He had applied to ten positions. Still, no one was hiring him. He didn’t understand why no place wanted him. Jason had a positive and confident personality. His references proved he was reliable. He couldn’t see anything wrong with himself.
    He asked his friend what they thought was wrong. “It’s your beard!” they all said. Jason didn’t believe them. He thought his beard was attractive and manly. “It doesn’t look good on you,” his friends said. “You look homeless and dirty.” After that Jason shaved the beard off. He hated it, but he was hired in his next interview.
  31. Jason’s First Ticket
    Jason Hernandez was driving on the freeway. He was in a rush to get home. He needed to watch the Baseball final. Suddenly, he saw flashing red lights behind him, and then a siren sounded. A policeman pulled him over to the side.
    Jason was terrified. He had never gotten a ticket before. The policeman came to his window, and asked him if he knew he had been speeding. Jason couldn’t speak. He wanted to reply, “Yes sir, I apologize.” However, as soon as he opened his mouth, Jason started sobbing.
    The policeman was surprised. He hadn’t seen a thirty-year-old man cry like a three-year-old baby. After, chuckling a little bit, the police let Jason go with just a warning. It was his lucky day.
  32. Sibling Rivalry
    Andy Turner had an older brother. Andy was often jealous of his brother. It seemed like anything Andy could do, his brother could do better. Everyone would always say, “You’re almost as good as your brother!” Andy was tired of this. He decided to find something he was the best at.
    Andy tried surfing. His brother ended up giving him lessons. Andy tried acting. A movie ended up casting his brother instead. Finally, Andy gave up. He went to his room and started singing a sad song. His mom then opened his door. “Wow,” she said. “Even your brother doesn’t sound that nice when he sings.”
  33. Camping Time
    It was summer again. This meant it was camping season. Andrew Lee hated this time of year. The rest of his family loved it. Andrew hated the bugs. He’d always go home itchy from the mosquito bites. He also hated the sleeping bags. They did not keep him warm. He would stay up all night freezing. Most, of all, he hated the bears. He was always afraid of being attacked by bears.
    His father told Andrew to quit complaining. He gave him bug spray and a blanket. Then he took Andrew out for a walk in the woods. They lied down and spent the night looking up at the sky. The stars were beautiful. Andrew decided that camping wasn’t that bad.
  34. Going to the Dentist
    Adrian Gonzalez was very tall. He also had huge muscles. It was clear he was a big strong man. However, this big strong man had a big fear. He was scared of the dentist.
    He had avoided the dentist for ten years. Adrian wanted to keep avoiding it for the rest of his life. Unfortunately, his wisdom teeth were killing him. Adrian’s wife was tired of hearing him complaining. “That’s it!” she said. “You’re facing your fear tomorrow!”
    It took 20 minutes to get Adrian to sit on the dentist chair. However, Adrian doesn’t remember anything after that. He had slept through his entire appointment. He then pretended not to remember crying the whole way to the clinic.
  35. You’re the Winner
    Liz Adams had spent all day glued to her radio. Her favorite band was playing a show soon. A station was giving away free tickets. Liz was determined to win a pair. From six in the morning till midnight, Liz listened to the station non-stop. This went on for four days.
    Liz had to be caller 20 to win. On the last day of the contest, she finally got through. “You’re the winner!” said the radio host. Liz screamed with excitement. She also jumped uncontrollably. Her cell phone slipped from her hand. It landed in a big puddle. “Hello?” asked the radio host. “Oh well,” he said. “I guess she didn’t want the tickets.”
  36. Don’t Forget the Rope
    Thomas went camping with his friends. They thought they were prepared. They had packed their tents. They bought bug spray. They also had a lot of food. It wasn’t until they were in the woods that Thomas noticed something. He had forgotten to pack a rope.
    The woods were full of bears. Bears can smell food from very far away. Rope is used to tie the food to a tree. This stops the bears from eating it. “Don’t worry,” said Thomas. “There probably aren’t any bears here anyway.” Then the boys went to sleep. When they awoke, all their food was gone. There were giant paw prints all around their tents.
  37. Saying Goodbye
    Mitchell was moving to college. “Are you taking Buddy?” asked his mom. Buddy was his teddy bear. Mitchell did not know what to do. He loved Buddy. He had him since he was a baby. Buddy made him feel safe.
    Mitchell knew that he would be laughed at if he took Buddy with him. College men do not own teddy bears. It was time to say goodbye to Buddy. This broke Mitchell’s heart.
    When the moving day came, he couldn’t do it. Mitchell ran to his room and grabbed Buddy. He hid him in his suitcase. Then he hid him under his pillow at college. No one ever found out that Mitchell slept with a teddy bear.
  38. Learning to Swim
    Summer was a month away. That meant the local pool was going to open soon. All the kids were excited, but Evans was not.
    Evans did not know how to swim. He signed up for swim lessons. He was very afraid of the deep water. “Evans,” said his teacher. “You need to relax. Nothing will happen to you.” Evans practiced every day.
    When the pool finally opened, all the kids ran inside. Evans slowly walked to edge of the pool. The other kids laughed at him for being scared. Evans was embarrassed. To shut them up, he dove into the water from the high board. His swim lessons paid off.
  39. The New Gardener
    Taylor wanted a new hobby. He enjoyed looking at flowers. He decided to try planting some flowers himself. Gardening looked easy and relaxing.
    First, he tried planting some orchids. After one week, they dried up. Taylor was confused. He had watered them every day. He did not give up. Next, he planted a rose bush. After one week, caterpillars had eaten the whole plant. Taylor still tried again. He planted some beautiful Petunias. After one week, they were killed by weeds.
    He was not a good gardener. “Wow,” thought Taylor. “This is harder than it looks.” He decided to go back to watching TV in his free time.
  40. Time to Relax
    Lewis and his wife have two children. One is a boy named Eddie. Eddie is 25 years old, married, and has a baby. Their other child is a girl named Mary. Mary just turned 20. She moved out of her parent’s house two weeks ago.
    Their children are finally all grown up. Lewis and his wife finally have the house to themselves. They thought that they would enjoy living alone. “We can finally relax!” said Lewis. He missed having a quiet house. His wife was not happy. The house was completely silent now. It made her feel lonely. She missed her children.
    “I know,” said Lewis. “We can get a pet!” They went to the pet store and came back with three loud puppies. His wife was happy again, but Lewis was not.
  41. Nelson’s Video Games
    Nelson loves video games. As soon as he wakes up, he starts playing. Nelson hardly ever turns his games off. He only stops playing to eat and sleep. Sometimes he stays up all night playing. His mother tries to make him stop. “Go play with your friends”, she tells him. “Don’t just sit there all day.”
    The only friends Nelson has are video game players, too. They never see each other. They only talk through the computer. “I am playing with my friends!” Nelson always replies. Nelson’s mom is worried about him. She thinks he is lonely. She also thinks he is getting very fat. She does not know how to help Nelson. Instead, she goes out to buy him new games.
  42. The Big Sale
    Scott’s girlfriend loved pretty dresses. Her favorite store was having a big sale. Scott wanted to surprise her. He went to the sale to buy her a lot of new dresses.
    The sale was extremely crowded. He waited one hour just to get inside the store! Scott was very patient. He just wanted to make his girlfriend happy. The girls inside the store were going crazy. All of them were looking for good deals. Some girls were even fighting over dresses. Scott was very scared. He would have to be quick and sneaky to get anything. When he finally made it out of the store, he was sweating. “I’m never doing that again!” he thought.
  43. Getting Braces
    Martin had very crooked teeth. His dentist wanted to fix them. “You have to get braces,” he told Martin. “Your smile will be perfect!” Martin did not like this idea. He was scared of getting braces. He had heard they hurt a lot. They were also very expensive.
    He went to his dad to get some advice. His dad told Martin to get them. He even paid for them himself. When Martin looked at his braces in the mirror, he was unhappy. “I look ugly now!” he remarked. “Stop being ridiculous,” said his dad. “You already looked that way before they put the braces on!”
  44. Greeting From Space
    Wilson had always wanted to be an astronaut. His kindergarten teacher had told him that was impossible. “That’s nice,” she said. “But you’ll probably never make it.” Wilson thought she was very mean. Still, he never gave up his dream.
    Twenty years later, Wilson proved her wrong. He was on space mission to the moon. While looking down on Earth, Wilson thought of his old teacher. He wished she could see him now. He grabbed his camera and took a picture of himself in his spacesuit. A million stars were in the background. As soon as he landed back on Earth he ran to the post office. He mailed the picture to the mean teacher.
  45. Finding a Mermaid
    Clark took his six-year-old son sailing. It was James’ first time on the ocean. They were having a great time. They were finding a bunch of sea creatures. James was amazed. First, Clark spotted five dolphins. Then, James spotted a big whale. They even touched a sea lion.
    “Look!” called out Clark. He pointed to something swimming in the distance. “Do you know what that is?” he asked his son. “A mermaid!” shouted James, “A real mermaid!” Clark fell to ground laughing. James was confused. He did not understand what was so funny. “That’s not a mermaid!” explained Clark. “That’s called a manatee. Their nickname is ‘sea-cows’.”
  46. Earthquake!
    Jim Turner was new to California. He had been living there for one year. Jim loved everything about the state. The weather was great. The beaches were beautiful. Jim was planning on staying in California forever.
    One night, Jim was fast asleep. Suddenly, his bed started shaking. He jumped out of bed. Jim was terrified. This was his first earthquake. Jim had no idea what to do. He froze while everything around him was falling and breaking. The earthquake lasted 15 seconds. To Jim it felt more like an hour. The next morning, Jim started packing his bags. “I’ve had enough of California!” he said.
  47. Read the Sign
    Justin Harris and his friends were going to the beach. When they arrived, they were disappointed. A big sign was posted in front of the water. It read, “No Swimming Today”. His friends noticed the waves looked very big. “It’s probably too dangerous to go in,” said one of Justin’s friends.
    Justin decided to ignore the sign. He had been looking forward to swimming all week. The big waves looked fun. “Come in, guys!” said Justin. He jumped in. Then a huge wave took him under. His friends ran to find a lifeguard. The lifeguard had to rescue Justin. “Can’t you read?” he yelled.
  48. The Big Plan
    Emily Baker was visiting Hollywood. A new movie was being filmed. Her favorite actor was starring in it. Emily wanted to meet him. She had a plan. She was going to sneak onto the set. Then, she would look for him inside. Emily knew that once they met, she could get him to fall in love with her.
    Emily arrived at the set. There were hundreds of girls standing around outside. All of them were dressed in black. Apparently, they had all come up with the same plan. It was time for a new plan. They didn’t have to sneak in anymore. They could now fight past security together. Inside, they would find the handsome actor. Then, all the girls would start fighting each other.
  49. Looking for Singers
    Andrew Smith was starting a band. He was a great guitar player. His brother played the drums very well. His friend was a good bassist. All they needed now was a singer. Andrew was going to hold auditions to find one.
    Andrew made posters. They read, “Looking for great singers”. He handed them out around town. Many people showed up to audition. A lot of them sounded very good. Andrew’s favorite was a beautiful girl. “She sounds terrible!” said all his band mates. “You guys are crazy,” Andrew replied. He thought she was perfect. “Love is making you deaf!” said Andrew’s brother.
  50. I’m Going to Be a Doctor
    Chris Williams had planned his future. He was going to become a doctor. Chris studied hard for four years. Then, he got accepted into a medical school. He studied there two more years. He took hard science and math classes. Chris was the best student. “You’re going to make an excellent doctor!” his professors told him.
    One day, Chris was in class. He had to learn to draw blood. He stared at the needles. “It’s your turn to try it, Chris,” said the professor. Chris couldn’t move. He had no idea why he felt so scared. Shaking, he injected the patient’s arm. A little drop of blood came out. Chris fainted. Doctors cannot be scared of blood. It was time to find a new career.
  51. His First Bee Sting
    Joe Carter was a big strong man. He was six feet tall. He lifted weights every day. Joe always looked fearless. Many girls loved this. He was always asked out on dates.
    One day Joe was with one of his dates at a park. They were having a picnic. Joe was going to give the girl a kiss. Suddenly, a bee landed on his nose. Joe yelled like a little girl. He ran out of the park. He got in his car and locked all the doors. The bee had stung his nose. He sat in his car crying. His date left. “He looks like a man, but acts like a baby,” his date told everyone.
  52. Sarah’s First Car
    Sarah Miller had just gotten her driver’s license. Now, all she needed was a car. There was one problem: she had no money. Sarah got a summer job at an ice cream store. She worked hard all summer. She saved every dollar. After three months, Sarah could finally afford a car. She bought a used one.
    The car had a lot of scratches. One of the windows was cracked. The seats all had big stains on them. The inside even smelled funny. “It’s perfect!” Sarah insisted. All her work had paid off. She did not care if other people liked it or not. She was proud of herself.
  53. Too Old For Children
    Mrs. Jones was a kindergarten teacher. She was not happy with her life. She used to love children, but now she couldn’t stand them. Mrs. Jones thought they were too loud. “All they can do is shout or cry,” she complained. “I’m too old for this now.”
    It was time to retire. Mrs. Jones bought a house by a lake. She was going to live the quiet life she wanted. But Mrs. Jones still wasn’t happy. Her new house was too quiet. She missed the children.
    Mrs. Jones decided to buy a rope. She hung it on a tree by the lake. Every weekend, the children went to her house. They swung into the lake. She always joined them.
  54. New Phone
    Carl Wilson wanted the latest phone. It cost $400. He begged his parents for it. “Sorry,” they said. “It’s too expensive.” Still Carl kept bugging them. He would not give it up. He cried to them like a baby. His parents felt bad. They wanted to make their son happy.
    Mr. and Mrs. Wilson saved some money. They bought the phone for Carl’s birthday. “Just be careful with it,” they told him. “Of course I will be!” he replied. Carl was so happy. He put the phone is his pocket. He ran to show it off to friends. The phone slipped out of his pocket. It landed in a sewer.
  55. The Secret Party
    Mr. and Mrs. Wright were going on vacation. Their son Brandon was staying home alone. He had the house to himself. He decided to throw a party. He invited a few of his friends. “My parents will never find out,” he said. “It will be a small party.”

Saturday arrived. His doorbell wouldn’t stop ringing. People he had never even met were in his house. Brandon could not kick them out. There were too many. He could hear dishes breaking. Drinks were spilled on the carpet. His parents would find out about this for sure. Brandon decided to just relax and enjoy his freedom, which would be taken away when his parents got home.

English Level 3 — Short essays written for English beginners

  1. Getting Ready for Work
    He woke up. He got out of bed. He went to the restroom and took a shower. The water was cold at first. He made it warm. He took ten minutes to shower. He stepped out of the shower. The floor became wet. He grabbed a towel. He wrapped it all around him. He went to his bathroom mirror. He saw his reflection. He looked handsome. He had grown facial hair. It was time for him to shave it. He grabbed the shaving cream and poured some in his hand. He spread the shaving cream around his face. He grabbed the razor and started shaving. He cut himself by accident. It started bleeding. He was not hurt. He washed his face and applied aftershave. He put a band-aide on his cut. The cut stung him a little. He dried himself, and started getting ready for work.
  2. Going to Sleep
    She came back home from work. She looked at the clock and yawned. It was nine o’clock. She went to her bedroom and put on her pajamas. She got her blanket. She lied down on her bed. The room was cold. She got up and went to her closet to get extra blankets. She lied down again and covered herself. She fell asleep. She woke up in the middle of the night to get a glass of water. She drank the glass of water. She walked back to her bedroom. She yawned and fell asleep. Two hours passed. She woke up and went to the restroom. She heard a noise outside her window. She looked out the window to see what it was. It was a black cat climbing a tree. She hushed the cat. The cat ran away. She went back to bed. She closed her eyes and fell asleep. She slept very little.
  3. Walking the Dog
    It was night time. He went out to walk his dog. His dog was big. The dog’s name was Max. “Let’s go, Max!” he said to his dog. He walked passed his neighbor’s house. He saw there were no lights in the house. His neighbor was not home. He walked passed the market. There were people shopping for groceries. He remembered he needed milk. He tied Max to a pole. “Wait here, Max,” he said. He walked inside the market. It took fifteen minutes to buy the milk. He untied Max and continued walking. He walked back to his house. He let Max inside the house. It was time to feed Max. He served Max a bowl of dog food. Max ate it quickly. It was late. He took Max to the backyard. Max slept in a dog house. He said good night to Max. Max barked.
  4. Lemonade on a Hot Day
    It was a hot day. The sun was shining in the sky. The air was sticky. It was a Sunday afternoon. Jane was thirsty. She went to the kitchen to get a drink. She opened her refrigerator. There was nothing to drink inside. Jane grabbed some lemons and a big pitcher. She cut the lemons in two. She filled the large pitcher with water. She squeezed the lemons into the pitcher of water. She opened her cabinet to get the sugar. She poured some sugar into the pitcher of water and lemon juice. She had made lemonade. She took a sip of the lemonade. It needed more sugar. She grabbed the bag of sugar and poured a little more. She took another sip. The lemonade tasted sweet. All it needed now was ice. She opened the refrigerator to grab some ice. There was no ice.
  5. Coffee on a Cold Night
    It was a cold night. The moon was bright and round. The wind blew cold through the window. Jim got up from his couch and closed it. Jim was shivering because it was cold. He rubbed his hands together. Jim went to the kitchen. He wanted to make coffee. He opened his cabinet. He grabbed the can of coffee beans. He opened the lid. He held the can up to his nose. He took a deep breath. It smelled like fresh coffee beans. Jim loved the smell of coffee. He loved drinking coffee more. He poured the beans into the coffee maker. He grabbed a pitcher and put it in under the machine. He pressed a button and it started brewing. Jim started shivering again. He moved around to warm his body. The machine took fifteen minutes to finish. Jim poured the coffee into a mug. He drank it all. The coffee warmed his body. He stopped shivering.
  6. Jim Picks Up His Little Sister
    It was a cloudy day. It looked like it was going to rain. Jim put on his raincoat and rain boots. He grabbed his umbrella and left his house. He had to walk to an elementary school to pick up his sister. It was three o’clock. Jim’s little sister was coming out of school. He walked along the streets. He looked at his clothes. His rain boots were black. His raincoat was green. His jeans were blue. His umbrella was red. Jim looked around as he walked. People were dressed similarly. The clouds looked dark. They were heavy with rain. Jim walked faster. Jim arrived at 3:20. The school bell would ring at 3:30. Jim needed to wait ten more minutes. He was at the front gate. There were parents waiting alongside with Jim. The school bell rang. Children were escorted to the front gate. Jim’s sister ran up to him. They hugged, and walked home together.
  7. Jim Walks Nancy Home from School
    Jim and his sister were walking home from school. “How was school?” Jim asked. “It was nice,” said Jim’s sister. Her name was Nancy. Nancy was seven. She had black hair. Her hair was short and straight. She also had braces. Jim forgot to bring an umbrella for Nancy. Jim and Nancy huddled together under Jim’s umbrella. The rain fell lightly. “Let’s hurry,” Jim said. Jim and Nancy walked faster. Jim stepped on a puddle. The water splashed. Nancy’s pants got wet. “I’m sorry,” Jim said. “It’s okay,” said Nancy. It started raining more. They soon arrived home. Lightning struck across the sky. It sounded loud. They were safe inside. Nancy’s clothes were wet. She changed her clothes. Jim did the same. Nancy looked out the window. It was raining hard. She was glad to be inside. Jim felt the same.
  8. Making a Sandwich
    His stomach was growling. He had not eaten in five hours. He was starving. He went to his kitchen. He took out a loaf of bread. The bread was made from wheat. It was his favorite bread to eat. He grabbed two slices. He opened the fridge. He gathered all the ingredients. He laid them out across the table. He opened the jar of mayonnaise. It was low-fat mayonnaise. He spread it across the slice of bread. He used a knife to spread the mayonnaise. He unzipped the container of ham. The ham was honey glazed. He grabbed four slices of ham. He put it on the bread slice. He opened the cheese container. He grabbed a slice and put it on top of the ham. He cut some tomatoes and lettuce. He put the vegetables on top of the cheese and ham. He glazed it all with ketchup and mustard. The sandwich was ready for him to eat.
  9. Making Scrambled Eggs
    She woke up one morning and felt hungry. She did not eat anything last night. She got out of bed, and walked into her kitchen. The kitchen was clean. She thought about what to eat for breakfast. She opened her refrigerator and took out a carton of eggs. She opened her cabinet, and reached for a bowl. She cracked four eggs into the bowl. She stirred the eggs with a spoon. She turned on the stove, and placed a pan on the stove. She turned the knob on the stove. The fire was lit. She grabbed a stick of butter from the fridge. She tossed the butter on the hot pan. She grabbed the bowl of eggs and threw them on the pan. She scrambled them with a spatula. The eggs cooked in minutes. They smelled delicious.
  10. John Loves to Read Books
    Reading a book is fun. Books make you smarter. They also make you a better reader. John loves to read books. He reads books on sunny days. He reads books on cloudy days, and he reads books on rainy days. John has read many books. He read his first book in second grade. His teachers were impressed. John was a good student. He had the highest grades in class. John learned a lot by reading books. He learned new words. He learned new verbs. He learned new adjectives. John reads every day. He has learned about the world. He has learned about history. He has learned about animals. He has learned about people. John loves to learn. He learns something new every day. John has many books. He has large bookshelves. They are full of books. John collects books. He has bought books at bookstores. John wants to read every book in the world.
  11. Sam Loves Watching Television
    Watching television is entertaining. Sam loved watching television. He watched it all the time. He watched it in the morning. He watched it in the afternoon. He watched it in the evening. He loved watching it late at night. The television was always on in Sam’s house. There’s always something to watch on television. Sam watched cartoons. Sam watched the news. Sam watched sports. Sam watched documentaries. Sam watched movies. Sam watched sitcoms. Sitcoms were his favorite to watch. Watching television can be good for you. Watching television is relaxing. Watching television is informing. Watching television can bring people together. Sam liked watching television with friends. Sam recorded television shows. He had a devise that would record shows. Sam recorded all his favorite shows. He re-watched them all the time. Sam had many recordings. Sam wants to be an actor. He wants to appear on television. It is his dream.
  12. Exercising
    He exercised every day. He lifted weights. He ran on the track. He rode his bicycle everywhere. He did pull-ups and push-ups. He did sit-ups and crunches. He loved being in shape. It felt great. He felt powerful. He felt vital. He felt fast. He felt attractive. It made him feel confident. People complimented his appearance. “Look at those muscles,” people said to him. “Thank you, I work out,” he replied. He wasn’t always in shape. He used to be fat. He did not like being fat. He was made fun of. He had a low self-esteem. He felt unattractive. His body felt tired and heavy. He had no energy. He knew he had to change. He looked in the mirror one day. He promised himself to lose weight. He stopped eating unhealthy food. He started moving around more. He went jogging at night. He bought a gym membership. He lost weight.
  13. Her Love of Food
    She ate a lot of food. She ate pizza. She ate cheese burgers. She ate chips. She ate sweets. Every day she ate these types of foods. She was always hungry. She did not like vegetables or fruits. She never drank water. She only drank soda, or juice. She was big. She did not exercise. She was happy about her appearance. People made fun of her. “Lose weight,” people said to her. “Stop eating,” people also said to her. “No, thank you,” she replied. “I’m happy with how I look,” she said. She loved eating fattening foods. Nothing could change her diet. She went to see a doctor. The doctor told her to lose weight. She did not want to lose weight. The doctor explained why she had to lose weight. She could die. She became scared. She did not want to die. She decided to lose weight.
  14. Lost Dog
    He saw a dog on the sidewalk. The dog looked lost. He approached the dog. He pats his head. “Nice doggy,” he said to the dog. The dog wagged his tail. The dog had a collar. He looked at the collar. It read the dog’s name. His name was Spike. Spike was a small dog. He looked well-groomed. “Come on, Spike,” he said to the dog. The dog followed him home. He brought the dog upstairs to his room. He opened a jar of dog food. He used to have a dog. He poured the dog food into a bowl. He placed it in front of Spike. Spike started eating. “I’ll take care of you, Spike,” he said to the dog. He knew the dog did not belong to him. He printed posters of Spike. The poster said “Found dog”. He went around hanging the poster. Nobody came to find Spike.
  15. Spike the Dog
    Spike was a friendly dog. He was obedient. Spike did as he was told. He only barked when threatened. He never bit anybody. Spike liked playing catch. Spike ran after the ball when it was thrown. Spike returned the ball to his owner’s hand. Spike had black fur. Spike was abandoned by his previous owner. He was found by a boy. The boy took care of Spike. The boy loved Spike, and Spike loved him back. The boy walked Spike in the afternoons. Strangers loved to pet Spike. Spike liked being pet. He liked to lick people’s hands and faces. “Who’s a good boy?” strangers said to Spike. Spike would get excited and jump around. Spike was the perfect dog. The boy never thought of abandoning Spike. Spike never ran away. Spike and the boy were friends for the rest of their lives.
  16. Falling and Breaking an Arm
    He was trying to catch a bus. The bus left without him. He was running. He tripped and fell. He was lying on the sidewalk. “Are you alright?” a girl asked. He was holding his arm. His arm hurt. “I think I broke my arm,” he said to the girl. The girl dialed 911. “Help is on the way,” the girl said. She helped him up. He sat down on a bench. He wondered why he fell. He looked down at his shoes. His laces were untied. He always forgot to tie his shoes. He never imagined breaking his arm. He started to tear. His arm was in terrible pain. “The ambulance is coming soon,” the girl said. She felt bad for the boy. She had broken her arm before. She knew how much it hurt. The ambulance arrived. The paramedics took the boy. “Thank you,” he said to the girl. “You’re welcome,” she replied.
  17. Learning to Roller-Skate
    It was three o’clock. She was learning how to roller-skate. She had always wanted to learn. She could not afford to buy roller-skates before. Now, she was older. She had a job. She bought her first pair of roller-skates yesterday. It is never too late to learn anything. She was at the park. She put on protective clothing. She wore a helmet and kneepads. “Always safety first,” she said to herself. She slipped on her roller-skates. She got on her feet and skated away. She held on a railing at first. It was scary wearing roller-skates. With practice, she improved. Days later, she was roller-skating naturally. It was so much fun. She tripped and fell a few times. She got up every time and tried again. She never got hurt. Her helmet and kneepads protected her from injury. Roller-skating was so much fun.
  18. Lying on the Beach
    She was lying on the beach. It felt really calm. The sun was beaming down. It was not too hot. The weather was perfect. She was lying on her stomach. She was in paradise. Suddenly, something happened. Someone ran by. Sand was kicked on her back. She was startled. She sat up to see who kicked it. There were a lot of people around. She did not see who ran by. She felt angry. Someone had ruined her moment in the sun. She lied back down. Minutes later, someone ran by again. Sand was kicked on her back. She rose instantly. She saw a kid hiding. He was laughing. She stood up and walked towards the kid. “Were you kicking sand on my back?” she asked the kid. The kid was scared. He started crying. She felt guilty for making him cry. “Don’t cry,” she said. “I’m sorry,” the kid said. She never came back to that beach again.
  19. Tommy has a Bake Sale
    Tommy needed to raise money for his football team. The team needed new uniforms. Tommy needed an idea. He asked his mom for help. His mom had a good idea. Tommy’s mom loved baking. She decided to have a bake sale. Tommy loved the idea. They would sell cookies and pies. They planned the bake sale. It would be next Saturday. Tommy needed to raise two hundred dollars. Tommy and his mom got to work. Tommy baked different kinds of cookies. He baked chocolate chip cookies. He baked oatmeal cookies. He baked sugar cookies. Tommy tasted the cookies. The cookies were delicious. His mom baked different kind of pies. She cooked cherry, apple, pecan, and blueberry pies. All the cookies and pies were sold. Tommy raised a lot of money. He raised over two hundred dollars. The bake sale was a success.
  20. Math Test
    The day of the math test was next Monday. He had three days to study. He did not like math. It was his hardest subject. He had to study in order to pass. He locked himself in his room. He turned off his phone. He shut off his computer. There could be no distractions. He left his radio on. Music helped him study. Every day he studied for hours. After two days he stopped. He needed help. He could not solve a math problem. He called his friend. His friend was good at math. He asked his friend if he could help. His friend said yes and came over. His friend helped him study for three hours. He was ready to take the test. His friend wished him good luck. The day of the test came. He took the test. He passed the test. Studying had paid off.
  21. Graduating from High School
    She was graduating from high school. She was excited. Graduation was in one week. She had to prepare for graduation. She went to the store. She bought make-up and hair products. She wanted to look her best. Next, she had to buy her graduation gown at her school. The gown was dark blue. It looked nice. She took it home. She hung it in her closet. Graduation was three days away. She was proud of graduating. Her family was also proud. She was the first one to graduate from high school in her family. It was a big accomplishment. She planned to go to college. Graduation day came. She got dressed and ready. Soon, she was at the event. Her family was there. They watched from a distance. They called her name. She went to pick up her diploma. The audience cheered. Her family was happy. She was happier.
  22. He likes Ice-cream and She likes Yogurt
    Yogurt tastes sweet. Ice-cream is also sweet. She likes to eat yogurt. Her friend likes to eat ice-cream. Her friend is a guy. His favorite flavor of ice-cream is chocolate. He does not like yogurt. Her favorite flavor of yogurt was strawberry. She did not like ice-cream. One day, she asked him a question: “Have you tried chocolate flavored yogurt?” Her friend decided to try it. They went to a yogurt shop together. He bought a cup of yogurt. It was chocolate flavored. He sprinkled peanuts on his yogurt. He tasted the yogurt. He liked it. He asked her a question: “Have you tried strawberry flavored ice-cream?” She said she didn’t, and wanted to try it. One night, they went to an ice-cream shop together. She bought an ice-cream cone. It was strawberry flavored. She tasted the ice-cream. She liked it. They both now liked ice-cream and yogurt.
  23. Lisa the Artist
    Lisa likes to draw. She also likes to paint. Drawing and painting are similar. She draws with a pencil. She paints with a paintbrush. Lisa draws many things. She draws cats. She draws vases. Lisa also draws people. Drawing is easy for Lisa. Lisa is a good drawer. Lisa is also a good painter. She paints landscapes. She paints sunsets. Lisa also paints people. Painting is more difficult than drawing for Lisa. Painting requires patience. Drawing is fast for Lisa. Lisa wants to be famous one day. Lisa paints every day. She draws every other day. Lisa paints in her room. Her room is full of art supplies. Her clothes also have paint. Lisa does not mind. Her favorite color is green. Green is the color of leaves. Lisa loves nature. She is painting a big tree.
  24. Closing the Store at Night
    He heard his name. He turned around. “Hello, who is there?” he asked. He was working late. It was his turn to close the store. He was alone. He was at the register counting money. It was mid-night. He was sleepy. His feet were tired. He had been standing for eight hours. He was almost finished. He turned around again. He heard footsteps. He was scared. He put the money down. He started walking towards the footsteps. “Who is there?” he said. No one replied. He saw movement. It was a person. “I see you!” he yelled. The person appeared. He started laughing. It was his girlfriend. She surprised him. “What a nice surprise,” he said. She was laughing, too. He finished counting the money. They went home together.
  25. Oatmeal for Breakfast
    Oatmeal is good for you. It has fiber. Fiber is good for you. It keeps your colon clean and healthy. Oatmeal also contains whole grain. Whole grain is also good for you. It reduces the risk of heart diseases. It is recommended you eat 48 grams of whole grain every day. Oatmeal is easy to make. First, you grab a clean bowl. Second, you pour one serving of oatmeal into the bowl. Third, you pour a cup of milk into the bowl. Lastly, you put it in the microwave for three minutes. You can also cook it on the stove. Milk is also good for you. It contains calcium. Calcium is good for your bones. Oatmeal is a delicious breakfast.
  26. Sally and her Cat
    Sally was petting her cat. Her cat’s name is Kitty. Kitty is a large black cat. Sally ran her finger down Kitty’s back. She loved her cat. Her cat smelled like shampoo. She had been washed that morning. Cats do not like water. Kitty, on the other hand, liked water. Kitty was a friendly cat. Sally was on her bed. Kitty fell asleep. Sally was thirsty. She did not want to wake up Kitty. She picked up her cell phone. She called her little brother. She whispered into the phone and said, “Get me a glass of water, please.” Her brother said okay. He was downstairs watching television. He went to the kitchen. He got a glass of water. He took it upstairs to his sister’s room. He did not know Kitty was asleep. He slammed the door open. Kitty woke up and ran away.
  27. Buying a Couch
    He went to the furniture store. He needed a new couch. His old couch had broken. He walked around the store. He saw different couches. There were a lot of couches. He did not know which to buy. He saw a blue couch. It looked comfortable. He sat down on it. He stood up. He did not like it. He saw another couch. It was red. It looked soft. He sat on it. He rose to his feet. He did not like it. A person walked up to him. The person was a salesman. “Can I help you, sir?” asked the salesman. He told him he needed a couch that was comfortable. The salesman showed him a couch. The man tested it. He liked it. The couch passed the test. He bought it and took it home.
  28. Tom’s Fourth of July
    It was the Fourth of July. It came once a year. It is a day of celebration. It was Tom’s favorite holiday. Tom bought many fireworks. His family had gathered together. They were all on his front yard. His nephew was excited. He was six years old. He wanted to light the fireworks. Tom handed him a sparkler. “Be careful with that,” Tom said to his nephew. “I will, Uncle Tom,” his nephew said. The fireworks started lighting up the sky. Tom and his family saw different colors of fireworks in the sky. They saw blue fireworks. They saw red fireworks. The fireworks were loud. They exploded in the sky. Everybody loved the fireworks. Tom was cooking hot dogs and hamburgers. He went inside his house, and came back with Coke and plastic cups. Everybody ate and drank soda. The fourth of July is a fun holiday.
  29. Mark’s Thanksgiving
    Thanksgiving is a national holiday. It is celebrated once a year. Mark loved Thanksgiving. It is his favorite holiday. Every year, he cooks a turkey. Mark’s wife helps him. Mark cooks other dishes, too. He makes stuffing, potato salad, and ham. Mark invites his family to his Thanksgiving. Mark has a large family. Mark’s wife also invites her family. She has a small family. Everybody brings food to the table. There is always leftover food the next day. The doorbell rings. Mark invites his family inside. “Happy Thanksgiving,” everybody says to each other. The food is cooked. They wait for Mark’s in-laws to arrive. The doorbell rings. Mark’s in-laws come inside. Everybody sits at the table. The food is served. Everybody is smiling and talking. Everybody begins to eat. Thanksgiving is a festive holiday.
  30. David Runs a Marathon
    David ran a marathon. He could not believe it. It was a big achievement. Running a marathon is not easy. David had to train all year long. David woke up every morning. He would put on his running shoes, drink a lot of water, and run out the door. David ran for hours. He stopped only when he finished. David ran again at night. He had a lot of energy. He never got tired. Running a marathon took a long time. David ran 26 miles and 385 yards. It took 5 hours and 30 minutes to finish. David was exhausted when he finished. He was really thirst. He drank a gallon of water. He was still thirsty. David was happy. Running a marathon had been his wish. He could not wait to run it again next year.
  31. Joe’s Walk in the Park
    It was a beautiful day. Joe went to the park. There were people everywhere. Joe saw many things. He saw a boy riding a bike. He saw a girl swinging on a swing. He saw a family having a picnic. He saw a man playing the guitar. It was a happy sight. Joe took a deep breath. The air was fresh. The smell of flowers was in the air. The trees were swaying in the wind. Joe felt so alive. Joe heard a bell. He looked around and saw the ice-cream man. He reached in his pockets. He grabbed three dollars. “Hey, ice-cream man!” Joe yelled. The ice-cream man stopped and turned around. He walked towards Joe. “One ice-cream, please,” Joe said. The ice-cream handed Joe an ice-cream bar. “Thank you,” said the ice-cream man. Joe paid and went on his way. It was a sunny day. Everything was perfect.
  32. Meeting a Jazz Artist at a Record Store
    She went inside the music store. The music store sold all kinds of things. It sold records, compact disks, posters, and clothing. She loved listening to music. Her favorite kind of music was Jazz. She collected old Jazz records. Her collection had hundreds of records. She started collecting records at a young age. She was fifteen when she got her first Jazz record. Her dad had given it to her. It was a birthday present. She fell in love with Jazz music that day. There was a special guest at the music store. He was a famous Jazz artist. She was excited to see him. She owned all his records. His name was Miles Davis. He was a musical genius. She brought one of his records. It was her favorite record. There was a line to see the Jazz artist. She waited in line. She met Miles Davis. He smiled and signed her record. She could not believe what had happened.
  33. Old Man Crosses the Street
    A man was crossing the street. He was an elderly man. He walked like a turtle. It took him a long time to cross. Every day, he crossed the same street. Every time, he took a long time. The cross lights turned green. He was still crossing the street. Cars would honk at him. The man did not care. He could not cross any faster. “Where is that man going?” people would ask. No one knew where he went. The man walked with a cane. He had white hair and glasses. He crossed the street one day. A boy was standing on the corner. “Where are you going?” the boy asked. “I don’t know,” replied the man. The old man was lost. Somehow, he would find his way back home every day.
  34. Waiting for a Friend in the Cold
    It was a cold day. The wind was blowing. He was in his car. He was waiting for his friend. His whole body was shivering. He turned on the car’s heater. It started heating the car. Suddenly, it stopped. He turned it on again, but the heater turned off again. It had stopped working. He was really cold. He had a sweater on. But it was not enough. He forgot to wear his jacket. “How could I warm myself?” he thought to himself. He remembered he had something in his trunk. He opened the car door and stepped out. It was even colder outside his car. There was no one outside. He opened his car trunk. There was a jacket. The jacket was old and smelly. He did not care. It was so cold. He put on the jacket. He went back inside his car. His friend finally arrived.
  35. Shopping at the Mall
    He went to the mall. He needed clothes to wear. Summer was nearing. He brought a list. It was a list of clothes to buy. He looked at the list. He needed t-shirts. He entered a store. The name of the store was “Summer Shirts”. He bought ten shirts. They were different colors. Three of the shirts were blue. Another three were red. Two of the shirts were white. The last two were black. He crossed shirts off his list. He needed pants. He walked into a store. The name of the store was “Fancy Pants”. He purchased five pairs of pants. Two pants were blue jeans. Another two were tan slacks. The last ones were brown khakis. He crossed pants off his list. He just needed shoes. He walked into a shoe store. He saw sandals. He bought sandals instead of regular shoes. He was now ready for summer.
  36. Buying a Laptop
    He bought a computer. It was a laptop. The laptop was expensive. It cost him several hundred dollars. He saved up money. It took him four months to save enough. He earned his money. He worked at a restaurant after school. The job was hard. He was determined to buy a computer. He never quit his job. He went to the Best Buy to purchase it. He walked in with the money in his hand. He knew which computer he wanted already. He paid for the computer, and took it home right away. He opened the box. He lifted the computer gently from the box. “It’s beautiful,” he said. The laptop was sleek (smooth or glossy, as hair, an animal, etc). It looked nice. It was the happiest day in his life. He turned it on. He logged on the Internet.
  37. The Popular Girl at School
    She was popular. Everybody at school knew her name. She liked the attention. She was pretty. She had blonde hair. It was long and straight. She wore expensive clothes. She wore classy perfume. She put on pricey make-up. All the other girls were jealous of her. All the guys liked her. She was not interested in being a relationship with anybody. One day, her parents told her a surprise. They said they were moving. She was devastated. She moved the next week. They drove to Colorado. She went to a new school. She was not popular anymore. Nobody knew her name. Nobody liked her. No one was jealous of her. She was just an ordinary girl now. She was sad at first. She soon felt happy. It was a nice change. It was nice being a regular person. She did not miss being popular anymore.
  38. He Was the King
    He was the king. He was a kind ruler. He gave to the poor. He fed the hungry. He healed the sick. The people loved their king. Their king had an army. His army was vast. It protected the kingdom. Invaders would attack. The king’s army was strong. They battled with swords and shields. They never lost a battle. The king was proud of his army. He was proud of his kingdom. The king was rich. He had all the gold in the world. Gold made the king greedy. He wanted more. He searched for gold in the world. His army brought him silver. He did not want silver. He wanted gold. The king grew mad. His people revolted. The king was overthrown. The king was banished from his kingdom. He left this world.
  39. Talking
    She liked to talk. Talking was easy for her. She talked to friends: “Hello, how are you?” Her friends replied: “I am fine.” She was always polite. “Bless you,” she would say when someone sneezed. “Have a nice day,” she would say after saying goodbye. She was a good talker. She was skilled at talking. She talked all the time. She talked over the phone. She talked during class. She talked at work. Her job was to talk. She helped customers buy things. “Can I help you, sir?” she would ask. Every day she talked to customers. She was always helpful. “Thank you for taking the time to talk to me,” a customer said one day. “You are very welcome,” she said and smiled. Talking is a good skill to have. She practiced it every day.
  40. It’s a Big World
    The world is a big place. There are hundreds of millions of people in the world. People live all around the world. There are many places in the world. We live in the United States. The United States is famous for democracy. There are many people living in the United States. People from the United States come from different places in the world. Canada is another place in the world. Canada is known for its clean air. England is another place in the world. People speak English in England. People in England have accents. England has a queen. Africa is another place in the world. Africa has wild life. Africa had more wild life than other places. Lions and elephants live in Africa. Africa is a beautiful place. There is beauty in every place in the world.
  41. Having Lunch
    She walked into a restaurant. It was lunch time. She was hungry. She sat down at a table. The waiter handed her a menu. “What would you like to drink?” the waiter asked. She asked for water. She was on a budget. She stopped buying drinks. Water was always free. She liked eating fish. She looked at the menu. There was no fish. She called the waiter. “Do you serve fish?” she asked. “No, I am sorry,” the waiter said. She was disappointed. She looked at the menu again. She needed time to think. The waiter left. She did like chicken. She did not like beef. She did not even like pork. She was a picky eater. She made up her mind. The waiter came back. She ordered lamb. The waiter wrote it down. He smiled and left. She ate lamb for lunch.
  42. The Cat Tom
    Tom was a black cat. He was a house cat. He never went outside. He was kept well fed. Tom always got attention. He was a spoiled cat. Tom was sleeping. He heard a sound. It came from the window. He stood on his four legs. He meowed. He went to the window. He looked outside. There was another cat. The cat was white. Tom jumped out the window. He landed on his feet. Cats always land on their feet. The white cat saw Tom. The white cat was a girl. Tom walked towards the white cat. She ran away. Tom chased her. They ran around the house. Tom was having fun. The white cat ran away. Tom did not catch her. It was getting dark. Tom climbed back inside his window. It was a fun day for Tom.
  43. Suzan Has the Flu
    She coughed. She was sick. She had the flu. She did not know how she caught it. She went to see her doctor. She did not like the clinic. The clinic was small and damp. There were always people waiting. She sat in the waiting room. Kids were running around. People were sitting next to her. They were coughing and sneezing. She was coughing and sneezing, too. She felt terrible. She waited for hours. They finally called her name. She quickly went to the nurse. “The doctor will see you now,” the nurse said. She went into a small room. She sat down on a bed. The doctor walked in. “Hello, Suzan,” the doctor said. She told him she had the flu. The doctor checked her symptoms. He gave her a prescription. “Feel better,” the doctor said. “Thank you, doctor,” she said.
  44. John and Jim Play Country Music
    John sat on the porch playing his electric bass. He had a brother called James. James played guitar. He played it every day. He played the guitar well. Sometimes John and Jim made music together. John sang the melody. Jim sang harmony. They both played their instruments together. They made beautiful music. The music was catchy. Strangers noticed Jim and John playing music. They would walk closer to the porch to listen to the music. John sang country music. Everybody in the neighborhood loved it. Country music was their favorite kind of music. Jim and John lived in Texas. Texans love country music. John and Jim were talented. When they grew older. They did not stop making music. They recorded their songs. The songs were heard on the radio. Jim and John became country music stars.
  45. She Sings Pop Music
    She turned on the radio. She tuned in her favorite radio station. The station played pop music. She loved pop music. She sang along to the radio. She sang in the shower every morning. She jumped in the shower. She sang her heart out. She stepped out the shower. She grabbed the radio. She took it to the room. She turned it on again. She put on her clothes while listening to the radio. She did not stop singing. Her brother did not like her singing. “Be quiet!” he would yell. She could not hear him because the radio was too loud. She wanted to be a pop singer. It was her dream. She wanted to make her dream come true. She entered singing contests. She won first place. She was a great singer.
  46. The Camping Trip (1)
    It was the time for the camping trip. He was scared. He was scared of bears. He did not want to be eaten. He was also scared of bugs, ghosts, and poison ivy. His family packed a bug spray, and a first aid kit. His brother told him ghosts were not real. He was still scared of everything. It was his first time camping. He was also excited. He brought his journal. He wrote in the journal. “Dear Journal, I hope I do not get eaten by a bear.” It was his worst fear. Bears were huge. He saw one on television. They had sharp teeth. They had big claws. They roared loudly. It was the night before the trip. He could not go to sleep. He could not stop thinking about the bear. He went to sleep. He dreamed about bears. It was not a nice dream.
  47. The Camping Trip (2)
    He woke up. He was tired. He had a hard time going to sleep. He tossed and turned all night. He was scared. He had bad dreams. He dreamed about bears. It was the first day of the camping trip. It was early morning. He hid in his blankets. His family called his name. “Henry, it’s time to get ready,” called the family. He ignored his family. He did not want to go. He stayed in bed. He was excited about going camping before. But now he was too scared. “I do not want to go anymore,” he said. His dad came in his room. He took off Henry’s blankets. He picked him up. He put his clothes on. He put him in the car. “Do not be scared,” he said to Henry. Henry was still scared. The camping trip lasted three days. Henry was not scared. There was nothing to be scared about. There were no bears. It was a nice camping trip.
  48. He Likes Her (1)
    He liked her. He liked her smile. He liked her voice. He liked her hair. He liked her nature. She did not know that he liked her. She did not know him. He was a stranger to her. It did not matter for him. He wanted to talk to her. He waited for the right time. She was always with her friends. He waited until she was alone. She was walking down the street. She was going home. She was alone. He was driving to the store. He saw her. He drove up to her. She turned around. She saw him in the car. “Hello, what is your name,” he said. She ignored him. She did not want to talk to strangers. “Would you like a ride home?” he asked her. “No, thank you,” she replied. He parked his car. He got out of his car. He walked up to her.
  49. He Likes Her (2)
    She was standing on the sidewalk. He stood in front of her. “I have to go home,” she said. She walked past him. He followed her. He wanted to talk to her. She did not know him. She did not want to talk to strangers. “I know you,” he said to her. She stopped walking. She looked at him. She had a puzzled face. “We went to school together,” he said. She tried remembering. She could not remember him. It was such a long time ago. He told her more. He said he always liked her. He liked her during school. He liked her after school. She was struck. She did not know what to say. “Want to go out?” he asked her. She thought about it. She gave him her phone number. She smiled and left. He was happy. He smiled.
  50. Late to Work
    He woke up late. His alarm rang, but he did not hear it. He was late to work. He jumped out of bed. “I am so late,” he said. He ran to the restroom. He quickly brushed his teeth. He hopped in the shower. He took a five-minute shower. He dried his body. He quickly shaved. He cut himself. He shaved too fast. He was not careful. He washed his cut. He covered it with a band-aide. He ran to his closet. He grabbed his suit. He ironed it fast. He put on his suit. The suit still had wrinkles. He got in his car and drove away. There was traffic on the road. He honked his horn. He arrived at his company. He was one hour late.
  51. Late to School
    The bell rang. She was not at school. She was still at home. She was in bed sleeping. She stayed up late with her friends last night. They watched movies. Her school called her parents: “Your child did not go to school.” Mom was surprised. She was upset. She was at work. She went back home. She slammed through the door. “Wake up!” she yelled at her daughter. “You are late to school,” mom said. She got up from bed. She changed quickly. She was scared of her mom. She knew she was serious. Mom did not fool around. She drove her to school. “Do not be late to school again,” Mom said. “Okay, mom,” she said. She was still sleepy.
  52. All You Can Eat Restaurant
    Today was a big day. Five friends had planned to go out. The plan was to go to a restaurant. It was a good restaurant. It served all you can eat food. Everybody was excited. They had gone there before. It was their favorite restaurant. The restaurant was far. It took one hour to drive there. It took two hours on the bus. One of the friends drove a car. He had just purchased it. He drove his friends to the restaurant. There was no traffic on the way. They arrived in thirty minutes. Everybody was starving. They ordered their food. The restaurant was full of customers. The restaurant was special. It served raw food. You had to cook your own food. There was a grill on the table. It was fun. Everybody ate a lot of food. The bill was expensive.
  53. A night at the Theater
    It was their one year anniversary. They went to the theater. He met her at the theater. She was with her friends. He was with his friends. They watched the same movie. They met after the movie. He asked her out on a date. They became good friends. The theater was empty today. They walked to the counter. They looked up at the screen. The screen listed the movies playing. He wanted to watch an action movie. She wanted to watch a comedy. The two talked to each other. They were deciding what movie to watch. They chose to watch a comedy. They bought their tickets. They went to their seats. The movie started. They laughed throughout the movie. The movie was very funny. It lasted one hour and a half. It ended and the credits started rolling. They got up from their seats. They went home laughing.
  54. Waiting for Friday
    Monday is the first day of the week. He did not like Mondays. He had to go to work. He worked at the post office. The post office was far away. He drove to work. It was a thirty-minute drive. Mondays were the worst. Tuesdays were just as bad. He did not like Tuesdays. He complained at work. “It is barely Tuesday?” he would ask. He could not wait for it to be Friday again. Wednesdays were better than Tuesdays. Wednesdays were far better than Mondays. Wednesday is known as “hump day”. This means it is the midpoint of the week. Wednesday is the day after Tuesday. He still did not like Wednesdays. Thursdays were better. He liked Thursdays. Thursday is the unofficial start of the weekend. Thursday is the day after Wednesday. More importantly, it is the day before Friday. Friday is his favorite day of the week.
  55. Lisa Got a Car
    Lisa bought a car. It was her first car. She was happy when she bought it. It was a birthday present. Her parents bought it for her. She was thankful. She deserved the car. She was a good girl. She was a good student. She listened to her parents. She never got in trouble. She was a good daughter. The car was pink. Pink is her favorite color. Pink is a girl’s color. She was a nice girl. Her car was not cheap. Her parents did not pay for it all. They paid half. She was to pay for the rest. She had to get a job. She learned to drive. She got a job. She drove to work. She was an adult now. Lisa was responsible. Her parents were proud of her. She was not their little girl anymore.
  56. Party
    He was getting ready for the party. The party was at night. It was going to be a big party. All his friends were going. He never went to parties. This was his first time going to one. He was nervous. He was excited. He was a shy guy. He did not talk a lot. He had only five friends. His friends were shy, too. He did not want to be shy anymore. He got ready for the party. He dressed himself nicely. He combed his hair. He brushed his teeth twice. He trimmed his mustache. He looked in the mirror. He looked good. He spoke to himself. “Hey, good looking,” he said to the mirror. He was ready. The party was in thirty minutes. He left early. He drove to the party. He had a blast. He made new friends. He met a girl. He kissed her. It was a fun party.
  57. Riding the Bus
    It was early morning. The sun was just over the horizon. She got on the bus. The bus was smelly. It smelled foul. Bus fare was one fifty. She paid her fare. “Good morning,” said the bus driver. “Good morning,” she said back. The bus driver was friendly. This was odd. She mostly met mean bus drivers. She wondered why. The bus was full. She looked around for seats. There were no seats in the front. She looked to the back. There was one seat available. She made her way to the back. There were a lot of people. “Excuse me,” she said. She touched elbows with people. The people let her through. She reached the back of the bus. Her seat had been taken. She held on to a pole and stood. It was a brand new day. She was happy. It was her first day of university. The bus rode on.
  58. Diving Off a Cliff
    He took a deep breath. He looked down. The water looked cold. He was nervous. “Come on, Jump!” said his friends. He was on a ledge of a cliff. It was a big drop. All his friends had jumped. They were swimming in the water. His friends waited for him. Fifteen minutes had gone by. He had not jumped. “What are you, chicken?” teased one of his friends. He was scared indeed. He imagined bad things. He imagined breaking his bones. He imagined drowning. He imagined being eaten by a fish. “I don’t think this is a good idea,” he said to his friends. His friends then told him not to do it. They were worried. He stepped off the ledge. He climbed down. He safely got in the water. He was safe. He was relieved.
  59. A Familiar Face
    They were on a train. He sat across her. He looked at her. She looked familiar. She was writing on her iPad. She looked concentrated. The train sped along its tracks. It made large sounds. There were many passengers on board. He looked to his right. He saw a man with long hair. He saw a woman holding a dog. He saw a kid with food on his face. He looked to his left. He saw an old man with a cane. He saw a young lady crossing her legs. He saw a fat man eating peanuts. No one looked familiar, except her. She sat in front of him. He thought for a minute. He could not remember. The train came to a stop. It had reached its destination. Passengers were exiting the train. He lost sight of her. He looked around to see where she went. She was nowhere in sight.
  60. Home Again
    It had been a long train ride. Her bottom was sore. She stretched her legs and neck. She grabbed her luggage. She got off the train. She headed towards the street. She called a cab. She entered the vehicle. “Welcome to San Francisco,” said the cab driver. She smiled and said, “thank you”. She was finally home. It had been a while since she left home. The cab arrived at her house. She paid him the fare. “Thank you very much,” he said. He drove away. She entered her house. Her house looked pleasant. Nothing had changed. She walked into the living room. Her family awaited her in the living room. They were excited to see her. “Welcome home, Becky!” her family yelled. She hugged and greeted everybody. It was nice to be back home.
  61. Roller Coaster Ride
    He tried the roller coaster ride the first time. He did not like it. He tried it a second time. He still did not like it. They say third time’s the charm. He went back in line. The lines for roller coasters were long. Everybody he knew loved riding roller coasters. Everybody loved them except him. He thought roller coasters were terrifying. He did not know what the big deal was. Why risk your life, he thought. He was waiting in line. People in line were impatient, but he was not. The line moved forward. His turn for the ride came. He was strapped on the roller coaster. “Please keep your hands and legs together,” he was told. The roller coaster began moving. It slowly ascended to the top. It plummeted to the bottom. He vomited all over himself.
  62. Ready for the Race
    The big race was tomorrow. He would be completing with people from other schools. It was his first big race. He was worried, but he was also excited. He was the fastest boy in his school, and he had been training for months. He had been running for a long time. He joined track when he was in middle school. He loved running. He ran everywhere. He ran to the market to pick up groceries. He ran to school in the mornings. He ran back home after school. He ran to his friends’ house. His friends lived far away. He did not mind running. Running was his passion. It was the night before the race. He had a good night sleep. In the morning he woke up ready. The race was in a couple of hours. He got ready. He was not nervous anymore. He was prepared to race.
  63. Alex’s Friends
    Everybody has friends. Some people have many friends. Others have only a few. Alex had many friends. He liked making friends. Every day he made new friends. Alex was good at making friends. He was good at small talk. He was not at all shy. Alex made friends everywhere he went. He made friends at the store. “Shopping for food?” he asked a stranger. “I sure am,” the stranger said. Alex continued talking to the person. He had made a new friend. He made friends at the bank. “Making a deposit?” he asked another stranger. “Yes, sir,” the stranger replied. A conversation followed. Making friends was easy for Alex. He was a friendly guy. Everybody who knew Alex liked him. Everybody that Alex knew was his friend. Alex did not know any strangers. If he met one, they quickly became friends. Alex wanted to have all the friends in the world.
  64. Suzan’s Garden
    Suzan had a garden. She planted fruits and vegetables. The garden was in her backyard. Her backyard was wide and long. She had plenty of space. Suzan’s garden took up most of the space. Her garden grew several kinds of fruits. It grew watermelons, grapes, strawberries, avocados, oranges, and papaya. Some fruits grew from the ground. Others grew on trees. Suzan’s garden also grew several kinds of vegetables. It grew tomatoes, potatoes, squash, carrots, and eggplants. Suzan was proud of her garden. She worked hard to maintain it. Every day she watered her garden. Her fruits and vegetables tasted great. It was because of her care and love. Everybody in her neighborhood ate from her garden. Suzan sold the fruits and vegetables at low prices. She made good profit. Suzan did not sell it all. She always kept enough for herself. She knew that fruits and vegetables were good for her health.
  65. Dreams
    He dreamed a lot. He had good dreams. He had bad dreams. Sometimes, he had strange dreams. He dreamed he was a cowboy. He rode a horse and gunned down bandits. He dreamed of being an astronaut. He orbited the earth in a spaceship with zero gravity. These were good dreams. He dreamed he was in a room full of people. In the dream he was naked. Everybody in the room laughed at him. He dreamed he was on a boat in the middle of the ocean. He was lost at sea. The boat was sinking. These were bad dreams. He dreamed of unknown places. Places that seemed bizarre. He dreamed of worldly creatures that looked like humans. These were weird dreams. His dreams were fascinating. He wondered what they meant. He wrote down his dreams in journal. He kept it safe in a box.
  66. Hiking
    Sweat poured down his face. The sun beat down his back. Every step he took was tiring. He was worn out. He kept moving forward. It was a steep hill. He looked up ahead. There were more hills. He was hiking up a canyon. There were rocks everywhere. He saw a stream below. There were plants all around. He had been hiking for over an hour. He was high up. The view was wonderful. He could see for miles and miles. He saw wildlife in the distance. He had not reached the very top. He needed to hike for one more hours. He took a drink from his canteen. He reached into his backpack. He pulled out a banana and ate it. He pressed on. The hills were slippery. He almost slid a couple of times. He got to the top. He looked around. It was breathtaking!
  67. Storm
    Rain water dripped down the window. Lightning flashed from the sky. There was no one outside. There was a storm coming. He had a plan for tonight. The plan was canceled because of the coming storm. Outside looked gloomy. The sidewalks were wet and looked gray. The trees swayed back and forth. The wind was blowing hard. There were tree branches and leaves on the ground. He was safe inside his home. He turned on his television to watch the five o’clock news. The weather man came on. He warned everyone to stay inside. The storm was to last all through the night. It was cold inside his home. He turned on his heater. Thunder roared from outside. Suddenly, the light went out. There was no more electricity. He lit some candles and grabbed a flashlight. The storm was going on. He fell asleep on the couch. He woke up in the morning. The storm had ended.
  68. Road Trip
    It was a sunny day. There were five of them. They were good friends. “What time is it?” one of them asked. It was almost nine o’clock. They all looked at each other. It was time to leave. They were all excited. They entered the car. One of them drove. Everybody put on their seatbelts. The radio was turned on. Rock music blared loudly. The car drove off into the distance. It was a road trip to San Francisco. It was everybody’s first road trip. It was going to be a long trip. They brought snacks and drinks. They planned to stay for a week in San Francisco. It was a fun trip. They laughed and sang along to the radio. They stopped to eat at diners. They planned where to go next on a road trip.
  69. Bicycle Shop
    He went to a bicycle shop. He wanted to buy a bike. His old bike was too old. It had stopped working. He entered the bike shop. There were bikes all around. There were bikes on the walls. There were bikes in aisles. Some bikes were even hung upside-down from the ceiling. He knew what bike he wanted. He approached the sales man. He told him what bike he wanted. The sales man took him to a room. There were more bikes in the room. He liked what he saw. He quickly chose a bike to buy. It was a small black bike. He paid for it and rode it home. It cost him five hundred dollars. It was worth the price. He used the bike for tricks and stunts. He never fell. He was a professional bike rider.
  70. Library Visit
    She went to the library. It was close to home. The library was quite small, but it was a nice library. She needed to check out a book. It was a book for her school. She did not want to buy it. It is free to check out books at the library. The library is open to public. Libraries provide access to knowledge. She walked inside the library. It was nice and quiet inside. The library was also cool. She went to the front desk. She asked for her book. The library manger helped her find it. She was thankful for the help. The librarian was happy to help. She talked to the librarian. They spoke about libraries and librarians. It was an interesting conversation. She learned a lot of things. She left the library and went back home. The librarian had inspired her. She wanted to be a librarian one day.
  71. Wandering Man
    He was from Tennessee, but he did not want to stay there. He traveled all around. He left at the age of eighteen. He had no money. He had no car. He hitch-hiked to California. His family could not stop him because he was an adult. It was his dream to wander. He was a good-looking man. He did many odd jobs. He met many people. California is a big state. There are a lot of people in California. He lived in different places. He never stayed in one place. He kept traveling. He did not think about the future. He lived his life one day at a time. He did not have many belongings. He had a small backpack. It held his clothes. He had a guitar and a picture of his parents. This was all he carried. One day he would go back home.
  72. Flight to Boston
    He drove to the airport. He waited for his flight. He waited for an hour. His flight was ready. He boarded the airplane. The airplane was huge. It was going to Boston. He had family in Boston. He lived in Los Angeles. He was a teacher. He taught at a community college. He loved his job. His family was proud of him. He was going to see them. It was a family reunion. He looked forward to seeing everybody. Five years had passed since he was in Boston. He brought sweaters and jackets because Boston was cold at this time of the year. The airplane took off. His ears popped. He put on his head phones. The flight lasted six hours. He arrived safely in Boston.
  73. Family Reunion
    He got off the airplane. He stepped on the ground. It was a long flight. There was a baby crying on the flight. He could not sleep. He exited the airport. He called a taxi. It drove him home. He paid the taxi driver and thanked him. He looked at his house. He was glad to be home. The lights were on inside. He saw shadows through the window. His family reunion had started. He knocked on the door. His father opened the door. “Welcome back home, Greg!” he said smiling. He went inside. He greeted everybody. He said hello to cousin Alex. He hugged and kissed his grandmother. He shook the hand of his brother-in-law. He hugged his sisters and brothers. He was overjoyed to see his mother. His mom gave him a big kiss. It was a good family reunion. He did not want to go back to California.
  74. The Interview
    She put on her best shoes. She put on her nicest shirt. She got into her dress pants. She brushed and straightened her hair. She applied her make-up. She sprayed perfume on herself. She was ready for her job interview. She looked in the mirror one more time. She looked professional. She grabbed her purse and walked out the door. She entered her car and drove away. The interview was on the sixth floor of a building. She took the elevator. She entered the interview room. She was greeted by four people. They were dressed in suits. The interview began. They asked her hard questions. She answered the best she could. She was confident and friendly. They liked her, she got the job. She was overjoyed.
  75. Package in the Mail
    The mailman knocked on the door. No one answered the door. He had a package to deliver. He needed the person’s signature. It was a heavy package. He rang the doorbell. Still, no one answered. He looked through the window. There was someone inside. A girl was napping on the couch. He knocked on the window. The girl was sound asleep. He used his voice. He called her name. She woke up. She saw the man through the window. She opened the door. She asked who he was and what he wanted. “I’m the mailman. Can’t you tell?” he said and pointed to his uniform. She was half asleep. “I have a package for you,” the mailman said. She asked how he knew her name. He said her name was on the package. She signed for it. She took the package inside. It was heavy.
  76. Frisbee
    It was a nice sunny day. He was at his aunt’s house. His cousins were there, too. He was feeling bored. There was nothing to do. He looked around the house. He saw a Frisbee on the floor. He picked it up. He loved playing Frisbee. It was a fun and simple game to play. He had played it all the time. He needed someone else to play with. He asked his cousins: “Do you guys want to play Frisbee with me?” They said yes right away. They asked their parents for permission. They were given two hours to play. They went to the park to play. He told his cousins to spread out. His cousins had never played Frisbee before. They were excited to play. He had the Frisbee in his hand. “Catch!” he yelled at one of his cousins. He tossed the Frisbee at him. The Frisbee flew in the air. It looked like a flying saucer. His cousin caught it. He tossed it back. They played Frisbee for two hours. It was fun.
  77. Stomach Ache
    He had a stomachache. He did not know why. Was it something he ate? He wondered. He remembered what he ate that day. He ate eggs in the morning. He also had toast and milk. Later he had a snack. The snack was a cookie. It was a chocolate chip cookie. Then he ate lunch. For Lunch he ate a sandwich. It was a turkey sandwich with cheese. He drank soda. Later, he had another snack. The snack was a popsicle. Then he ate dinner. For dinner he had steak. On the side he had vegetables and mashed potatoes. He drank soda again. That was all he ate for the day. He wondered what had caused his stomachache. He did not drink soda often. He blamed soda. The next day came. He did not have stomachache anymore. He never drank soda again.
  78. First Day of College
    She crossed the street. The street was empty. There were no people. There were no cars. It was after midnight. She walked down the street. She was not afraid. It was dangerous at night. It was especially dangerous for a girl. She did not care. She was a fighter. She knew how to defend herself. She carried pepper spray. She was ready for anything. The streets were deserted. She walked around for an hour. She took in the night air. She gazed at the stars. She looked at the closed stores. She saw the dirty curbs. She walked back home. She fell on her bed. It had been another night. She went to sleep like a baby.
  79. Walking After Midnight
    His hair was long. It was getting too long. It bothered him sometimes. The hair would get in his mouth. It would get on his food. It sometimes made him itchy. He thought about cutting it. He asked his friends. His friends told him not to. He asked them why. His friends said he looked fine. He did not care what his friends said. He decided to get a haircut. It was the middle of the day. He was not doing anything. He went to the salon. He walked in and sat down. He waited for the hair stylist. She was with another customer. She finished shortly. She greeted him. She cut his hair. It took twenty minutes. He looked in the mirror. He looked good. He was glad he got a haircut. He paid and thanked the hair stylist. He went on his way.
  80. Haircut at the Salon
    They were best friends. People thought they were sisters. They did everything together. They shared everything with each other. They met in middle school. They were in the same college now. Sometimes they argued, but soon they made up. College can be tough. They took classes together. They studied together. They always helped each other. They were good students. They were from Colorado. They went home together. They lived in the same town. They knew the same people. Their family knew each other. They went back to college together. They shared one room. They acted like sisters. It is nice having a best friend. Everybody should have a best friend.
  81. Best Friends
    It was her birthday. She was turning sixteen. She was born on the fifth of August. She was having a birthday party. Everybody was coming. She invited her friends. She had a lot of friends. She also had a lot of aunts and uncles. This made her happy, because it meant more presents for her. She was getting ready for her party. She dressed up in her best outfit. Her mom prepared the food. Her dad went to pick up the cake. Her brother set the tables and chairs. The party was happening in the backyard. The party was in four hours. They were almost ready. Dad brought back chocolate cake. Mom cooked all the food. Her brother got the backyard ready. The birthday party was a success.
  82. Sixteenth Birthday
    He lived in a big house. It was white. The rooftop was blue. It had a white fence. There were plants in the front. There was a tall tree in the backyard. The house had a fireplace. He lit it on cold nights. He lived with his wife. They were grateful for what they had. They had to work hard. Hard work pays off. The house had three floors. It also had a basement. There were five bedrooms. They planned to have a family. The house was big enough for a family. The house had brown carpet. It also had wooden floors. There were a lot of windows. The house had nice views. The house had a reading room. They had a big library. The house had a music room, too. There was a piano inside. There was also an art room. It was a perfect house.
  83. A Nice House
    He lived in a big house. It was white. The rooftop was blue. It had a white fence. There were plants in the front. There was a tall tree in the backyard. The house had a fireplace. He lit it on cold nights. He lived with his wife. They were grateful for what they had. They had to work hard. Hard work pays off. The house had three floors. It also had a basement. There were five bedrooms. They planned to have a family. The house was big enough for a family. The house had brown carpet. It also had wooden floors. There were a lot of windows. The house had nice views. The house had a reading room. They had a big library. The house had a music room, too. There was a piano inside. There was also an art room. It was a perfect house. 84. Break-in
    He woke up suddenly. He heard glass shattering. It was really loud. He sat up on his bed. He listened for noise. He heard footsteps. There was someone downstairs. It was a break-in. He went to his closet and grabbed his bat. He was not afraid. He slowly went downstairs. He sneaked his way to the stairs. He looked down the staircase. It was really dark. He saw the shadow of a man. He was dressed in black. There was no light. He walked down the stairs. He did not make a sound. The shadow was going through drawers. It was a robbery. He got closer to the shadow. His heart was racing. He took a deep breath. He ran at top speed. He hit the shadow over the head. The shadow fell to the ground. He called the police.
  84. Death of a Grandmother
    He was sad. His grandma had died. He loved his grandmother. She raised him. She took care of him. She had seen him grow into a man. She was the sweetest woman. She was kind to all. Everybody loved her. She departed at the age seventy-six. She had lived a long life. He was happy for her. But he was also sad. His grandma was no longer here. He could not believe it. He remembered the last words he said to her: “I love you grandma. I’ll come to see you soon.” He hugged and kissed her goodbye. She died a few days later. He cried. Her funeral was held shortly. All her family was there. Friends had also gathered. He helped carry the coffin. It was a hard thing to do. He would never forget his grandmother.
  85. Circus
    The circus was in town. It was a big attraction. Everybody in town went. The circus was a lot of fun. They had clowns. The clowns juggled pin balls and danced around. The kids liked the clowns. The circus also had magicians. The magicians performed magic tricks. The teenagers liked seeing the magician perform. The circus had animals. The animals had handlers. The handlers made the animals do tricks. A tiger went through a hula-hoop. A monkey rode a tricycle. An elephant stood on two legs. Everybody liked the animal show. There were also rides. The circus stayed in town for three days. It went from town to town. It was fun to go to a circus.
  86. Henry the Strong Man
    Henry was a strong man. He could carry heavy things. He had no problem helping you move. Mary asked Henry if he could help her. He said sure. Mary owned a lot of furniture. Henry carried it all. He put it in the moving van. He did not struggle. He was strong and able. “Thank you, Henry,” Mary said. “Not a problem,” Henry said. He was happy to help. Henry was walking down the street. He saw something as he was walking. There was a man in a car. The car would not start. There were other cars behind him. He was blocking the road. Henry took action. He went behind the car. He pushed with all his might. He moved the car. It was out of the way. The man thanked Henry. “You are strong,” said the man. Henry agreed. He waved goodbye.
  87. A Family Visit to the Zoo
    It was a family trip. They drove to the zoo. The zoo was far away. The children were excited. They had never seen wild animals before. They had only seen cats and dogs. They wanted to see bears and gorillas. The older sibling was not excited. He had been to the zoo before. He had been there too many times. It was now his tenth time. He did not want to go there anymore. Mom and dad liked the zoo. It was a good learning experience. Grandpa was also going. He was sound asleep. They arrived at the zoo. They saw all the animals. They heard a bear roar. They touched the starfishes. They saw the gorillas. It was a long day. The family got tired. They sat and ate food. They went back to their car. They drove back home.
  88. A Toothache
    Her tooth was aching. She could not eat. It hurt every time she chewed. She could not even swallow. She knew what she had to do. She was scared. He had not gone to the dentist in years. It was time to make an appointment. She called their number. She set an appointment. It was for Friday at five o’clock. She was not looking forward to it. She hated going to the dentist. She was afraid of the pain, but she had no choice. She was already in pain. The tooth had to come out. The dentist told her the same. She sat back in the chair. The dentist gave her a pain killer. She still felt some pain. It was soon over. The tooth was removed. It no longer hurt to chew. It was a relief. She could now eat and chew without pain.
  89. Guitar Man
    He played the guitar. He sang the blues. It was his hobby. He was talented. Everybody told him that. He practiced all day long. His practice paid off. He was the best guitar player in town. His friends were impressed. He always carried his guitar. He carried it behind his back. He took it to the park, and sat down on a bench. He began to play. People walked by. They noticed his music. He would get tips. It was fun for him. Performing in front of others is great. He sometimes felt nervous. The feeling of excitement was greater. People called him the Guitar Man. He was known all around. It was his nickname. He played his guitar at school. He played his guitar on the train. Playing the guitar was his passion. He played until his fingers hurt. He stopped for a minute. He would start to play again.
  90. Lost in the Woods
    They camped out in the woods last night. They were alone in the woods. When they woke up in the morning, they did not know where they were at. They were lost. There was no one else around. It was just two of them. They panicked at first. They calmed themselves down. “Everything will be okay,” they said to each other. They left their cell phones at home. They lit a smoke signal. No one saw it. They decided to walk back. They traced their footsteps. It took a long time. They had walked a long distance. They got thirsty. They stopped at a stream. They drank from the stream. They continued walking. There were no signs of life. It was getting dark. They had to find people soon. Eventually, they met somebody. He was another camper. He helped them find their way to safety. It was a scary camping trip.
  91. A Broken Cell Phone
    She dropped her phone. She picked it up. She looked at the screen. She gasped! The screen was cracked. She was upset. Her phone was important. She texted on her phone regularly. She frequently made phone calls. She had Internet access on her phone. It was her world. The phone was not cheap, but she had to buy a new one. She did not have enough money. She went to the store, and talked to the salesperson. She told him that she had dropped her phone. He asked to look at the phone. She handed it to him. “Can you fix it?” she asked. He said yes he can. She paid to repair it. It cost less than a new phone. Her cell phone was repaired. She was very happy. She bought a protective case for it.
  92. Easter
    It was Easter. Her family celebrated Easter. They did it for the kids. They got together at her house. They hired a costumed man to act as the Easter Bunny. The family hid eggs around the house. The kids had to find them. The Easter Bunny helped the children find the eggs. Everybody had fun. The children found treats inside the eggs. The adults had lunch in the yard. They watched over the kids. No one would get hurt. It was a safe and fun celebration. The Easter Bunny was great with kids. He played and danced around with them. Easter is a tradition. Her family celebrates it every year. Easter is a holiday. Many people celebrate Easter. It is a fun holiday.
  93. Night Sky
    He looked up. He saw the night sky. There were many stars in the sky. He looked for a while. The stars were beautiful. They were shining brightly. They looked like diamonds. He remembered a song. He looked at the moon. The moon was in the night sky. It gave the moonlight. The moon looked white. It looked like cheese. He wondered about it. A man had walked on the moon. He imagined walking on the moon. He imagined the moon being cold. He looked at the constellations. There were many of them. Constellations are what groups of stars look like. They have different names. He saw the Big Dipper (chòm sao Gấu lớn (Đại hùng)). He saw the Little Dipper (chòm sao Gấu nhỏ (Tiểu hùng)). He also could see Orion’s Belt (sao Thiên lang). It was an amazing sight. He looked up every night. He believed in aliens. He hoped to see one. The night sky is full of wonders.
  94. Late Night Caller
    She went downstairs. It was dark. She could not see. The house phone was ringing. She watched her steps. She slowly went down the stairs. “Who is calling?” she wondered. She got downstairs. The phone was in the kitchen. She reached for light switch. She turned on the lights. She squint her eyes. The light was bright. She was blinded by the lights. The phone was still ringing. She walked to the kitchen. She stepped on a toy. She was barefoot. She jumped in pain. She looked at the floor. She had stepped on a Lego toy. She had a son. He never picked up his toys. She reached the kitchen. The phone was still ringing. She picked up the phone. She looked at the caller identification. It was an unknown number. She answered the phone: “Hello.” There was no reply. The phone clicked. It was a wrong number.
  95. Comic Books
    Comic books are illustrated stories. He loved comic books. He had many comic books. They were all in a shelf. His friends collected comic books, too. He sometimes traded comic books with them. He read comic books all night. He turned off the lights. He grabbed a flashlight. He sat up in bed. He wrapped a blanket around him. He stayed up reading his comic books. He had a fun time. He went to the comic book store. He went each Friday after school. The comic book store was great. It had the new issues of comics. His favorite comic book hero was Spiderman. He bought all his issues. He stayed at the comic book store. There was a couch inside. He did not always have money. He read the new comic book issues in the store. He saved his allowance for comic books.
  96. Skyscraper
    He was on the highest floor of a tall building. The building was a skyscraper. He was with his dad. His dad worked on the building. He met his dad’s co-workers. They were all kind. He asked his dad a question: “Is it not scary working so high up?” Dad answered no. He said it was not noticeable. His son noticed. He kept thinking about it. They were so high in the sky. He imagined the building falling down. He was scared of heights. His dad told him not to think about it. He could not stop thinking about it. It was time to go home. They went down the elevator. It was a long ride. He did not want to come back. It was too frightening for him.
  97. Jane from LA
    Her name was Jane. She lived in Los Angeles. She was born there. She loved Los Angeles. She went to work in downtown Los Angeles. There are many people in Los Angeles. She drove to work every day. She looked out her window. There were people walking down the street. Some were white, some were black, and others were brown. This did not matter. They were all natives of Los Angeles. She went out with friends. They went to restaurants and shows. Los Angeles has many restaurants. Her favorite were Indian restaurants. Los Angeles has many performers. She saw famous artists and bands. It was fun going out in Los Angeles. She often came back home late. She was always safe. She never spoke to strangers. She avoided walking on streets that were not safe. Jane did want to live in Los Angeles. It was her home.
  98. Parade
    It was fun going to the parade. He went to the parade every year. He never missed going. The parade was tomorrow. He was going with his girlfriend. His girlfriend’s name was Mary. This year, he planned on bringing his little sister. His little sister had not gone to a parade. It was her first time going. She was excited. It was the day before the parade. They made their plan. They had to wake up early. They had to bring snacks and water. They also had to wear comfortable shoes. The parade lasted all day. The day of the parade came. Everything went according to plan. The parade was amazing. They saw marching bands. They saw parade floats. Some of them were big. The parade ended in the afternoon. They were tired, but they were happy. They went back home. “Can we come back again?” his little sister asked. He smiled at her. She knew the answer already.
  99. Music Festival
    The music festival was today. He was ready to go. His favorite singer was performing. He packed his autograph book. He hoped to get close enough. He wanted his autograph. He was determined to get it. He left early to the music festival. He arrived in one hour. He had a hard time finding parking. He parked far from the festival. It was the closest parking he could find. He walked half a mile. He got to the festival. He found a seat near the front of the stage. He waited for the music festival to begin. It was not long before it started. The music festival began. He looked around. There were hundreds of people. Everybody was moving and jumping. The music started playing. His favorite singer went on stage. He wanted his autograph. He got onto the stage. He got his autograph.
  100. Playing in the Snow
    It was winter time. The snow was coming. She was excited. She waited for the snow to start falling. She looked out her window every day. The snow had not come. She asked her brother why. Her brother said it was coming. She had to wait. She waited for a few weeks. She was giving up hope. One day she woke up. She went to her window. She did not believe it. It was finally snowing. She jumped for joy. The snow looked beautiful. She ran to her closet. She put on her winter clothes. She ran outside. She played in the snow. It was so much fun. She played all day in the snow. She made snowmen and igloos. Tomorrow she would play again. She loved the snow.
  101. Late to Class
    He stood in the hall. He looked around him. There were many doors. He did not know which door was the right door to enter. He was lost at school. It was going to be twelve. He was going to be late. It was his first day of college. His class was in Room 190. He looked at all the doors. They each had a number, but there were no rooms numbered 190. He did not know what to do. He asked a stranger: “Where is Room 190?” The stranger did not know. He asked another stranger. She also did not know. No one knew where Room 190 was. He checked his notebook, where He wrote down his classroom number. It was not Room 190. It was Room 140. Room 190 did not exist. He ran to Room 140. He was one minute late.
  102. Class Time
    He entered his classroom. He quickly took a seat. He was a minute late. The professor was calling names. It was his first day of college. He was sweating. He had been running around looking for his classroom. It took him some time to find the classroom. “David?” the professor called. He raised his hand. He was out of breath. He took out his inhaler. He took a puff from his inhaler. It gave him breath. He took out his notebook and a pen. The professor started talking. He took notes. He always took notes in class. It was a good habit. He studied his notes after class. He was a good student. He wanted only good grades.
  103. Question for the Teacher
    Class ended at two o’clock. The teacher dismissed the students. Ana rose from her seat. She grabbed her things. She had a backpack and a sweater. She had a question to ask. She waited for the teacher. Some students also had questions to ask. There was a line to see the teacher. She got in line. She had a question about an assignment. The teacher spoke to students one at a time. She waited a while. It was finally her turn to ask. “How can I help you?” the teacher asked. She asked her question. The teacher gave her the answer. She was glad to hear it. She thanked the teacher, who smiled and said, “No problem.” She went on her way.
  104. A Hot Day
    It was a hot day. The sun was shining brightly. There were no clouds in the sky. He walked along the street. He was going home. He was hot and tired. He could not wait to get home. He was almost there. It was nearly one hundred degrees. There was not another soul in sight. Everybody was at home. His car was not working. He had to walk to his bank. He did not know it was so hot. The bank was not too far. The heat made it seem far away. His throat was dry. He was thirsty for water. He walked with sweat on his back. He arrived home. He went straight to the kitchen. He drank a big cup of water. He took off his clothes. He went to the bathroom. He took a cold bath. It was so refreshing. He stayed in the bath.
  105. Making Friends
    “What is your name?” he asked her. “My name is Linda,” she answered. “What is your name?” Linda asked. “My name is Brian,” he answered. They knew each other’s names. They became friends. Brian was tall and skinny. Linda was a little shorter than Brian. She was also skinny. Brian and Linda had black hair. Brian asked Linda if she was busy. She told Brian she was not. “Want to go to the coffee shop?” Brian then asked. Linda said sure. They walked to the coffee shop. It was nearby. Brian opened the door for Linda. Linda said thank you. They bought their coffee. They sat down to drink it. They talked to each other. Brian learned about Linda. Linda learned about Brian. The two were alike. Brian walked Linda home. “It was nice meeting you,” Linda said to Brian. “Likewise,” Brian replied.
  106. Summer Day at the Pool
    It was a hot Summer day. She was in her room. The fan was on, but it blew hot air. She did not want to be home. It was too hot. She thought of what to do. Her cell phone vibrated. She picked it up. She received a text message. It was from her friend. The text read: “Let’s go to the pool” She replied with yes. She got ready immediately. She grabbed her towel, sunscreen, sunglasses, and shampoo. She also packed her bathing suit. She went to the pool. Her friends were in the pool. She went to the lockers. She changed into her bathing suit. She applied her sunscreen. She jumped in the pool. The water was cool and refreshing. She splashed around with her friends. She no longer felt hot. She stayed in the pool all day.
  107. Ice Skating
    It was winter. The streets were covered with snow. The air was cold outside. She was at a friend’s house. They did not know what to do. She sat in the living room. Her friend sat beside her. They put on a movie. The movie was boring. They stopped playing the movie. She got out a board game. They started playing. The board game was missing pieces. They stopped playing. “What do we do now?” she asked her friend. “Let’s go ice skating,” he friend said. They went to an ice skating rink. They left in a car together. They arrived at the place. There were a lot of people skating. They bought their pass. They put on their figure skates. They skated on the ice. She slid a couple of times. They ice skated for hours. It was so much fun. They left around eight o’clock. They went back the next day.
  108. Scary Movie
    It was night time. He was home using his computer. His friend messaged him. The message was an invitation. He was invited to the theaters. He said yes to the invitation. He shut down his computer. He got ready to leave. He grabbed his wallet and drove to the theaters. His friends were waiting for him. “What movies are we watching?” he asked his friends. They were going to watch a scary movie. He did not like scary movies. He was a big chicken when it came to watching scary movies. He watched the movie anyway. They bought their tickets and went inside. They took their seats. The movie started to play. It was the scariest he had ever seen. Everybody went home. After he got home, he was too scared to sleep. He turned on all his lights. He regretted watching that movie.
  109. Mowing the Lawn
    It was the middle of the day. He looked out his window. He saw his lawn. The grass looked long. He decided to mow the lawn. He stepped into his garage. His mower was in there. He got his lawn mower. He turned it on. It started moving. The engine made a loud noise. The engine sputtered and stopped. He got off his lawn mower. He inspected the engine. It had broken. He took it back inside the garage. He opened his tool box. He repaired his lawn mower. He turned it on again. It was working. He mowed his lawn. It took him half an hour to finish. He took his lawn mower back inside. He went back into his house. He looked out the window. The lawn looked nice. He loved his lawn.
  110. Frisbee
    It was a nice sunny day. He was at his aunt’s house. His cousins were there. He was feeling bored. There was nothing to do. He looked around the house. He saw a Frisbee on the floor. He picked it up. He loved to play Frisbee. He played Frisbee all the time. It was a fun and simple game to play. He needed someone else to play with. He asked his cousins. “Do you guys want to play Frisbee with me?” he asked his cousins. They said yes right away. They were also bored. The asked their parents for permission. They were given three hours to play. They went to the park to play. He told his cousins to spread out. His cousins had never played Frisbee before. They were excited to play. He had the Frisbee in his hand. “Catch!” he yelled at one of his cousins. He tossed the Frisbee at him. The Frisbee flew in the air. It looked like a flying saucer. His cousin caught it in midair. He tossed it back. They played Frisbee for three hours. It was fun.

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