Category: STORIES

  • Level Three

    Article #1. Louis Pasteur Louis Pasteur was one of the greatest scientists of all time. Pasteur made very important discoveries in biology and chemistry, and the techniques he developed helped greatly to develop medical science and the agricultural and food industries. Pasteur was born in a small town in France during the year 1822. When […]

  • Level Two

    Article #1 I Want to Dye my Hair Green Many of my friends have dyed their hair different colors.I don’t mean normal hair colors like brown or black.My friends have dyed their hair orange, purple and blue.I told my mother that I would like to dye my hair green.I explained to my mother that I […]

  • Level One

    Article #1. First Snow Fall Today is November 26th.It snowed all day today.The snow is beautiful.The snow finally stopped.My sister and I are excited.My Mom doesn’t like the snow.My Mom has to shovel the drive way.My sister and I get to play.I put on my hat and mittens.My Mom puts on my scarf.My Mom zippers […]