Easy readings

Easy Reading (1) — 200 Short Stories + Audio & Exercises

  1. Red, White, and Blue
    Tracy looked at the flag. The flag is red, white, and blue. It has 50 white stars. The white stars are on a blue square. The flag has six white stripes. It has seven red stripes. All the stripes are horizontal. They are not vertical. The stripes do not go up and down. They go from left to right. Tracy loves her flag. It is the flag of her country. It is a pretty flag. No other flag has 50 stars. No other flag has 13 stripes.
  2. Try to Sleep
    Norma went to bed. It was eleven o’clock. She turned out the light. She lay in bed. It was dark. It was quiet. She couldn’t sleep. She closed her eyes. She tried to sleep, but she couldn’t. She turned the light back on. She opened her book. She started to read her book. It was a good book. She read one page. Then she read another page. After a while, she felt sleepy. She closed the book. She turned out the light. She closed her eyes. She went straight to sleep.
  3. Washing Her Hands
    Fay went into the bathroom. She turned on the cold water. She turned on the hot water. Warm water came out of the faucet. She put her hands under the warm water. She rubbed her hands together. She picked up a bar of white soap. She rubbed the soap with her hands. She put the soap back. She washed her hands for half a minute. Then she rinsed her hands with the water. She turned off the hot water. She turned off the cold water. She dried her hands with a towel.
  4. A Thin Man
    Richard is a light eater. He doesn’t eat much. He isn’t a heavy eater. He eats a light breakfast, a light lunch, and a light dinner. Richard is not fat. He is thin. He will always be thin, because he is a light eater. He eats a bowl of cereal for breakfast. He eats a bowl of cereal with milk. He eats a sandwich for lunch. Sometimes it’s a fish sandwich. He likes fish. He eats rice and vegetables for dinner. All he eats for dinner is rice and vegetables. He will never get fat.
  5. A Piece of Paper
    Jimmy dropped a piece of paper on the floor. He bent over and picked it up. He folded the piece of paper in two. He put it on the table. He picked up a pencil. He wrote a phone number on the piece of paper. He put the pencil on the table. He picked up the scissors. He picked up the piece of paper. He cut the paper in half. He put one-half of the paper on the table. He put the other half with the phone number in his shirt pocket. He put the scissors on the table.
  6. Buy a New Car
    Linda wants to buy a new car. She has an old car. Her old car is a white Honda. Linda wants to buy a new Honda. She wants to buy a new red Honda. She has saved $1,000. She will use $1,000 to help buy the new car. She will give $1,000 to the Honda dealer. The Honda dealer will give her a contract to sign. The contract will require her to pay $400 a month for seven years. Her new red Honda will cost Linda a lot of money. But that’s okay, because Linda makes a lot of money.
  7. Water and an Apple
    Susan likes to eat apples. She likes to eat big red apples. She likes to wear a blue hat. She wears a big blue hat on her head. She wears a hat and eats an apple. She drinks some water from a white cup. Susan drinks water and eats apples. She doesn’t cut the apple with a knife. A knife is sharp. She just eats the apple. She holds the apple in her hand. She bites into the apple with her teeth. She licks her lips. She drinks more water. She wipes her mouth with her hand.
  8. Cold Weather
    Thomas was not hot. He was not warm either. He was cold. The weather was not hot. The weather was not warm either. The weather was cold. Thomas did not like to be cold. He looked for his jacket. He found his jacket. He put on his jacket. But he was still cold. He looked at the windows. Were all the windows closed? Yes, they were. They were all closed. None of the windows were open. He looked at the door. The door wasn’t open. It was closed. He was still cold. He looked for a warmer jacket.
  9. A Shot in the Arm
    Lucy went to the doctor. She didn’t feel good. The doctor asked, “What’s the problem? What’s the matter?” She said she didn’t feel right. “Do you hurt? Where do you hurt?” the doctor asked. She said that she hurt all over. She hurt everywhere. She hurt all over her body. The doctor said, “You have a big problem. I will fix your problem.” The doctor gave Lucy a shot. He gave her a shot in her left arm. “Do you feel better now?” he asked her. “No,” she said, “now my left arm hurts a lot.”
  10. Wants to Die
    Frank is not an old man. He is only 61 years old. But he is dying. He is in the home for old people. Nobody visits him. His wife doesn’t visit him. She is already dead. She died six months ago. She died in the street. She was crossing the street. A car ran over her. Frank loves his wife. He got sick after she died. He never got better. The doctor says that nothing is wrong with Frank’s body. The doctor says that Frank wants to die. The doctor is right. Frank does not want to live without his wife.
  11. In Love
    Donna loved her husband. Her husband loved Donna. They were in love with each other. She wanted to give him a birthday present. He was going to be 40 years old next week. She wondered what to give him. Should she give him a watch? Should she give him a sweater? Should she give him a new guitar? What should she give him? She asked him what he wanted for his birthday. He said he didn’t want anything for his birthday. “Oh, you must want something!” she said. “You’re right,” he said. “I want your love forever.”
  12. A Storm
    Laura looked out the window. A storm was coming. The sky was getting darker. The wind was starting to blow. Some trees were bending. Leaves were flying through the air. It was getting cold. She closed all the windows. She went outside. Her car was in the street. She closed the windows in her car. She locked her car. She went back into her house. She turned on the TV. She wanted to see the news about the storm. The TV person said it was a big storm. He said it would rain a lot. He told people to stay home.
  13. New Shoes
    Lisa loves to go shopping. Tomorrow she is going shopping. She needs a new pair of shoes. She wants to buy a pair of red shoes. She thinks red shoes are pretty. She will buy a pair of shoes at the mall. Lisa usually shops at the mall. The mall is only a mile from her house. She just walks to the mall. It only takes her 20 minutes. Tomorrow she will go to four different shoe stores. Tomorrow is Saturday. The mall always has sales on Saturday. If the sale price is good, Lisa might buy two pairs of shoes.
  14. Eggs and Apples
    Emma went to the market. She needed to buy food. She needed brown eggs. She opened a carton of brown eggs. She looked at the eggs. None of them were cracked. None of them were broken. All the eggs were okay. She closed the carton. She put the carton of eggs in her shopping cart. She needed red apples. She looked at a bag of red apples. She looked for dark spots on the apples. She looked for worm holes in the apples. She didn’t see any dark spots or worm holes. She put the bag of apples in her shopping cart.
  15. Piano Player
    Donald plays the piano. He loves the piano. He has a big piano in his living room. His piano is shiny and black. It has three legs. He sits on a bench to play the piano. The bench has four legs. His piano has 88 keys. The keys are black and white. Donald has ten fingers. His ten fingers play music on the 88 piano keys. The piano also has three pedals. Donald uses his two feet on the three pedals. He uses both of his hands and both of his feet to play the piano. He also uses both of his eyes to play the piano.
  16. Work, Work
    It was time for bed. Edward was very tired. He turned off the TV. He turned off his computer. He turned off the dining room light. He went into the bathroom. He brushed his teeth. He went into the bedroom. He put on his pajamas. He got into bed. He put his head on the pillow. He pulled the blanket up to his shoulders. He thought about all the work he had done that day. He thought about all the work he had to do the next day. He closed his eyes. He thought about his vacation in three months. That would be so nice.
  17. Scrub the Floor
    Andrew got down on his hands and knees. He put a dry sponge into the bucket. The bucket was full of soapy water. He squeezed the sponge. He scrubbed the kitchen floor. There were marks on the floor. There were spots on the floor. There was old food on the floor. He scrubbed the floor clean. Then he took the bucket into the bathroom. He poured the soapy water into the tub. The water went down the drain. He turned on the shower. He rinsed the tub. He turned the bucket over so it would dry. He washed his hands.
  18. Write a Letter
    Christopher wrote a letter to his sister. His sister lived in another city. His sister did not have a computer. Neither did he. His sister didn’t like to use the phone. Neither did he. He wrote his sister a long letter. He told her the news in his life. He told her that he had a new job. He told her that he had a new girlfriend. He told her that he had a new car. He had lots of news for his sister. She would be happy to read his letter. Then she would send him a letter. Her letter would have lots of news, too.
  19. No Job
    Kimberly was not happy. She was sad. She needed a job. She asked everyone for a job. Everyone told her no. No one had a job for her. She came home every day and cried. How could she live without a job? She had only $1,000. After she spent the $1,000, she would have no money. Then what would she do? She had nowhere to go. She had no friends. She had no family. She was all alone. She was very worried. She looked in the newspaper every day. She was ready to take any job. If someone gave her a job, she would be so happy.
  20. Start the Car
    Bob pushed the button on the door handle. He pulled on the door handle. He opened the car door. He got into the car. He sat down. He sat down in the driver’s seat. He sat down behind the steering wheel. Bob put the seat belt on. He buckled the seat belt. The seat belt went across his chest. The seat belt went across his lap. The seat belt kept him safe. He put his car key into the ignition. The ignition was next to the steering wheel. The ignition starts a car. Bob turned the car key in the ignition. The car started.
  21. Fly Away
    Greg took the pen out of his pants pocket. He took his keys out of his pants pocket. He took his cell phone out of his pants pocket. He took his wallet out of his pants pocket. He put everything into a plastic tray. He took his shoes off. Greg was at the airport. He had to get on the airplane. But he had to pass through security first. He passed through security. He put his pen and keys back into his pocket. He put his cell phone and wallet back into his pocket. He put his shoes back on his feet. He got on the airplane.
  22. A Fast Driver
    Brian has a fast car. He drives his car fast. He never gets a ticket. His car is too fast for the police. They chase him, but they can’t catch him. Brian always escapes from the police. The police want to catch him. But their cars are too slow. Brian’s car is very fast. He likes to drive over 100 mph. When he sees the police, he waves to the police. The police turn on their sirens. They turn on their red lights. They chase after Brian. Brian speeds up. He passes all the other cars on the road. He escapes from the police.
  23. Go to Work
    Patricia did not have much time. It was time to go to work. She did not want to be late for work. She would lose her job if she was late. She finished her coffee. She drank the last drop. She put the coffee cup in the kitchen sink. She turned on the kitchen faucet. She poured water into the cup. She turned off the faucet. She picked up her keys. The keys were on the kitchen table. She grabbed her gray coat. Her gray coat was on the chair. The chair was next to the door. She walked outside. She locked her door with her house key.
  24. Melted Cheese
    Steven was hungry. What could he eat? He looked in the refrigerator. He saw some orange cheese. He saw some yellow butter. He knew what he would eat. He would eat a melted cheese sandwich. He took the cheese and butter out of the refrigerator. He buttered two slices of bread. He sliced the cheese and put it between the two buttered slices. He heated the frying pan. He put the cheese sandwich into the frying pan. After three minutes, he flipped the sandwich over. After three more minutes, he put the melted cheese sandwich on a plate.
  25. Drain Opener
    Mike washed his hands. He washed his hands with soap and water. He brushed his teeth. He brushed his teeth with toothpaste and water. He turned off the water. The sink was full of water. The water did not go down the drain. The water stayed in the sink. What was the matter? Why didn’t the water go down the drain? Mike waited and waited. The water didn’t go anywhere. It sat in the sink. Mike opened a bottle of liquid Drain Opener. He poured the Drain Opener into the sink. Mike waited one minute. Then all the water went down the drain.
  26. A Clean Floor
    Ed looked at the kitchen floor. The kitchen floor was dirty. There were little pieces of food on the floor. Ed saw bread crumbs. He saw cracker crumbs. He saw cheese crumbs. He saw little pieces of bread. He saw little pieces of cracker. He saw little pieces of cheese. He needed to sweep the floor. Ed didn’t want bugs in his kitchen. Bugs like to eat little pieces of food. He took the broom out of the kitchen closet. He took the dust pan out of the kitchen closet. Ed swept the floor. He swept all the pieces of food into the dust pan.
  27. Trash Day
    Jennifer pulled the trash can out to the street. She pulled the trash can out to the street on Monday morning. Monday was trash day. The trash truck came to her house. The truck had a metal arm. The metal arm picked up the trash can. It raised the trash can into the sky. It emptied the trash can into the truck. Then the arm put the can back on the street. On Monday afternoon Jennifer walked out to the street. The trash can was empty. She pulled the trash can back into her yard. Next Monday she would pull it out to the street again.
  28. Questions
    When does Ronald eat breakfast? He eats breakfast in the morning. What does he eat for breakfast? He eats ham and eggs. What does he drink for breakfast? He drinks coffee. Where does he eat breakfast? He eats breakfast at home. Who makes breakfast for Ronald? His wife makes breakfast for him. Why does Ronald eat breakfast? Because food gives him energy. What does he do after he eats breakfast? He brushes his teeth. What does he do after he brushes his teeth? He goes to work. Which bus does he take to work? He takes the city bus to work.
  29. No More Apartment
    Jerry has no job any more. He has a little money. But he does not have enough money for rent. He cannot pay his rent. He has to move out of his apartment. He will move out next week. He will move into his car. He will put all his clothes into his car. He will put his pillows and blankets into his car. He will sleep in his car. He will look for another job. After next week he will not be able to take a shower. He will have to use a public bathroom. He won’t be able to drive his car. He won’t have money for gas. Jerry needs help.
  30. Fresh Fish
    Mike was ready for bed. It was 11 o’clock. He had to get up early the next day. The next day he was going fishing. Fish wake up early. They look for food early in the day. They look for food late in the day. The best time to fish is early or late in the day. That is when the fish are hungry. Mike set his alarm. He set his alarm for 5 o’clock. The next day he would start fishing at 6 o’clock. He wanted to catch four or five fish. If he caught four or five fish, he could eat fresh fish all week. Fresh fish is the best fish. Mike went to bed.
  31. The Shoe Shine
    Danny looked at his brown shoes. They looked old and dirty. They needed a shine. It was time to shine his brown shoes. He got a rag. He got a shoe brush. He got a can of polish. He opened the can of polish. He put the rag around his finger. He scooped out a bit of polish with his finger. He rubbed the polish all over the left shoe. He brushed the left shoe. He brushed it and brushed it. The shoe began to shine. It looked like a new shoe. Then Danny put polish on the right shoe. He brushed the right shoe until it looked like a new shoe.
  32. A Farmer
    A farmer owns a lot of land. He grows food on that land. He grows the food from seeds. He plants seeds into the land. The seeds grow into corn. The seeds grow into wheat. The seeds need water. The seeds need sunlight. A farmer owns a tractor. He drives the tractor on his land. A farmer has many animals. He has pigs. He has cows. He has sheep. He has chickens. He has dogs and cats. He has rabbits. When it rains, the farmer goes into his house. The animals go into the barn. A farmer works hard. His animals don’t work hard. They just eat and sleep.
  33. A Place to Eat
    Jenna was at the airport. She was waiting for her plane. Her plane would leave at 7 p.m. It was only 2 p.m. She had time to eat. She had time to study. She went to the airport restaurant. The restaurant was on the third floor. The restaurant was full. There were no empty seats. There were no empty tables. She didn’t want to stand in line. She didn’t want to wait. There was another restaurant in the airport. It was on the first floor. She went down to the first floor. That restaurant was almost empty. There were many seats and many tables.
  34. Wash the Clothes
    Pat looked at the washer. The washer had dials on it. It had two dials on it. There were words next to each dial. Each dial had three words next to it. The words next to one dial were Small, Medium, and Large. This dial was for the size of the load. Did Pat have a small load, a medium load, or a large load? The words next to the other dial were Cold, Warm, and Hot. Did Pat want to wash her clothes in cold water, warm water, or hot water? Pat turned one dial to Large, and the other dial to Hot. Then she pushed the Start button on the washer.
  35. Bad Boy
    Deborah was angry at her son. Her son didn’t listen to her. Her son was 16 years old. Her son thought he knew everything. Her son yelled at Deborah. He told her he didn’t have to do anything. He didn’t have to listen to her. He didn’t have to go to school. He didn’t have to do his homework. He didn’t have to study. He was 16. He could do anything he wanted to do. What could Deborah do? She wasn’t married. She was divorced. She could not control her son. He would listen to his father. But his father was not there. His father lived in another city.
  36. Fresh Salad
    Margaret made a fresh salad. She peeled a yellow banana. She peeled a red apple. She peeled a green cucumber. She peeled an orange carrot. She peeled a brown potato. She peeled a white onion. She peeled a white egg. She chopped everything up with a sharp knife. She chopped everything into little pieces. She used her sharp knife to chop up the banana, apple, cucumber, carrot, potato, onion, and egg. She chopped up a tomato. She put all the little pieces into a bowl. She opened a bottle of salad dressing. She poured salad dressing on her fresh salad.
  37. Losing Weight
    Kevin wanted to lose weight. He was getting fat. His stomach was getting bigger. He was gaining weight. He was gaining one pound every week. He had to buy new pants. He didn’t fit into his old pants. He couldn’t see his feet anymore. When he looked down, all he could see was his big fat belly. He wanted his belly to disappear. How could he do that? How could he lose weight? What could he do? He talked to his wife. She told him to stop eating candy. She told him to stop eating cake. She told him to walk up and down the big hill every day.
  38. Cancer
    Paula has cancer. She has six months to live. Her doctors cannot help her. No one can help her. She smoked cigarettes for 30 years. She did not want to stop smoking cigarettes. She liked to smoke cigarettes. The doctors told her to stop smoking many years ago. She didn’t listen to them. She didn’t listen to her parents. She didn’t listen to her children. She didn’t listen to her friends. Everyone told her to stop smoking. She told everyone to stop worrying about her. She would be fine, she told them. She still smokes every day. Why not, she asks.
  39. His Leg Hurts
    There was something wrong with his leg. It burned. But it burned in one spot only. He didn’t know what was wrong. The spot was smaller than a dime. It was on the back of his leg. He picked up a hand mirror. He used the hand mirror to look at the back of his leg. He saw a small lump. He put his finger on the lump. The lump was hard. It wasn’t a soft lump. The lump felt like a small stone. It was like a small stone under his skin. But it was like a small stone that was on fire. It burned. Something was wrong. He needed to see a doctor.
  40. Patty’s Doll
    Patty got a doll for Christmas. It is her favorite doll. It is a rag doll. It has a yellow dress. It has a blue blouse. The name of the doll is Molly. Molly has bright red hair. She has red lips. She has blue eyes. She has a pink ribbon in her hair. Molly is wearing red shoes. She’s wearing white socks. Molly has a purse. Her purse is pink. The purse is empty. There is nothing in the purse. There was a little mirror in the purse. But Patty lost the mirror. When she lost the mirror, she said, “I’m sorry, Molly. I will get you another mirror.”
  41. Eight Babies
    The woman had eight babies at one time. She was famous. Nobody could believe it. It was a world record. How could anyone have eight babies at one time? Her doctor had given her special drugs. The special drugs made her have eight babies. She was happy to have eight babies. “I grew up all alone,” she told the reporters. “I did not like being alone. I decided that I would have many babies when I grew up. So now I have many babies. I am so happy. I am a lucky woman to have eight babies. I will love them all, and they will all love me.”
  42. A Loud Radio
    Brent was at the stop light. His car radio was on. The music was very loud. Brent liked to listen to loud music in his car. A police car pulled up next to Brent. The policeman looked at Brent. He shouted, “Pull over to the side of the road.” Brent said, “What?” The policeman said, “Pull over to the side of the road.” Brent pulled over to the side of the road. The policeman said, “Do you know why I am giving you a ticket?” Brent said, “You are giving me a ticket? Why are you giving me a ticket?” The policeman said, “Because your radio is too loud.”
  43. Two Aspirin
    Lois has a headache. The headache started one hour ago. She doesn’t know why she has a headache. She never gets headaches. She never gets sick. Lois is a healthy woman. Where did her headache come from? Was it something she ate? Was it something she drank? She doesn’t know. She wants her headache to go away. She does not like to take medicine. But her head hurts so much. She went into her bathroom. She opened the medicine cabinet. She found some aspirin. She took two aspirin with a glass of water. Maybe the aspirin will help her headache go away.
  44. News Every Day
    Jackie loves the news. She listens to the news on the radio. She watches the news on TV. She reads the news in the newspaper. She reads the news in magazines. She loves the news because it is always new. It is always fresh. It is always interesting. There is news every day. There is news in every country. There is news in every state. There is news in every city. Everyone all over the world talks about the news every day. But Jackie has a question about the news. Why is the news usually bad? Why isn’t the news usually good? No one knows the answer.
  45. Poor Dog
    Jason looked at his watch. It was time for his favorite TV show. He turned on the TV. He sat down in his chair. But then he heard his dog. His dog was scratching at the door. Oh, no, Jason thought. The dog wanted to go out. The dog had to go to the bathroom. If he lived in a house, he could let the dog go out the door and into the yard. But he lived in an apartment. He didn’t have a yard. He had to take the dog for a walk. But if he took the dog for a walk, he would miss his favorite TV show. The dog scratched at the door again. Jason turned off the TV.
  46. Drunk Driver
    Rodney’s uncle is in jail. He went to jail because he was drunk. He was driving his car. He was going the wrong way on a one-way street. He almost hit three other cars. Someone called 911. A police car chased Rodney. The police car turned on its red light. The red light was bright. The police car turned on its siren. The siren was loud. Rodney did not pull over. He did not stop his car. Finally, he went off the road. He ran into a tree. He got out of his car. He was okay. His car was not okay. The policeman said, “You are drunk. I’m taking you to jail.”
  47. The Runner
    Betty’s doctor told her to exercise more. So she began running. She enjoys running. She runs almost every day. She runs two miles a day. On the weekend she runs five miles. She runs up hills. She runs down hills. She runs in the street and on the sidewalk. She runs on trails. She runs in the heat and the cold. She runs on sunny days and rainy days. Betty will run in the marathon next week. Next week will be her first marathon. A marathon is 26 miles. She will run for three hours without stopping. She won’t try to win the marathon. She will try to finish it.
  48. A Paper Clip
    Jim had two separate sheets of paper. He wanted to put the two sheets of paper together. He did not want to glue them together. He did not want to use glue. He did not want to staple them together. He did not want to use a staple. What did Jim want to use? He wanted to use a paper clip. He wanted to put the two sheets of paper together with a paper clip. He picked up a paper clip. It was a metal paper clip. It was a silver paper clip. Jim put the silver metal paper clip on both sheets of paper. Now the sheets of paper were together. They were not separate.
  49. Dead Batteries
    Helen turned on her flashlight. Nothing happened. The light did not come on. There was no light. What was wrong with her flashlight? She unscrewed the top of the plastic flashlight. Helen took the two batteries out of the plastic tube. She looked at the two batteries. They were “D batteries. They looked okay. They did not look bad. But maybe they were dead batteries. She opened a package of new batteries. She put two new “D batteries into the plastic tube. Helen screwed the top back onto the plastic flashlight. She turned on her flashlight. The light worked!
  50. Write a Check
    Sandra wrote a check to her gas company. On one line she wrote “May 17, 2009.” On the next line she wrote “The Gas Company.” On another line she wrote $35.66.” On another line she wrote “Thirty-five and 66/100.” On another line she wrote “Monthly Gas Bill.” On another line she signed her name. Then she put the check into an envelope. She also put the gas bill into the envelope. She licked the envelope and sealed it. She put her return address on the front of the envelope. She put a 44-cent stamp on the front of the envelope. She put the envelope in the mailbox.
  51. Sally’s Cold
    Sally had a cold. Her nose was red. She pulled a tissue out of the tissue box. She blew her nose. She threw the tissue into the trash. She looked at her fingernails. Her fingernails were too long. She needed to cut her nails. She opened her purse. She took her nail clippers out of the purse. She clipped all the nails on her left hand. Then she clipped all the nails on her right hand. She looked at both of her hands. Now her nails were nice and short. She put her nail clipper back in her purse. She pulled another tissue out of the box. She blew her nose again.
  52. Too Much Stuff
    He had to clean out his apartment. There was so much to clean out. He had hundreds of books. What was he going to do with them? He couldn’t keep all of them. He was moving to a smaller apartment. There was no room for all his books in his new apartment. There was no room for his bicycle. What was he going to do with his bicycle? He had a big TV. The TV was too big for his new apartment. What was he going to do with his big TV? He called up his brother. “Do you want my books, my bike, and my TV?” he asked. His brother said, “You should have a yard sale.”
  53. Clean the Apartment
    Kenneth cleaned his apartment. He emptied the trash. He washed the dirty dishes. He looked in his bathroom. The sink and bathtub were dirty. He scrubbed the sink and bathtub. He looked in his bedroom. Clothes were on the floor. He picked up the clothes. He put the shirts on hangers. He folded the pants. He put the pants in the dresser. He washed the dirty clothes. He looked in his living room. Papers were on the floor. Books and newspapers and magazines were on the floor. He picked them all up. He put them on the book shelves. Then he vacuumed his whole apartment.
  54. A New Baby
    Ruth is pregnant. She is expecting a baby. The baby is due in two months. The baby is a boy. It is her first boy. She already has a little girl. Her little girl is two years old. Ruth loves her little girl. Her little girl is happy to get a baby brother. Ruth is eating for two people right now. She is very careful about what she eats and drinks. She eats a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. She eats fresh fish twice a week. She doesn’t drink alcohol or coffee. She doesn’t eat candy or potato chips. She stays away from cigarette smokers. She will have a healthy baby.
  55. No Flu Shot for Her
    She was a nurse. It was flu season. But she didn’t get a flu shot. All the other nurses got a flu shot. All the doctors got a flu shot. But she didn’t get a flu shot. Flu shots made her sick. She got a flu shot when she was a little girl. The flu shot made her very sick. She spent a week in the hospital. Then she came home. She spent three weeks in bed. She was sick for about a month. After that, no more flu shots for her. She never got a flu shot again. She never got the flu, either. “I never get a flu shot, but I never get the flu,” she told her friend.
  56. No Energy
    Carol felt tired. She felt tired all the time. She didn’t use to feel tired. She used to have a lot of energy. Why was she so tired all the time? “You should eat more sugar,” her friend told her. “Sugar will give you energy.” But Carol didn’t want to eat more sugar. More sugar would give her more weight. She didn’t want to put on weight. She wanted to have energy again. She finally decided to see a doctor. Her doctor told her that she had a thyroid problem. “What is a thyroid?” she asked her doctor. “It can make you feel very tired. But don’t worry, I can fix it,” he told her.
  57. Flying Saucer
    His dad liked to fly balloons. His dad bought big balloons and filled them with helium. Helium is a gas. It is a gas that makes balloons float into the sky. One day his dad brought home a new balloon. He took it out of the box. He took it outside. He tied the balloon to spikes with ropes. The spikes were in the ground. The ropes and spikes kept the balloon on the ground. He filled the balloon with helium. He asked Junior what the new balloon looked like. “It looks like a flying saucer!” said Junior. “It looks like a real flying saucer! Is there an alien inside?”
  58. More Milk
    Liz looked at the round plastic container. The plastic container was empty. There was no milk in the container. Liz wanted to drink some milk. But she was out of milk. She needed to make more milk. She opened the cabinet. She grabbed a box of powdered milk. She opened the box. She took the lid off the round plastic container. Liz poured some powder into the container. She filled up the container with cold water. She put the lid back on the container. Liz shook the container hard. She shook it and shook it. She poured some cold milk into a glass. She drank the cold milk in the glass.
  59. A Simple Salad
    George is going to make a salad. He is going to make a simple salad. It will be a simple salad, but it will also be delicious. His salad will have only two ingredients. One ingredient is fresh cucumber. A cucumber is dark green and long. George will peel the skin off the cucumber. He will throw the skin in the trash. He won’t eat the skin. He will slice the cucumber into little pieces. Each piece will be about the size of a nickel. He will put all the pieces into a big bowl. Then he will pour salad dressing on the pieces in the big bowl. That’s it—a cucumber, and salad dressing.
  60. I’ll Call You at 7:00
    Carol and Mary are friends. Carol said she would call Mary at 7 o’clock. Carol didn’t call at 7:00. She didn’t call at 7:15. She finally called at 7:30. She apologized for calling so late. Mary said it was ok. But it wasn’t ok. Mary didn’t like people to lie. This wasn’t the first time Carol had lied. This was the fourth time Carol had lied. Mary did not trust Carol. Carol would never be her best friend. A best friend tells the truth. A best friend doesn’t lie. A best friend does not call late. A best friend does not arrive late. A best friend is always on time.
  61. Money in the Bank
    Randy went to the bank. He needed money from the bank. The bank has all of Randy’s money. The bank keeps Randy’s money safe. Randy cannot keep his money at home. Someone might steal his money. He can’t hide his money in his back yard. A dog might find his money and eat it. He can’t hide his money in a tree. A bird might fly away with his money. Some people hide their money under their bed. Some people hide their money in their refrigerator. But that is not safe. Someone will look under the bed or in the refrigerator. The best place for people to keep money is in the bank.
  62. Sleep in the Car
    He had very little money. It was cold outside. It was winter. But he was inside. He was inside his apartment. Right now he was okay, because he was inside his apartment. But next month he would not be okay. Next month he would be outside his apartment. He had lost his job. He couldn’t pay his rent. He had called his landlord. He asked his landlord if he could stay an extra month for free. His landlord said no. His landlord said, “If you can’t pay the rent, you must go.” Where could he go? He would sleep in his car. But a car is a cold place in the winter. He was very sad.
  63. How Rude
    Helen is unhappy with her mother. Her mother is unhappy with Helen. They are both unhappy with each other. Helen has a boyfriend. His name is Peter. Her mother doesn’t like Peter. Her mother said that Peter is rude. Why did she say that? Because Peter didn’t take his hat off in the house. Helen’s mother says that is rude. A man should take his hat off in the house. “Your father always took his hat off in the house,” Helen’s mother said. “But, Mom, times are different now,” Helen said. “I promise you, Peter will take his hat off next time.” Helen’s mother said it was too late—rude is rude.
  64. Get Your Flu Shot
    It is flu season. You must be careful. It is very easy to catch the flu. You should wash your hands often. You should get a flu shot. A flu shot will help protect you. But there is a problem with a flu shot. The problem is the needle. The nurse will stick a needle in your arm. Your arm will be sore for a day. Maybe two days. Nobody likes to have a sore arm. But which is worse—a sore arm, or a sore body? A sore body is worse than a sore arm. Do you want your arm to hurt, or do you want your whole body to hurt? Your body will hurt for a week. Maybe it will hurt for two weeks.
  65. Eat Like a Wolf
    She was a fast eater. She liked to eat fast. She ate like a wolf. “I am like a wolf,” she said. He was a slow eater. He liked to eat slow. He ate like a turtle. “You are like a turtle,” she said. She didn’t talk at the dinner table. All she did was eat. He liked to talk at the dinner table. He talked about the news. He talked about the weather. He talked about sports. She listened to him talk. She nodded her head. That meant yes. She shook her head. That meant no. He talked. She listened. She never said yes. She never said no. She never said anything. All she did was eat.
  66. Red Spots
    He looked in the mirror. What were all those red spots on his face? Every morning he had fresh red spots on his face. Were they insect bites? Were insects biting him at night? What were those red spots? They would usually disappear in a few hours. Then his face would look normal. It would look like a normal face. It would have no red spots. But every morning, he had an ugly face. All those red spots! What was happening at night? Was it his pillow? Was something in his pillow? Was something in his pillow making the red spots? He would buy a new pillow. Maybe his pillow was the problem.
  67. The Homeless Man
    He was homeless. He was cold. He was shivering. He was in the park. He was sitting on a bench. A sign was next to him. The sign said, “Please hire me. I am homeless.” People walked by. They looked at him. He looked dirty. He looked old. How could this man work? He was too old to work. He was too dirty to work. He needed a bath. He needed some food. One lady stopped. She sat down next to him. She said she belonged to a church. She said to come with her. They both got up. He walked with her to the church. The church was warm. He smelled hot food. She said, “Our church will help you.”
  68. Soccer
    Soccer is a fun game. It is very popular. It is popular all over the world. It is fun to watch. It is fun to play. It is a simple game. There are two teams. They play on a big grassy field. There is one ball. There are two goals with nets. Each team tries to kick the ball into the other team’s net. The players cannot use their hands. They cannot touch the ball with their hands. They use their feet to move the ball. They use their chests to move the ball. They use their heads to move the ball. The players run back and forth. They slide on the grass. They crash into one another. They play to win.
  69. They Want a Baby
    She wanted to have a baby. She wanted to have a baby girl. He wanted to have a baby. He wanted to have a baby boy. He loved her. He said, “Okay, we will have a baby girl.” She loved him. She said, “Okay, we will have a baby boy.” They both loved each other. They both wanted to make each other happy. He talked to his parents. He asked them what to do. She talked to her parents. She asked them what to do. His parents said, “No problem. Have two babies. Have a baby girl and a baby boy.” Her parents said the same thing! So they had two babies. They had a baby girl. Then they had a baby boy.
  70. Happy New Year, or Not?
    It was New Year’s Day. He lived in Las Vegas. He drove over to a casino. He walked over to a roulette table. He bought one chip for $100. He flipped a coin. He caught the coin. It was heads. He put the $100 chip on red. The dealer spun the roulette wheel. The wheel went round and round. The dealer pushed the silver ball. The ball went round and round. The wheel slowed down. The ball slowed down. The ball dropped into a red slot. He won! The dealer gave him a $100 chip. He gave the dealer a $10 tip. He cashed in both his chips. He went home. He felt good. It was going to be a good year.
  71. Do You Want It or Not?
    She offered her car to her brother. He said he would think about it. “Let me think about it,” he said. She called him up a week later. “Do you want my car for free?” she asked. He said, “I’m thinking about it.” She asked, “How long do you have to think about it?” He said he didn’t know. “Let me think about it some more,” he said. She called up a charity. She said, “Do you want my car for free?” The man at the charity said yes. She asked, “You don’t have to think about it?” He said, “No, I don’t have to think about it. Who has to think about a free car?” He picked up her car the next day.
  72. A Wheelchair
    Bill stole a wheelchair. The wheelchair did not belong to him. It belonged to someone else. The wheelchair belonged to Jenny. Jenny could not walk very far. She got tired very fast. It was her wheelchair. Jenny was inside her house. Her wheelchair was on the front porch. Bill saw the wheelchair on the front porch. He looked around. Nobody was around. He walked up to the front porch. Bill grabbed the wheelchair. He pushed it in front of him. He pushed the wheelchair to his home. He opened the door to his home. Bill pushed the wheelchair into his home. “Look, Grandma,” he said, “I brought you a new wheelchair.”
  73. Let Me Drive
    Davy was 10. His dad was driving the car. The radio was on. His dad was listening to the radio. The man on the radio was talking about an accident. The accident was on the freeway. Two people were dead. The accident had just happened 30 minutes ago. His dad told him that life can be short. Accidents happen everywhere. They happen to everyone. “You must always be careful, Davy,” his dad said. “Never be in a hurry. Always pay attention to other drivers.” Davy said he would be a careful driver. He would never be in a hurry. He would always pay attention. “Can I drive the car now?” he asked his dad.
  74. Where’s My Money?
    Jack was angry. Joe owed him money. Joe owed him $100. Joe had borrowed $100 a month ago. He had borrowed the money 30 days ago. He said he would pay Jack back the next week. He said that he would pay Jack back in seven days. But he didn’t pay Jack back in seven days. He didn’t pay Jack back in 14 days, or 21 days, or 28 days. After 30 days, Jack was very angry. He called up Joe. “You owe me $100. You borrowed $100 from me 30 days ago. Where is my money? I want my money now,” Jack said. Joe said, “Oh, I’m so sorry. You’re right. I borrowed $100 from you. I owe you $100. Can I pay you back next week?”
  75. It’s Not the Money
    The brothers don’t speak to each other. They had a fight. They had a fight a long time ago. The fight was about money. Money can make people happy. Money can make people unhappy. Money can bring people together. Money can tear people apart. It doesn’t take a lot of money to tear people apart. Sometimes it takes only a little money. The two brothers were angry about $100. Only $100. But they both said, “It’s not the money. It’s the principle.” A principle is a way of life. To tell the truth is a principle. To work hard is a principle. But both brothers lied. It wasn’t the principle. It was the money.
  76. Meet Halfway
    He stopped at the motel. It was late at night. It was almost midnight. He asked the motel clerk, “Do you have a vacant room?” She said she had a vacant room. He asked how much it was. She said it was $100 for the night. “But the night is half over,” he said. “Can I pay half price for the room?” She said yes. “But there is one condition,” she said. “If we only get half, you only get half. You must sleep on only one-half of the bed. You can use only one of the two pillows. The bathroom has hot and cold water faucets. You can use only one faucet. The cable TV has 100 channels. You can watch only 50 channels.”
  77. God Wants Good People
    God takes good people to heaven. He wants good people to be with Him. He leaves bad people on Earth. He doesn’t want bad people near Him. He lets them do bad things on Earth. When they die, He sends them to the devil. The devil makes them work every day. They work next to a big fire. They are always right next to the fire. They are always hot from the fire. They carry coal. The devil makes them carry heavy buckets of black coal. They carry the coal to the fire. They pour the coal on the big fire. Then they refill the big buckets with more coal. They never get a drink of water. They never get to rest.
  78. Earthquake
    Michelle felt the earthquake. It lasted for only five seconds. The whole house shook. She heard noise. The TV went off. The lights went off. She was scared. She had never felt an earthquake. It was very strong. It was as if a giant hand had shaken her house. The lights came back on. Michelle turned the TV on. The TV had no news about the earthquake. She turned on the radio. The radio said it was a 4.7 earthquake. But there was no damage. No one was hurt. Everyone was okay. No houses had damage. Everything was okay. But Michelle was still scared. She wanted to move far away. She did not like earthquakes. They were so scary.
  79. A Patient Mom
    May called her mom. Her mom lived in China. China was far away. Her mom was 50 years old. Her mom had many friends. But she missed her daughter. May lived in America. She was a waitress. She was a waitress in a restaurant. It was a Chinese restaurant. “Guess what, Mama?” May asked. “I met a nice man.” Her mom said she was happy. “Will you marry him?” she asked. She wanted May to marry. She wanted a grandson. She wanted a granddaughter. She wanted May to bring her children back to China. “Be patient,” May said. “I only met him last month. But he’s very nice.” Her mom said, “Okay, I will be patient. But hurry up!”
  80. He Will Work for Gas
    Doug went to the gas station. “Can I have a job?” he asked. The owner said, “Maybe you can have a job. Can you count money? Can you put gas in a car?” “Yes,” said Doug. “I can count money. I can put gas in a car. So, can I have a job?” “There is just one problem,” said the owner. “I cannot pay you with money.” “You cannot pay me with money?” asked Doug. “What good is that? What will you pay me with—bananas?” “No,” said the owner. “I won’t pay you with bananas. You aren’t a monkey, are you? No, I will pay you with gasoline. I have lots of gasoline.” “It’s a deal. My car uses lots of gasoline,” said Doug.
  81. Eat a Peanut
    Sandra picked up the bag of peanuts. It was a bag of roasted peanuts. She opened the bag. She poured out some roasted peanuts onto the table. There were about eight peanuts on the table. The peanuts were still in their shells. Each peanut was in its shell. Sandra picked up a peanut. She held it in her hands. She put her thumbs on the peanut. She broke the shell open with her thumbs. Sandra opened the shell. Inside the shell were two little red peanuts. Each peanut had red skin on it. Thin red skin covered both little peanuts. She took a little red peanut out of the shell. Sandra ate the little peanut with the red skin on it.
  82. A Beautiful Jacket
    He loved his new jacket. It was his favorite jacket. He loved the color. It was tan. He loved the weight. It was medium weight. It was not too light. It was not too heavy. He loved the fit. It fit him well. He put the jacket on. He looked at the jacket in the mirror. It looked good. What a good-looking jacket, he thought. He went to the doctor’s office. The office was warm. He took his jacket off. He put it on the chair next to him. A nurse called his name. He stood up. He went to the examination room. He forgot that his jacket was on the chair. But it wasn’t on the chair for long. Another patient took it home.
  83. Who Rang the Bell?
    He was talking on the phone. The phone was on the table in the dining room. He was talking to his friend. They were talking about the weather. It was raining. There was a knock on his door. Someone was knocking on his door. He went to the door. He opened the door. No one was there. He went back to the phone. The doorbell rang. Someone was ringing his doorbell. He went to the door. He opened the door. No one was there. He went back to the phone. There was another knock on his door. He kept talking. The doorbell rang again. He kept talking. Fool me once, shame on you, he thought. Fool me twice, shame on me, he thought.
  84. Will He Marry Me?
    She walked along the sidewalk. She wasn’t paying attention. She was thinking about her boyfriend. He made her angry. He said he didn’t want to marry her now. He wanted to marry her later. She wanted to get married now. She didn’t want to get married later. Why didn’t he want to marry her now? Maybe he didn’t want to marry her later, either. Maybe he didn’t want to marry her ever. Maybe he wanted to meet someone else. Maybe he wanted to marry someone else. She walked straight into a bench. She hurt her leg. Her leg started bleeding. She sat down on the bench. Her leg hurt so much. She tried to stop the bleeding.
  85. Hole in the Wall
    The bathroom wall had a nail in it. He pulled the nail out of the wall. It was a big nail. When he pulled the nail out, a hole was in the wall. It was a big hole. He wanted to repair the hole. He went to Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart has everything for sale. Wal-Mart is a very popular store. He asked a clerk, “How can I fix a nail hole in my bathroom wall?” The clerk said it was very simple. A nail hole was easy to fix. “Just buy this tube of Nail Hole Filler. Then squeeze it into the hole,” the clerk said. He took the filler home. He squeezed it into the hole. He let the filler dry overnight. The next day, there was no hole!
  86. A Clean Car
    He had a beautiful car. It was a Cadillac. It was a 1993 Cadillac. It was a four-door Cadillac. It was light brown. It had a big engine. The big engine didn’t leak oil. The big engine didn’t leak water. He drove his car only five miles a day. He took good care of his car. He washed it every week. He washed it by himself. He washed it with dishwashing soap and water. He dried it with paper towels. He vacuumed inside the car every week. He vacuumed it with a small vacuum cleaner. The outside of his car was clean. The inside of his car was clean. He never ate anything inside his car. He never drank anything inside his car.
  87. A Lot of Cash
    She was sitting in a bar. She was drinking beer. She was getting drunk. She started to talk. She started to talk too much. She talked about her cash. She talked about a lot of cash. She had thousands of dollars in her purse. She said she had $20,000 in her purse. She said it out loud. Everyone in the bar heard her. Everyone looked at her. She took some cash out of her purse. She held the money in the air. “Look,” she said, “here’s $1,000 cash.” She waved it around. She laughed. She put the money back in her purse. She had another beer. A man was watching her. She finished her beer. She left the bar. He followed her.
  88. The Mayor Is Late
    The mayor was in a hurry. He was late. He drove his car faster. He didn’t want to miss his plane. The traffic light was red. He went through the red traffic light. I’m glad no police are around, he thought. He heard a siren. He saw a red light behind him. The red light was on top of a police car. The mayor didn’t stop. He was in a hurry. He was late. He was the mayor. He drove his car faster. The police car followed the mayor. It followed the mayor to the airport. The mayor got out of his car. The policeman got out of his car. “You’re under arrest,” he said. “You can’t arrest me. I’m the mayor,” said the mayor.
  89. They Deliver
    He called up the post office. “Where is my package?” he asked. “What is the tracking number?” the postal worker asked. He told her the tracking number. She said, “Your package is at the main post office. You can pick it up anytime.” He said, “I don’t want to pick it up. Can you deliver it?” She said yes. “We will deliver it on Monday,” she said. “Will you be home?” He said, “What time on Monday?” She said, “Anytime between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m.” He said, “I have to work. I can’t stay home all day.” She said, “That’s okay. We can deliver it on Tuesday.” He said, “I have to work on Tuesday, too. Please deliver it on Saturday.”
  90. From Hot to Hot
    The days were hot. The nights were hot. He turned on the living room fan. He turned on the dining room fan. Both fans were on high speed. They made a lot of noise. But they didn’t blow cool air. They blew hot air. They blew hot air everywhere. He turned off the fans. He turned on the air conditioner. He closed all the windows. He closed the front door. The apartment began to cool down. It got cooler and cooler. Then he heard a bang. It was a loud bang. He thought a plane had crashed onto the roof. But it wasn’t a plane. It was the air conditioner compressor. It had broken down. He opened the door. He opened the windows.
  91. Always Eating
    Jane called Lisa. Lisa said she was eating. She was eating dinner. Lisa asked Jane to call her back. Jane said she would call Lisa back. She called Lisa back the next day. Lisa said she was eating. She was eating lunch. Lisa asked Jane to call her back. Jane said she would call Lisa back. She called Lisa back the next day. Lisa said she was eating. She was eating breakfast. Lisa asked Jane to call her back. Jane said she would call Lisa back. The next day Jane called Lisa back. Lisa was eating. She was eating a snack. Lisa asked Jane to call her back. Jane said, “No. You call me back. You call me back when you aren’t eating.”
  92. Fun at the Beach
    He was bored. He wanted to do something fun. He wanted to do something fun with his friend. He called up his friend. “I’m bored. Let’s do something fun!” he said. His friend said, “That sounds great. I’m glad you called. I’m bored, too. What do you want to do?” He said he wanted to go to the beach. His friend said that sounded great. He picked up his friend in his car. They went to the beach. They threw a Frisbee to each other. They swam in the ocean. They built a big sand castle. They watched the sailboats. They watched the sea gulls. He drove his friend home. “That was fun! Let’s do it again sometime,” his friend said.
  93. A Mean Boyfriend
    She was thinking about her boyfriend. Why did she stay with him? Why didn’t she leave him? She didn’t trust him. He said that he loved her. But he was mean to her. He said bad things. He said she was too fat. He said she should eat less. He did bad things. He gave her a cheap card from the 99 Cents store for her birthday. He gave her a bag of apples for Christmas. Then he ate all the apples. He said things that made her cry. He did things that made her cry. Then he said he was sorry. He always said he was sorry. She wanted to leave him. She wanted to find another boyfriend. But she didn’t leave him. She loved him too much.
  94. Wash and Dry
    She went into the laundry room. She was in a hurry. She needed to wash and dry her clothes. Then she needed to go to work. The washer was running. Someone was using the washer. The washer stopped. She opened the lid. She took the damp clothes out of the washer. The damp clothes belonged to someone else. She put their clothes on top of the dryer. She put her own clothes into the washer. She started the washer. Half an hour later, she took her clothes out of the washer. She put her clothes into the dryer. An hour later, she took her clothes out of the dryer. Then she went to work. She left the damp clothes on top of the dryer.
  95. A Brush with God?
    He dropped his toothbrush. It fell on the floor. He picked up his toothbrush. He rinsed it off. He brushed his teeth. He rinsed his mouth. He walked out of the bathroom. He sat on his bed. He felt something. It was under the sheet. He took the sheet off the bed. Something was in his mattress. It was a brand new mattress. He had bought it yesterday. What is in the mattress, he wondered. He went to the kitchen. He took a knife from the kitchen drawer. He cut open the mattress. What could it be, he wondered. It was small. It was black. It was a book. It was the New Testament. Is God trying to tell me something, he wondered.

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